N29 Batang Ai “Is it a Battle of the 3 “J’s”..???


It’s a fact. Whatever has happened to the BN candidate Malcolm Mussen. Is he working so hard or is he a reluctant politician? Is he leaving the BN party machinery to answer all before him? Is this complacency or is this his way of being a Politician? Is he leaving it to the people to choose a quiet politician but yet effective administrator?

Dr. Chua Jui Meng (former Health Minister )had said,”A politician should not be where he is if he is QUIET.He is not a Politician” Also a PBS member who is in town in Sarawak said,”Your candidate is too news and camera shy and this is not good.” He is the flag bearer of BN in Batang Ai and not the rests of the party machinery.

Malcolm must have his own strategy and for us to lambast him or to take it out on him would be very unfair. However in this constituency the political climate does not allow you to be the “FOODY GOODY TWO SHOES CANDIDATE”.

There is no need  for Justification and to substantiate the statement a political observer said as Batang Ai is a volatile constituency and it has always surprised us. Moroever this constituency will be amongst the first with the results known  in any State elections.Also as we can see below:-

Three quarters of the voters are below 50,Half of the Voters below 40 and many of them are highly educated,intellectual and working in corporate fields. Most of them have left this remote constituency to work in the bigger towns and cities and will be making their way back to vote on April7th.  BN and Pakatan are all making their own correct noises with propaganda and campaign materials to boost their candidates.

The 3 ‘Js” who are the main players seems to be Jabu(Deputy CM),James(PRS President) Jawah(PKR candidate). The 3 Js have started and unleashed their campaign to win and woo the voters to affix the X and to make sure the candidate is acceptable to all. 

Jabu in a meet the people said,”The majority of rural folk in the Batang Ai constituency do not really know about Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and its cause.“As such, sensible and mature voters will not welcome or accept PKR or its candidate in the by-election.”

James meanwhile said,”“Jawah has been there for five terms. I don’t have to explain to the people who Jawah is. It’s easier for them to decide. What he can and cannot do is an open book for the people. His record will speak for itself.”

Jawah,”“I have already covered several longhouses, met the voters there, heard what they have to say and have come away with the good feeling that past support is still intact – and that there is a  new wave of support,”

We say as always,” More will be heard in the days to come and Malcolm must make use of this platform to sell himself well. One can be a good administator but sometimes GOOD POLITICIANS are not taught but BORN with it…One cannot have the bests of BOTH WORLDS..Ooouchh!! 

Agi Idup,

Agi Ngelaban

We’ve said”Khairy Not So Easily written off”


On October 18th 2008 I wrote  “Khairy’s days are numbered”. Today against all odds when many within UMNO “Khairy,Oooh No way and also NOooo chance.. ” he proved them all wrong. First of all we congratulate those who always proves otherwise.

This we wrote thenon 18/10/08,”A veteran politician said to me over coffee at the MCA assembly,” He is being pushed to the wall and he will come out fighting.Believe me.” I smiled and said to myself and Khairy himself an Oxford graduate will have learnt the ‘British Bulldog spirit” and learnt from Sir Winston Churchill,”Victory at all costs,victory however long and hard the road maybe,for without victory there is no survival.”  So do you think Khairy’s days are NUMBERED..?  

Why had I so much FAITH  in the man Khairy..? Maybe its the British 4 seasons weather and education that has had an affect on our lives and as fighters we always come out fighting. I dislike  the word “AP” “Angkat P….” or “Apple Polishing” but when they are good and when the walls are caving in these qualities will shine. Khairy has shown it and many others too before him..Kuddos to those who believe in the “Perserverance the mother of All Successes

So Khairy Jamaluddin has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat by winning the much-coveted Umno Youth chief. His 304 votes was  a majority 50 against Mohd Khir Toyo (254) and 72 over Mukhriz Mahathir (232).  Related article:- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/10/09/96-to-78-an-early-boost/

We say as always,” Good man will always come out fighting no matter what obstacles are infront of them. You can’t keep a good man SILENT..Remember That.”GIVE CREDIT WHEN IT’s DUE…