“Cepat di Masak Sedap di Makan” N29 Batang Ai

SKY former MP of bandar Kuching 1982-1996 is still so sharp even after his many years away from the political limelight. If there is a politician who has fought and has been scarred with all the knives and arrows it must be SKY. In front of him I said,”Plucked from the sky and open up the eyes of the Sarawak people towards National Politics.”

Today he has this article,” Maggie Mee raining on Batang Ai” in which he pointed out that there was an” assurance from the DPM Najib Abdul  Rajak that BN will not be dispensing “instant mee” projects in Batang Ai, Sarawak BN ministers have begun to rain development goodies from the sky on the lucky voters of Batang Ai .

The full report you have to check it up in Malaysiakini posted by SKY himself. Wonder what he would have wrote if he had heard the latest from PRS President James Masing from this PC. We shall call it “Cepat di Masak,Sedap di Makan” hik hik hik. I humbly reserve my comments this time round as Barisan Bloggers were also targetted. 

N29 PKR Candidate “Battle lines drawn”

Lets keep it short and precise,” Its also a battle not only between the PKR and PRS but also Sidi Munan and James Masing.” We feel sorry for Uncle Sidi. Sidi Munan is the founder President of PRS and when James was installed a s President in January of 2005 he was the SG.

These words uttered by a former PRS SC who were all behind the President James once. Have they switched their allegiance as the dayak factor and mood swing is evident? Are they saying this just to please the listener? 

Sidi is now seen working tirelessly in the Batang Ai area influencing the dayaks to vote for a PKR dayak now. ‘Don’t go for PRS as it is no more relevant and a tool of PBB” I was asked this question yesterday and I beg to differ.  

Whatever agendas Uncle Sidi at 73 years old now it is also quite clear cut that its a personal feud. The sacking by James must have really hurt Sidi and its now carried forward to another level in the battle of Batang Ai. One would say ‘Who cares..?” Mind you Ibans do not forget easily and if you are a local viewer/reader you would understand.

Even today in the local tabloids a columnists was saying that “All are own people” meaning its only dayaks going against each other but its not that simple. The columnists is apping what a dayak is saying to the bigger audience. Inside their HEART the feelings runs many miles DEEP.   

Uncle Sidi with all the experience and very battle hardered will be more an asset than a liability to the PKR candidate. I have worked with him and administratively and on paper he is an absolute master. I have had many arguments with him though but it was all for the good of PRS in the formative years.

We say as always,”  PKR candidate will have an arsenal of experience with him as he does battle with BN-PRS. However dont underestimate what BN has too..hmmm  

Will SNAP be missed in Batang Ai N29..??

March the 19th the President of SNAP Edwin Dundang has already said that SNAP will stay out of its former stronghold Batang Ai by elections. The reasons are obvious as the party has not done its homework and preparations this time round.

SNAP has a track record in Batang Ai as it won the seat in 1970 and 1974 as an opposition party and in the BN government as coalition partner retained the seat in 1979 and 1983.

However in 1987 SNAP-nominated BN candidate Nicholas Bawin lost the seat to Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak’s (PBDS) Mikai Mandau by 83 votes in a three-cornered battle. PBDS was formed by a breakaway Dayak elite group from SNAP during a leadership crisis in 1983.

In the early years SNAP played a significant role in influencing the electorate until PBDS took over the seat in 1987 to 2001 and when PBDS was deregistered PRS took over in 2006.

Much has been speculated in who is joining in this by elections. According to a former PRS Supreme Council member from the northern region of Sarawak who I had dinner with tonight his sources tell him that if SNAP does join in they will make a headway as PKR will be seen as an “outside” party by the locals and SNAP as a party which they still hold sentimental values to it. PKR an “outside”party hmmm..

BN will obviously be only too happy if SNAP is in the picture. The opposition front will thus be divided. Independants as usual will try to be involved in this by elections and they might just prove to be spoilers if the votes are marginal. Surely the two heavyweights of PRS-BN and PKR-Pakatan will not pay too much attention on the independants.

The sentiments are there for SNAP. It must be noted. In the 2006  polls Nicholas Bawin made use of the SNAP symbol to contest and he did credibly well with 2489 voters for him against 3295 for PRS-BN. This was PRS first outing using its new identity and also new flag. But then again it was against an Assistant Minister and also an incumbent.

The word on the ground now is that the market is already offering 300 votes for the BN candidate over the yet to be named PKR candidate. Its amazing how the local bookies can even get the market up? This we have to leave it to the professionals in this field to do their work. 

We say as always,”  SNAP is not really pushing this time round and they have said they will assist PKR. BN-PRS would have a much easier battle if only SNAP had jumped in.