Monday Again Malaysia,”I NEED PANADOL”

It seems every Monday in Malaysia there will be news that really jolts the nation and makes our pulses beat faster. Could Panadol be the answer? Baginda Minda (former PRS information Chief of Baleh) contacted audie61 and said,”We are all behind Jawah Gerang as PKR candidate for N29 Batang Ai after the DSAI announcement this morning.

Baginda said that PKR does not have as much funds like BN who have a huge war chest.We certainly cannot use the methods practised by BN like rebates on outboard engines,projects “kilat” and also ‘angpaus’ like my friend Joseph Tawie of Brokenshield said in his posting. We have more headaches and we need to take a Panadol or two and fight the might of BN to win the seat of N29 batang Ai.

But Monday Malaysia has thrown up some controversies yet again. So Boomtown Rats song in July 1979,” I Don’t Like Mondays” will be a day remembered by Umno supreme council member Norza Zakaria who has been barred from contesting in the UMNO party polls.

If you are a PAS and Keadilan member you would ‘swear and shout,” I Don’t Like Mondays’ more as the Home Ministry has suspended the organs of two opposition parties – PAS’ Harakah and PKR’s Suara Keadilan-for three months,effective immediatedly.

You can check out more on the above issues by checking out from Malaysiakini portal and also from some local blogs below:-


We say as always,” So how was your day my friends in Malaysia? Did you sing to the tune“I Don’t Like Mondays”? Or did someone ask for a PANADOL from you?  


4 thoughts on “Monday Again Malaysia,”I NEED PANADOL”

  1. anak sarawak says:

    Dear A

    The new kid on the Sarawak blog Hornbill Unleashed will only be officially launched on Thursday. Thank you for introducung your eaders to the new blog. We are the god-fearing justice-seeking legion of many.

  2. Miss Kepayang says:

    A very good afternoon everybody, Bloggers, Blogs readers and campaigners alike.

    Wanna share with you a pretty fresh piece of intelligence information extracted from a horse mouth.
    Contrary to a common believe Johnny Chuat particaipation in Batang Ai by election is infact a welcome news. Jawah Gerang whom I contacted a minutes ago is of a franks opinion that JC will draw BN supporters considering that both JC & MM are very much a PBB men.
    “Its better for us, JC will split BN votes, not ours” lamented Jawah

    He doubted if JC would presence himself at the nomination centre on 29/3

  3. lhheng says:

    I hope the people of Sarawak must ensure the coming by election will be a fair one. Of late, there have been whispers of BN trying to buy voters in Batang Ai. It is no surprise as they have amassed large amount of money. Money that belong to all you folks.
    My advice to all Sarawakians, take the money offer by these greedy corrupted politicians. But, VOTE PKR. Remember VOTE PKR to gain back all you have lost all these years. I am sure you folks are sick of all the corrupted politicians especially those from West Malaysia who also play on race and religion like they have nothing better to do. Sick of all these bums. Enough is enough. Vote PKR. LONG LIVE PKR!!!

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