Monday Again Malaysia,”I NEED PANADOL”

It seems every Monday in Malaysia there will be news that really jolts the nation and makes our pulses beat faster. Could Panadol be the answer? Baginda Minda (former PRS information Chief of Baleh) contacted audie61 and said,”We are all behind Jawah Gerang as PKR candidate for N29 Batang Ai after the DSAI announcement this morning.

Baginda said that PKR does not have as much funds like BN who have a huge war chest.We certainly cannot use the methods practised by BN like rebates on outboard engines,projects “kilat” and also ‘angpaus’ like my friend Joseph Tawie of Brokenshield said in his posting. We have more headaches and we need to take a Panadol or two and fight the might of BN to win the seat of N29 batang Ai.

But Monday Malaysia has thrown up some controversies yet again. So Boomtown Rats song in July 1979,” I Don’t Like Mondays” will be a day remembered by Umno supreme council member Norza Zakaria who has been barred from contesting in the UMNO party polls.

If you are a PAS and Keadilan member you would ‘swear and shout,” I Don’t Like Mondays’ more as the Home Ministry has suspended the organs of two opposition parties – PAS’ Harakah and PKR’s Suara Keadilan-for three months,effective immediatedly.

You can check out more on the above issues by checking out from Malaysiakini portal and also from some local blogs below:-


We say as always,” So how was your day my friends in Malaysia? Did you sing to the tune“I Don’t Like Mondays”? Or did someone ask for a PANADOL from you?  

N29 PKR candidate is Jawah Gerang


Picture taken when Jawah(second left) former MP handed his membership form to PKR SG last year

Its finally confirmed and DSAI has announced to reporters that he decided on Jawah after gathering various views and feedback from several longhouse elders.

We received our first confirmation from the PA to a PKR YB and its a simple sms,”Jawah” So all speculations and lobbying has ended and the fight to represent N29 will see two heavyweights BN-PRS vs Pakatan-PKR. Others might join in as independants and the nomination date is set for March 29th 2009 while polling will be on 7th April 2009 .

Meanwhile Nicholas Bawin has been appointed as Director Of Operations by DSAI. Many amongst the political fraternity has been saying,”Its a PBDS and also PRS fight“..Is it…??

Who stands to gain we shall see on the 7th of April. Don’t tell us that ‘old wounds would not resurface’..? That we will be very difficult as the rivalry goes a long way back and those on the fringes the ex-PBDS (Party Bangsa Dayak Sarawak) members will see this also as an opportunity to renew this battle.

It will be one heck of a battle and they will not be any stones left unturned. One of the “State Legal Advisor” and Stampin Divisional Chairman See Chee How when contacted by audie61 said,”Nicholas has taken the announcement like a true gentleman and he will be  fighting hand in hand together with Jawah to wrestle the seat from BN-PRS”  Afterall DSAI has placed his trusts on Bawin as our director of operations and we are “ONE TEAM.”

Don’t read too much into what the mainstream newspapers especially,”Cracks in PKR” says a senior Tupong PKR member. PKR has announced its candidate and it was only common that in any political parties there are people ‘lobbying for their own” This is Politics and it is only good for the party. The final decision rests on the top leadership and we are in unison in Sarawak to engage BN in the battle of Batang Ai.

We say as always,”  Former PBDS or PRS vs PKR the choice lies with the VOTERS who will mark the X. Who represents N29 on 7th of April will be known when the results are known.