“All Soldiers BN or Pakatan making their way to Batang Ai”

Though its only about 4 hours journey from Kuching to Batang Ai the return trip and stoppages would have wasted at least 10 hours of the day. The troops or soldiers of both coalition have made last minute arrangements as they will spend a good two weeks away from home.

Knapsacks,toiletries,medicines,mosquito repellants and other personal items are all packed up by their loved ones as the ground forces starts to make N29 their home away from home. Without the advance parties the party machineries would be considered useless. Preparations and all the contacts to the longhouses where the polling stations are nearby have all been earmarked.

Both sets of supporters or party members would try to avoid each other at these longhouses eventhough they crossed paths quite often as they crisscrossed the rivers.

The word though is that N29 would see amongst the biggest turnout of both sets of supporters and party members from  BN and Pakatan Sarawak. The estimated figures according to Special Branch is that at least 15000 people would converge on this little town of Lubok Antu. Seems that Lubok Antu would be overcrowded and security measures would be tight to avoid any untoward incidents.

It is confirmed that amongst the many names who will be in Sarawak Lubok Antu for the nomination day are newly appointed UMNO Vice President Shafie Abdal together with his counterparts from Sabah parties of PBS,UPKO,PBRS.Meanwhile Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim and a strong team from PKR would also be making their presence felt.

Nothing though beats the political boys or soldiers who will be camped out to be on the call twenty four hours and on the move as and when they are required for BEAT DUTY.

These troops are not in any way the exco’s of the parties but usually like the ‘mercenaries’ or ‘rent a waiter’ types who are unknown in the political fields. They are amongst the most effective of the political machinery. In my early years I had a stint as one and was airdropped(excuse my political jargon) more than once into the rural battlefields.

Sometimes we just received immediate instructions and just vroom, vroom,vroom and of we go into the interiors. The dangers or political landscape could either be friendly or at times scarry. N29 is also a constituency where the unknown lurks if you are a visitor from outside Sarawak.Of course the nomination centre is in the town but real battles are waged in the interiors and in the longhouses of N29.

We say as always,” The battle has already begun and April 7th we would know the outcome. For now the troops and soldiers are all awaiting their instructions. 

8 thoughts on ““All Soldiers BN or Pakatan making their way to Batang Ai”

  1. chloe says:

    What a shame..I am away from 30th to the 4th.Wish i could be with Nizar and the Perak people.I will however send regards to all of you from my trip to Germany..what to do business?

  2. tunabdulrazak says:

    Go Pakatan Rakyat Go! Lets ngayau in Batang Ai…. with X. Dayak Iban from Johor: do sms or call home and canvass for Jawah.

  3. juni says:

    Must be a record of sort. It’s like a Mafia annual general meeting really. You’re going to see all the territorial henchmen coming together to carve out more territory. How nice if we could bring back headhunting. Enough trophy heads for all longhouses in Batang Ai. Sigh….

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  5. Mata Kuching says:

    Dayaks in Batang Ai will have the chance to exorcise the man who stole their lands and all BN goons who were likely to remain slaves to their evil master forever.

    All that the BN give just take …take and take but vote PKR. Show no mercy to all BN leaders who betrayed your trust elections after elections. It is time to change all Dayak leaders who chose to continue to betray our trust and use government projects as a commodity in exchange for our votes.

    Batang Ai shall be the beginning of an end to the Zionist Melanau Empire. Time to change BN government. Vote PKR. Hidup ketuanan rakyat!

  6. pengiran says:

    I shot the sherif but I did not shoot the deputy… Everytime I plant a seed their say kill its before its grow..Most people say PKR outnumbered BN supporter during the nomination day.The final curtain for BN. Time to change a New Government. Vote for PKR candidate Jawah Gerang.

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