N29 “Its the System & KWA HONG, SAI CHUN”

The most obvious question before the nomination day in Batang Ai N29 is:-,”Can anyone change the mindset of the dayaks..?” ‘Its already in place the system says  a local Engkilili resident but votes in the N29 State constituency”

 He wants to remain anonymous and he went to school with the BN candidate Malcolm Mussen and there were only 16 of them and Malcolm was the only bumiputra in the class. 

What is the system as Natasha asked him? Its like no one goes against the ‘ Government ‘ and the Ibans who are under the government system will always vote for the BN dacing and no one else. Now with the youths factor and fence sitters PKR maybe stand a chance but its an uphill tasks.

He says the local chinese community who does business are as usual the ones who always ‘ KWA HONG SAI CHUN “. They must not be seen to favour any political parties and they only make up 297 of the voting strength. DAP and PKR members are making inroads he said but can the local chinese community just shun BN.

This is not like the URBAN AREAS in the Peninsula and will the Chinese here in Batang Ai just ‘ COMMIT SUICIDE ” Don’t think so but the opposition can try to convince. Natasha of audie61 was giving him all the issues which has been used by the Pakatan group somehow or rather it doesn’t convince him.

Just then a phone call was received from Engkilili and it was a confirmation that 3000 specially prepared food for election workers are to be handed to Lubok Antu. This was ordered by BN and they have distributed it accordingly to 4 contractors. “It’s like projects fairly distributed in this Parliamentary seat of Lubok Antu,he said”

Engkilili and Batang Ai make up this Parliamentary seat in Sarawak.One must realise that politics of development still counts and the convictions are still very much strong for BN. The dayaks are stillvery much in this SYSTEM and it will still take years to change their mindset.

He even said,Anwar can win the cheers from the crowd in his ceramah (campaign talk). However, here in Sarawak, winning cheers doesn’t mean that you are winning their votes.Though PKR Jawah will present a formidable opponent but it seems that BN campaign will withstand all and has a fair chances of defending the seat N29.

As it stands the ground zero is still not very noticeable eventhough SB has given PRS a headstart and  PKR is not lagging behind. The dayaks will still go for PRS-BN says the local confidently.

 Its the usual bombardment which holds the key to this rural constituency unlike the urban voters. This I have NOTHING TO HIDE. What has PKR got to counter when BN does in the last few days with their aerial bombs and swift forces penetrating the interiors…??

You will remember the song,” To know Malaysia,is to love Malaysia” so how will PKR make this Dayak Sentiment  to turn to votes for them. Sentiments can also change when the COLOURS OF $$$$$$ are shown in their faces.PLEASE dont be hypocritical and say that ‘I have my ” PRINCIPLES ” Come on,its all B.S.

Even a former PRS dayak SC  said to me when we met,”Dayaks can be bought” and this sentiment will not lasts. THe PBDS dayakism era is long gone and it has not really caught fire just yet. PKR represents not a local party and if there is another local based dayak party which is not PRS or SPDP or even SUPP maybe the challenge thrown to capture the dayaks imagination that the fire is still burning. If not,let’s just forget about dethroning the present BN government.  

So has Anwar or PKR done enough to change the dayaks mindset? BN Sarawak is so strong that even when 916 was proclaimed no dayak leader even dared to cross the line. So PKR making inroads,please says the former SC member.?    

All is not losts though for PKR as this comment from Mata Kuching in audie61 comments gives some HOPE..”All that the BN give just take…take and take but vote PKR. Show no mercy to all BN leaders who betrayed your trust elections after elections. It is time to change all Dayak leaders who chose to continue to betray our trust and use government projects as a commodity in exchange for our votes.

We say as always,” The truth hurts but many are shutting their ears to it.At least the Lubok Antu Chinese KWA HONG SAI CHUN “Do you think they believe in CHANGE..??What about the SYSTEM..?