Face to Face with Barisan Rakyat Bloggers in Sarawak

It was just a beautiful feeling to have met such an intellectual and open minded group of bloggers in Zorro,Delcapo and Harris Ibrahim together with SKY former MP Bandar Kuching 1982-1996. Also present were Malaysiakini journalists in Tony Thien and Joseph Tawie. Kaypo-Kaypo Food Politics feature writer Cilla Balla was also present. 

I would also reserve a special mention to Wong Chin Huat a columnist from Nut graph in which both us engaged in local Sarawak Politics. He has been here 3 times and I did mention to him the ‘Ground Zero” battle is so much different from the cyberspace or blogsphere. 

It was an interesting BRAIN DAMAGE WORK for me as I did not expect to be enlightened and the arguments were fruitful and with no malice or harm meant. Its only OPINIONS and it will benefit Bloggers more if they are UNDERSTOOD and not FEARED.  

Who says Bloggers from both political divide cannot meet? We are after all Malaysians and if there are too much hate sowed it is not at all healthy for the future. We are setting an example for FUTURE MALAYSIANS. This generation needs to open up and only if we are willing to step three steps forward in our THINKING can we fully developed this Nation.

Of course the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers are here to have the TRUE feel of the Batang Ai N29 by elections. There will be making their presence felt as they will be led by PKR Stampin Division Chairman See Chee How and Information chief William Lee.

The question is still,”WHO WILL WIN N29?  How far will the BR bloggers influence the PEOPLE to ensure that their work are not wasted as the VOTERS will vote for the right candidate. It’s the PEOPLE’s CHOICE and the party machineries needs to work hard to woo the voters. All other reasons will be irrelevant and considered useless after April 7th. 

We say as always,”  Thanks for the moments and its well worth an afternoon’s work.  


16 thoughts on “Face to Face with Barisan Rakyat Bloggers in Sarawak

  1. Superman K says:

    Batang ai will surely fall as the Barisan Bloggers have Midas touch. We shall see on the 7th then if you still dont believe..Count the days and BN will kiss goodbye too in N29

  2. Batang Ai Voters says:

    It’s good that these BR Bloggers are willing to come to Sarawak to share their knowledge, skils and experiences with their local counterparts in Sarawak.

    More so Zorro, Delcapo & Harris Ibrahim are among the top bloggers from Semenanjung in which they played very significant roles in helping Pakatan Rakyat won the Permatang Pauh and Kuala Trengganu by-elections.

    I can foresee that the next two weeks or so will see the local Bloggers work hand in hand with BR Bloggers in trying to shift the minds of the people of Sarawak especially the Batang Ai voters, young and old.

    I hope that good articles written by these bloggers could be translated in Bahasa Malaysia and Iban language for the benefit of those who have no Internet access. I will play my part to print the articles from the Sarawak & BR blogs and help to distribute them to my friends and relatives in Batang Ai.

    To the BR Bloggers, I say “Welcome to Sarawak wahai Anak Bangsa Malaysia”.
    I will forward

  3. tunabdulrazak says:

    Good start audie. Sud have invited other bloggers as well. Together we can make stronger and better mpact.

  4. ahmadneil says:

    Ya, infact all bloggers have one goal and that’s to make malaysia a corrupt free country.So all bloggers must work together to realise this dream.Keep up the good work and look forward to the toppling of BN beginning with the fall of Batang Ai.Vote PKR,yes we can.

  5. stingray says:

    Let all sarawakian feel the effect of BR bloggers.Everyone is watching and reading MT and all the local blogs for news.
    Wipe BN from this land of the hornbill.Vote PKR.

  6. ahmadneil says:

    Zorro,more posting about the corrupted practices of the sarawak state gov’t.This will help in the victory of PKR in Batang Ai.
    Put up more pictures of his cronies who steal and plunders .

  7. Joeawk says:

    It is very healthy for opponents to meet and share and grow together, even if it is in different directions.

    Maturity calls for the ability to agree to disagree.

  8. zorro says:

    Audie….was good meeting up with you even though our “engagement” was brief. I know how you feel about some Sarawak Bloggers giving you the cold shoulder. I personally do not find you postings “ultra BN” and as such I have advised THEM to engage with you. When we engage from the heart we will win over our “adversaries”. All the best….and do everything from the heart.

  9. audie61 says:

    Tunabdul razak kindly let me know your tel contact and we are going to have another of this meeting very soon. Should be a grander scale and we need the participation of more Sarawak bloggers instead of the usual few(you know what i mean)

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