N29 Batang Ai “Is it a Battle of the 3 “J’s”..???


It’s a fact. Whatever has happened to the BN candidate Malcolm Mussen. Is he working so hard or is he a reluctant politician? Is he leaving the BN party machinery to answer all before him? Is this complacency or is this his way of being a Politician? Is he leaving it to the people to choose a quiet politician but yet effective administrator?

Dr. Chua Jui Meng (former Health Minister )had said,”A politician should not be where he is if he is QUIET.He is not a Politician” Also a PBS member who is in town in Sarawak said,”Your candidate is too news and camera shy and this is not good.” He is the flag bearer of BN in Batang Ai and not the rests of the party machinery.

Malcolm must have his own strategy and for us to lambast him or to take it out on him would be very unfair. However in this constituency the political climate does not allow you to be the “FOODY GOODY TWO SHOES CANDIDATE”.

There is no need  for Justification and to substantiate the statement a political observer said as Batang Ai is a volatile constituency and it has always surprised us. Moroever this constituency will be amongst the first with the results known  in any State elections.Also as we can see below:-

Three quarters of the voters are below 50,Half of the Voters below 40 and many of them are highly educated,intellectual and working in corporate fields. Most of them have left this remote constituency to work in the bigger towns and cities and will be making their way back to vote on April7th.  BN and Pakatan are all making their own correct noises with propaganda and campaign materials to boost their candidates.

The 3 ‘Js” who are the main players seems to be Jabu(Deputy CM),James(PRS President) Jawah(PKR candidate). The 3 Js have started and unleashed their campaign to win and woo the voters to affix the X and to make sure the candidate is acceptable to all. 

Jabu in a meet the people said,”The majority of rural folk in the Batang Ai constituency do not really know about Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and its cause.“As such, sensible and mature voters will not welcome or accept PKR or its candidate in the by-election.”

James meanwhile said,”“Jawah has been there for five terms. I don’t have to explain to the people who Jawah is. It’s easier for them to decide. What he can and cannot do is an open book for the people. His record will speak for itself.”

Jawah,”“I have already covered several longhouses, met the voters there, heard what they have to say and have come away with the good feeling that past support is still intact – and that there is a  new wave of support,”

We say as always,” More will be heard in the days to come and Malcolm must make use of this platform to sell himself well. One can be a good administator but sometimes GOOD POLITICIANS are not taught but BORN with it…One cannot have the bests of BOTH WORLDS..Ooouchh!! 

Agi Idup,

Agi Ngelaban

19 thoughts on “N29 Batang Ai “Is it a Battle of the 3 “J’s”..???

  1. anak sarawak says:

    malcolm thinks that reporters have no votes, so why should h meets them. This contempt of the press will come back to haunt him if he hets elected.

    If he gets elected, he will become rich in a few years’time, like all the others.

    You have brought up a salient point here. The good technocrat and administrator may not make a good politician. It depends on whether he can learn on his feet,

    anak sarawak

  2. DBA says:

    Come on man ! he is government servant through and through. He know nuts about politic….I am sure reporters will be asking political question…not an agricultural one. He keep his mouth shut and that is good . He must have learnt from the Bawin experienced who made a press statement that cost him a PKR candidate when he said no Dayak leaders were leaders sincere.
    Its better to keep quite than to make contrvercial statement. Mussen is playibg a card close to his chest.

  3. tunabdulrazak says:

    I have made a comment somewhere, that Mussen is a splendid person. He can make a good buddy, a good husband, a good home provider. He is just nice. That is exactly why Taib chooses him: a follower. What Dayaks need now is a leader.

  4. zainuddin says:

    Right on! This will go against Mussen. He also have to fight his own war to ensure that he is accepted. But by the 7th PKR will have a New YB

  5. Mistimed says:

    Seems BN never learns and they always comes up with candidates based on the OLD WAYS. What is this concept? Heard that he even asks the person next to him to answer reporters questions..Oh NO!!

  6. Bruised ego says:

    Saw in Malaysiakini that Jawah is the Ayam sabong for SNG. Proxy fight again? Whats going on with PKR?? No wonder the early lead is diminishing. Sng’s faction are turning up in full force..

  7. leslie says:

    What more does BN need to know? One more lost seat in a by election than they wake up. Batang Ai will also signal the start of the end for BN Sarawak.

  8. waikiki says:

    aiya… nampak dacing atas, mark ” X ” bawah.
    nampak dacing dibawah, mark ” X ” diatas…..
    kasih duit ambik, janji pangkah bulan, pangkah roket pangkah mata…
    this type of kempen very effect in penang, kedah…
    thats why umno ∑(O_O;)Shock!! aiya apamacam org melayu undi roket o…. apasai org cina undi bulan ooooo…

  9. Mata Kuching says:

    James Masing and Jacob Sagan are already shooting themselves in the feet by reaffirming that opposition cant deliver any developments for in about 20 months from now and after the next state election they may found themselves in unfamiliar role and that is when BN is the opposition party in Sarawak.

    The people of Lubuk Antu and Batang Ai have entrusted BN whom Jawah was once confident would be able to deliver the just recently announced RM1.2 Million telecommunication tower, RM12 million tar seal road and andother RM50 million stimulus for additional tar seal roads. Jawah like the late incumbent found himself cheated and short changed by BN and being made used of by Taib and Jabu to bluff the people.

    I salute him and other brave leaders who are now with Pakatan Rakyat to seek justice for their people and united to fight UMNO and BN Sarawak hagemony and Taib’s evil regime.

  10. Dexter M says:

    Eveybody has a right to say whatever they liked,but from what i can see is that jawah really fight for the of Iban in batang Ai or just to gain for his own benefit and interest of PKR . We, as a sarawakian if possible don’t rely to much on Opposition based party like PKR. Why don’t Jawah stand as Independent candidate or as SNAP rather than to use PKR. Direct to the point ..even PKR leaders PLAYED back and Front….. could we really trusted them … No…it’s not for me..!
    Come on Batang Ai Iban…5 terms as MP..its really a long period so, give ways to other young Dayak to lead Batang Ai…JG served us for 5terms ..that enough..so give MML a chance to lead now…bagi peluanglah dgn orang muda …ini asyik kuda tua…Don’t acted like Dr.M …never admitted he is old enought to be a HERO.. and thus ANWAR.. huh..He said he will fight for the DAYAK right…impossible my friends…He is like a
    crab to his walking…infact he is more worst…!!
    My dear Iban friends …dont follow Semanjung Politic scenario ..PAS – PKR ,this 2 malay based party always blamed BN and always mentioned about religious activities and moment , everything BN made and suggested are all wrong ….!!!!
    So, meaning to say ….these party PAS/PKR/DAP only can be a good opposition in DEWAN but could not be a ruling party in state ( SARAWAK )
    From what we can see ..is that the altitude of the candidates …MML ..is a low profile candidate and JG
    is solely liked cowboy/ rough rider same perangai like
    Wong judat…..Rakyat totally disappointed upon their

  11. Belacan Factory, Bintulu says:

    Can Dr. James Masing mark and mean his words of promises on the said projects? We have a big question mark in our hearts.

    What has HE delivered all this while beside wrecking Dayak parties and continue on his business of BALL POLISHING in the DUN. He now praises his lord who he intended to topple but failed, like a dog always returns to its vomit

    My belachan is of much better smell than this guy’s stomach and mouth

  12. pengiran says:

    The 3 ‘Js” who are the main players seems to be Jabu(Deputy CM),James(PRS President) Jawah(PKR candidate). Meaning to say for Jabu are (Proxy) for James are (favouritism) and for Jawah are (political reform)to the Dayaks community.

  13. pengiran says:

    Dexter M you are a great leader for Dayaks community. No…it’s not for me..!huh.huh
    “Don’t talk too much”, Get up Stand up don’t Give up your Fight… form a new Political Party for Dayak community whose be political victimized by the political rival. We, as a sarawakian if possible don’t rely to much on a person like you Dexter M. I believe Jawah Gerang better than you Dexter M. And I believe you are the main player for The 2 “Js” seem to be Jabu (Deputy CM), James (PRS President)

  14. lovable says:

    why don’t us just vote the one that is more suitable. sweet talk just like a poison. they might campaign real hard now and make some promises. as a human, we’re born to be smooth talker. would you think that really keep their promises? don’t even dare trusting someone that lie to the community before. where the promises been? would they dare to keep it? i don’t so. its for their own good. i might be young but i also live in sarawak. let justice stand.

  15. HP says:

    wake up people! BN have made us sarawakian like a fool all this while! do they fight for us before? they made up some promises to make us trust them. come on people! stop being stupid. show them that dayak is on the move. stop the lies that we heard all this while. how they gonna change LA into a big city in the future? S.A still like a “pekan” until now. guess who rule? BN. please wake up. fight for our community. stand for ourself. the politician are smooth talker. don’t even trust a single word they said. stop being stupid…

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