“Cepat di Masak Sedap di Makan” N29 Batang Ai

SKY former MP of bandar Kuching 1982-1996 is still so sharp even after his many years away from the political limelight. If there is a politician who has fought and has been scarred with all the knives and arrows it must be SKY. In front of him I said,”Plucked from the sky and open up the eyes of the Sarawak people towards National Politics.”

Today he has this article,” Maggie Mee raining on Batang Ai” in which he pointed out that there was an” assurance from the DPM Najib Abdul  Rajak that BN will not be dispensing “instant mee” projects in Batang Ai, Sarawak BN ministers have begun to rain development goodies from the sky on the lucky voters of Batang Ai .

The full report you have to check it up in Malaysiakini posted by SKY himself. Wonder what he would have wrote if he had heard the latest from PRS President James Masing from this PC. We shall call it “Cepat di Masak,Sedap di Makan” hik hik hik. I humbly reserve my comments this time round as Barisan Bloggers were also targetted. 

5 thoughts on ““Cepat di Masak Sedap di Makan” N29 Batang Ai

  1. WHAT SAY YOU says:

    Who this man, James Masing is? What has he done for Batang Ai all these years? Keep polishing the Great Balls is your best work and achievement in your political life, I suggest you retire and open a car polishing shop in BDC

  2. WHAT SAY YOU says:

    Dear Tunabdulrazak

    It is NOT after 45 years they now come to realize BA is underdeveloped all this while, THEY know and aware of that every day but just that BA is of no value and importance to them….It is only now BN cannot afford loosing even a seat which will eventually lead BN to lost whole of Sarawak….

    The tar sealing of the rugged road from Batang Ai main road to second phase resettlement is an INSULT to the longhouses in that areas after so many years having BN YBs and BN Minister…..

    Hope all N29 voters will recieve all the MEE SEGERA and vote PKR only, NO BN, NO Independent !!!

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    One rather smart student from Lubok Antu bluntly remarked that they are about to receive some developments albeit very minor projects which were long overduw beacuse the YB died while in office.

    It is never too late for existing YBs to quit BN and redeem yourselves before more people wishing you die in office so that your political master will throw more goodies and grants. BN politic of developments means so long as BN YBs are alive..no developments..only death of a BN YB will result in more projects. So we only wish more BN YBs die one after another, as cruel as it may be but that is the reality of BN politics of developments.

    Quit before you die…if you dont die any sooner you will meet your political death before 2010. But Jabu , being an exceptional Iban with degree is more visionary for he has bought his eternal resting place at Nirwana Memorial Park at Batu Kitang with gated security so that we can’t take back whatever he stole from us.

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