N29 Latest Ground Zero Bookies Odds


It seems no matter how much BN throws the $$$$$$ or promised “Maggie Mee or Kilat Projects” the ground zero voting trend is very much in favour of PKR.

A week ago,even before the candidates were announced BN had a handicap of 300 over PKR in the opening bell. It shot up to 1000 when projects and other perks were handed out by BN. How come now its dropped down to level pegging at 9.00am 25th March 2009 which is no more votes handicap and PKR winning at 78 cents. Take BN you win $1 for every bet.

Why the sudden shift? This was the feel of the bookies world and so far they have been accurate in the last few byelections. The phone call which we received was from a “reliable insider or shall we call him”Cartoone”.

These three by elections are money spinning machines for Bookies from Malaysia and they are anticipating the windfalls in their millions as they do battle against their distant bookie cousins from Singapore,Indonesia and Phillippines. (Surely when someone GIVES they must be TAKERS)  

The fact is this reading on ground zero in BOOKIE ANALYTICAL WORLD, forget the political analysis or whatever Harvard or Cambridge thinktanks  theory its the BOOKIES $$$$$$ that will also determine the elections. Correct me if I am wrong..?? Simple,who determines the stock exchanges..??? $$$$$$ right..!!

We say as always,” Be careful with punting on elections. The EYES are watching and they say don’t vote your VOTES AWAY. VOTE WISELY AND MARK THE RIGHT X hik hik hik

PKR,DAP,SNAP working together in Sarawak N29

DAP Sarawak Vice Chairman Chong Siew Chiang said that Anwar’s wise decision in naming and nominating Jawah Gerang was a wise one. However when Natasha of audie61 interviewed a number of  BN grassroots members there were mixed reactions.

  • 1. Its a tough one this by election
  • 2. He has served as BN ‘What has he done..?”
  • 3. Jawah should be supporting Bawin and not this way round.
  • 4. Bawin would be harder to tackle than Jawah. 
  • 5. Its a PROXY fight.(ex PRS vs present PRS)

Obviously when one goes to interview Pakatan boys it will be different set of  answers even though the questions are similar. It seems that this is the first time that the three parties are working together in an election. In Batang Ai there are about 300 chinese voters and DAP are wooing them to vote for the Pakatan- PKR Sarawak candidate.

On another challenging note audie61 was asked whether we will posts the same article as dayaknation on BN malpractises. Its an opinion by the writer of dayaknation.We will continue to posts without fear or malice if there are facts,figures,statistics and authentic pictures to substantiate and accompany the article. In this instance its up to the blog to answer the charges if he was hauled up.

Below please find the extracted version from the dayaknation blog. We received a lot of phone calls from sources to inform us of this practise. If there are evidences there should be Police reports and also to the MACC. Why are PKR Sarawak members not doing just that?

BN Malpractices, Corruption & Votes Buying Has Begun.

  • Kidnapping of Tuai Rumah & Community Leaders by Jabu/Masing. Confinement at Hilton’s Batang Ai
  • Each Tuai Rumah given RM1000 ‘angpow’
  • Tomorrow 25th March – Rh. Kino RM500 per door  22 doors, Rh Menyang sedi 27 doors, Rh Mangat Menyang Taih 13 doors
  • Personal attack on Anwar Ibrahim and Jawah Gerang by JJM & William Nyalau at Rh. Lampih, Bulo. No Fuel in Lubok Antu all Block. Helicoptors flying every day…….Kasih Bala Iban di kemelika Jabu Masing.  Polis everywhere, Excavators, tractors…..  

 We say as always,” In any elections there will be ways to outdo each other in campaigning for their candidates concerned. The question is “WERE YOU READY..? THE ONSLAUGHT and ASSAULT  teams will have to be ever ready..THATS ALL..”  

“Aiseyman”N 61 Bekenu. What about N29 Batang Ai


N61 state seat the incumbent is a University Malaya Graduate YB Rosey Yunus from Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party(SPDP). They say a picture tells the whole story.This one had me in stitches when i opened up my email. Canggih!! Huh!!! Starbucks in Bekenu,Miri,Sarawak..

What about N29 then? Anyway, in N11 Batu Lintang Constituency a new Starbucks outlet will be opening on the 25th March 2009 at Jalan Song Tabuan Heights.

Many party members,supporters and friends are  expected at the nomination day in Lubok Antu  and the Coffee shops will do a ROARING trade. “Coffee Bean, San Francisco or L.A.(Lubok Antu) N29 Coffee..” See you there!!!

We say as always,” Coffee is very important too in Batang Ai as it will be like a stress relief medicine after the hard days campaigning for both BN and Pakatan boys..Hooray to SETARBAK KOPI…