N29 Latest Ground Zero Bookies Odds


It seems no matter how much BN throws the $$$$$$ or promised “Maggie Mee or Kilat Projects” the ground zero voting trend is very much in favour of PKR.

A week ago,even before the candidates were announced BN had a handicap of 300 over PKR in the opening bell. It shot up to 1000 when projects and other perks were handed out by BN. How come now its dropped down to level pegging at 9.00am 25th March 2009 which is no more votes handicap and PKR winning at 78 cents. Take BN you win $1 for every bet.

Why the sudden shift? This was the feel of the bookies world and so far they have been accurate in the last few byelections. The phone call which we received was from a “reliable insider or shall we call him”Cartoone”.

These three by elections are money spinning machines for Bookies from Malaysia and they are anticipating the windfalls in their millions as they do battle against their distant bookie cousins from Singapore,Indonesia and Phillippines. (Surely when someone GIVES they must be TAKERS)  

The fact is this reading on ground zero in BOOKIE ANALYTICAL WORLD, forget the political analysis or whatever Harvard or Cambridge thinktanks  theory its the BOOKIES $$$$$$ that will also determine the elections. Correct me if I am wrong..?? Simple,who determines the stock exchanges..??? $$$$$$ right..!!

We say as always,” Be careful with punting on elections. The EYES are watching and they say don’t vote your VOTES AWAY. VOTE WISELY AND MARK THE RIGHT X hik hik hik

9 thoughts on “N29 Latest Ground Zero Bookies Odds

  1. zainuddin says:

    We know here in the Peninsula,Pakatan will win hands down. Thats Y the BN cannot afford to lose Batang Ai. They will use all sorts of tactics .Beware..

  2. audie61 says:

    Tun tks for yr comments. Of course not gambling! its a message in so far that one must know their democratic rights and not vote your votes away. I cannot just say its Money politics as where can I get the prove or the video to show. This is an OPEN MARKET and we know POLITICS is not as CLEAN as it looks.

  3. Belacan Factory, Bintulu says:

    Under ground betting rings, the game is now on PKR giving BN discount. Taking PKR win only take back 75 cents per Ringgit. Betting on BN will take back a ringgit full.

    One Sri Aman man take BN to give favour of 500 votes over PKR, all his bets are “eaten” instantly.

  4. pengiran says:

    POLITICS is clean but the politician make it dirty and smell like SHIT or PM)..what say you Audie.
    Please VOTE for PKR candidate JAWAH GERANG.

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