UMNO President No doubts..PM When..??


PM Abdullah told the reporters after his Presidential meeting with the delegates that Najib Abdul Razak will be the the new Umno president.

The BIG QUESTION MARK REMAINS,”No date has been set for the power transfer and it is still no clear when Najib will be sworn in as the new prime minister.”

We say as always,” Has PM Abdullah officially announced..? I am indeed puzzled and please enlighten me if there is an official notice hidden somewhere from the publics eyes.

“Guns Blazing in N29 Batang Ai”


The stage is set.The PRS and PKR candidates are now out in the open. The political war of words and the first salvoes are already bombarded to the ground. The local tabloids headlines and has reports on:- 

  • 1.Jawah’s candidacy no boost to PKR’s chances-James Masing (PRS)
  • 2.BN has nominated the right candidate- Pehin Taib (PBB)
  • 3. BN’s development record will help win votes- Francis Harden(SUPP)
  • 4. Its not about fear but forming alliances-Dayrell Walter Entrie(SNAP)
  • 5.Jawah not sponsored by any single man-Dominique Ng(PKR)
  • 6.Respect decision of top leaders-Nicholas Bawin (PKR)

Not to be outdone the internet blogs have been capitalising on Politicians who are also seizing on this political platform to push forward their agendas. This alternative media is a a sort of a bother for the ruling government as an NGO puts it,”This opinions have far reaching effect than the tabloids.We are talking not only in Sarawak or Malaysia but the whole world who are very cyber friendly.”

If the reports are accompanied by facts,figures and statistics and plus backup pictures( authentic ones) the report will be picked up by the mass media and even International TV stations (Al Jazeera has proven it).

On the home front today we have Borneo Warrior continuing with this reporting of Battle Royale No.8 and in Malaysiakini Joe Fernadez writes about “Sarawak for Sarawakians concept and interview with PRS President James Masing. Surely,this will also be politicised by the PKR political boys. We shall see what HAPPENS in the days to come..Is PKR going to take it lying down..???

In the Broken shield it was Jabu,Entulu,Masir and Snowdon who were all mentioned that they gave lectures similar to this one posted by the writer here,”they “are part of the government and therefore have an important role to play”. They must show good example by not inciting their own people to go against BN and must tell their “anembiaks” to vote for BN.

One former PBDS SC member said,”Yahoo,Jawah its an all out  battle between former PBDS leaders from different camps. Bad blood was spilled between them during PBDS crisis and leading it to be defunct.We have not forgotten.Who stands the better chance between the candidates was the follow up question by Natasha of audie61? Did we expect a straight answer…hmmm?

 His guns were really blazing and he wanted to carry on with stories and tales of PBDS. Natasha was accomodative but said we will carry the story on another day.He concluded with this phrase “ANANG BULA,CUKUP UDAH,TUNAI KE JANJI”” (Dont lie its enough,deliver what you promise.’) Are you all learning the Iban language..? Great, but dont use it wrongly or we can’t bail you out…..

We say as always,” Watch what you have to say from now till April 7th. Your choice of words and the correct way of using them are very important as any WRONG USAGE might just LAND YOU INTO A SPOT OF BOTHER.