N29 PKR candidate is Jawah Gerang


Picture taken when Jawah(second left) former MP handed his membership form to PKR SG last year

Its finally confirmed and DSAI has announced to reporters that he decided on Jawah after gathering various views and feedback from several longhouse elders.

We received our first confirmation from the PA to a PKR YB and its a simple sms,”Jawah” So all speculations and lobbying has ended and the fight to represent N29 will see two heavyweights BN-PRS vs Pakatan-PKR. Others might join in as independants and the nomination date is set for March 29th 2009 while polling will be on 7th April 2009 .

Meanwhile Nicholas Bawin has been appointed as Director Of Operations by DSAI. Many amongst the political fraternity has been saying,”Its a PBDS and also PRS fight“..Is it…??

Who stands to gain we shall see on the 7th of April. Don’t tell us that ‘old wounds would not resurface’..? That we will be very difficult as the rivalry goes a long way back and those on the fringes the ex-PBDS (Party Bangsa Dayak Sarawak) members will see this also as an opportunity to renew this battle.

It will be one heck of a battle and they will not be any stones left unturned. One of the “State Legal Advisor” and Stampin Divisional Chairman See Chee How when contacted by audie61 said,”Nicholas has taken the announcement like a true gentleman and he will be  fighting hand in hand together with Jawah to wrestle the seat from BN-PRS”  Afterall DSAI has placed his trusts on Bawin as our director of operations and we are “ONE TEAM.”

Don’t read too much into what the mainstream newspapers especially,”Cracks in PKR” says a senior Tupong PKR member. PKR has announced its candidate and it was only common that in any political parties there are people ‘lobbying for their own” This is Politics and it is only good for the party. The final decision rests on the top leadership and we are in unison in Sarawak to engage BN in the battle of Batang Ai.

We say as always,”  Former PBDS or PRS vs PKR the choice lies with the VOTERS who will mark the X. Who represents N29 on 7th of April will be known when the results are known. 

9 thoughts on “N29 PKR candidate is Jawah Gerang

  1. zztop says:

    Its a good choice for PKR. Let us get that white head blood suckers and his cronies out for good of Sarawak.
    Now is the apportunity. Sarawakians must wake up and get back “ALL” they have lost.
    They must support, I repeat, MUST support Jawah Gerang all the way. Only PKR can save them the day.
    PKR can bring back their dignity, wealth and their rights which they have lost all these years thru the present bunch of bloodsuckers.

  2. Patek1472 says:


    R.A.H.M.A.N Theory (Teori R.A.H.M.A.N)

    R – Tunku Abdul Rahman
    A – Tun Abdul Razak
    H – Tun Hussein
    M – Tun Dr. Mahathir
    A – Datuk Seri Abdullah
    N – Datuk Seri Najib

    M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R Theory (Teori M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R)

    M – Mahathir? Musa? Muhyiddin? Mohd Ali? Muhammad Muhd? Money?????????
    A – Anwar? Ahmad Zahid, Abdul Rahim? Abdul Hadi Awang? Altantuya? ???????
    H – Husam Musa? Hishammuddin? Hang Tuah? Hang Jebat? Hang Siapa? ?????????
    A – ??????????
    T – ??????????
    H – ??????????
    I – ??????????
    R – ?????????

    Why teori MAHATHIR? (Kenapa teori MAHATHIR?)


    Answer coming soon! Subject to endorsement by DYMM SPBYD Agong.
    (Jawapan akan menyusul! Tertakluk kepada DYMM SPBYD Agong perkenankan.)

    Tips from Nostradamus: (Tips drpd Nostradamus):

    1. N for Najib in RAHMAN theory? Najib’s full name is Mohd Najib and not Najib only. (N untuk Najib di teori RAHMAN? Nama penuh Najib ialah Mohd Najib dan bukan Najib sahaja.)


  3. zik says:

    New Hope, vote PRR.

    A Mahmud Taib hope, then you vote BN..

    But don’t have to complicated your choice…you want a Dayak CM in the future, Sarawakian,, know what to do..maybe during that time you guys change CMS to Cahaya Mata Rakyat Sarawak right!!Meaning the company belongs to the people of Sarawak and not Raja Taib of Sarawak!

  4. DBA says:

    Just curious and still scratching my head as to how on earth Brokenshield & Miss Kepayang accurately predicted on Jawah candidacy. They must be very influencial group in PKR, even Dayak Baru didn’t quite get there.From now on better trust them
    for accurate & reliable political info. So confident were they that they dared to announce it days ahead of DSAI.

    Now they are already predicting that Jawah is going to win the battle by not less than 400 votes, better believed.

  5. WHAT SAY YOU says:

    PKR has deployed all of its machinery in Lubok Antu to conduct ground survey on the opinions of the local folks, from longhouses to kapong to Lubok Antu town, in order to recommend to DSAI who is the better candidate this round to counter on BN-PBB Mussen. The decision does not arrive by any personal favour of the PKR leadership, it is the choice of the people here who also love to have Nicholas Bawin on PKR ticket. Undoubtedly, Jawah Gerang has a better winning opportunity by breaking the votes in the lower Batang Ai area where Mussen also comes from. I think PKR has made the correct choice and best choice.And, Nicholas Bawin, whom I claim to know well, understands best the current circumstances and will definitely throw all his support to ensure PKR winning in Lubok Antu and in Sarawak. For your information, Jawah Gerang is well accepted also in the upper rivers of Batang Ai and Engkari, and now down town Lubok Antu to stand on PKR ticket this round. Even many Engkilili SUPP tip to Lubok Antu folks to vote for PKR in order to teach Taib and Jabu a good big lesson.

    Yes, PKR will win by more than 400 votes over BN-PBB/PRS. Best advice also tp such people like JC, stay out of the game for the future of Sarawakian Ibans, please.

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