N29 Batang Ai-Bookies 1000 Votes Decreasing-Eat or Give??

It was only a few days ago when I received a phone call from a very old friend ,’Cartoone” as we call him enquiring about Batang Ai N29. This is his nickname when he was in his prime but now he lives in the Southern state of Malaysia in Johore.

During the golden age of the Malaysian football bookie era he made a reasonable sum of $  which will sustain him till his ripe old age. The question was,”300 votes on PKR candidate in Batang Ai N29 can Eat or Give.?” For those who dont follow the football lingo,”it eat or give meaning when you eat you receive a handicap and when you give is you are at a disadvantage by giving a handicap to your opponents/punters.” 

The latest now a 18.47 pm from Ground Zero in Lubok Antu is that three days ago the wind of support for BN increased from 300 to 1000 over PKR.  If it was that good says a political watcher now it has dropped back to below 500 around 450 votes and decreasing fasts. 

So where is the clever money on now? Seems the big boys are looking at PKR and this is bad news for BN. Even the ‘kilat” projects and grants are not helping. One consultant put it nicely which is being used now. Even if money politics is practised how much can you buy one voter?

Now the asking price is no more $3000 cash. It used to be just $30 to $100 to assist transportation costs. $3000 divide by 5 years = $600 a year. I month it works out $600 divide by 12= $50 1 day $50 divide by 30 days $1.66. Meagre $1.66 that is too much dont you think.? Are we underestimating the intelligence of  the Voters…??? 

You honestly think the voters cannot calculate now? Even Salcra they counted what more to say this by election. Its more on policies,candidates,party and the sincerety to serve the people now. BN and Pakatan will have their hands full if the constituents of Batang Ai are smarter. 

If this was used in the stock exchange counters this statement we got from one of the blogs,” Anwar says its an uphill battle but confident of a win in Batang Ai which he considered as a new terrain, Anwar said they would not be fighting a party but the strong formidable entire State Barisan Nasional with unlimited resources” …Who do you think the clever $$$$$$$ would be with?

We say as always,”  I am not a gambler but this are vital informations which will be used also to gauge the sentiments on ground zero. Every little movement will assists the candidates and their operations room.You know very well too that facts,statistics and figures never lie…?? 

Batang Ai N29″Unannounced DSAI and BN Fanfare”

BN Youth and Wanita executive members were seen yesterday in droves making their presence felt in the sleepy hollow of a town call Lubok Antu.It was too obvious and even Johnny Depps “Edward Scissorhands” 1990 comedy-drama fantasy film with his hair and scissorshands could have been hidden if he had walked in Lubok Antu town yesterday.

BN really made their presence felt. This was disclosed to me by my informed source in PBB.BN Sarawak Youth Fadillah Yusof,BN Sarawak Wanita Chief Empiang Jabu,BN Lubok Antu candidate Malcolm Mussen were all present together with PRS President James Masing.

Obviously as in Politics it is all about Perception. N29 is a remote constituency and if more than a dozen ‘outsiders’ are seen they will get noticed. Even they are local Sarawakians they are also considered from the outside. Was it a Fanfare? Of course it was as the more than 500 odd crowd were mostly BN from outside Lubok Antu.

Today its PKR-Pakatans show and DSAI arrived in Kuching at 11.00 am and headed straight to have a meeting in Grand Continental hotel. According to one of PKR Sarawak strategists DSAI will head to Batang Ai and enjoy the hospitality in Jawah’s longhouse Rh Lepang, Sayat, Lubok Antu tonight. DSAI will only announce the candidate before he returns to the Federal Capital. Unannounced..??

Surely,BN will say that there is too much lobbying within the PKR camps.PKK under DSAI being the Sarawak chief will beg to differ and he will turn it round by saying PKR is spoilt for choice. Both candidates are winnable candidates and DSAI will use his POLITICAL MIDAS TOUCH to please both lobbying factions to come and work together for a common cause and a common enemy.

We say as always,” the people will decide who will represent them come April 7th. I have said it once and I will say it again,”Its how the party machineries work to Woo the votes and the people will mark their CHOICE AND CHOSEN ONE IN THE BALLOT PAPARS. Don’t you agree ..??