N29 PKR Candidate ” I told you so “

Word on the ground and in the coffee shops now is that the ‘HIDDEN HAND” in PKRs candidancy is going for the FINAL KILL before Anwar’s announcement. Does PKR hierarchy care too much? Do they need to bow to the threats? Isn’t this common in all candidacy lobbying? Some are and some are not.

It’s got so bad that certain journalists/correspondents in Sarawak are keeping away from upsetting the once powerful power broker. Bloggers however are not taking heed as they are privy to vital information and they will not be pushed or threatened to that extent. The internet is a personal avenue for bloggers to express their thoughts on various subjects covering a lot of topics.

Of course N29 Batang Ai most local bloggers want a piece of the action and they have taken great pains to write on their thoughts be it in the native language of Iban or in English. Is the message getting through?

The composition of voters who are eligible to vote are 95% Iban and its the young ones,educated and intellectual who will dessimate the right message and rational thinking to vote the person who has the credibility to serve. The window of opportunity closes on 7th of April after 5pm.

The question now is WHO is going to represent PKR? The HEAT is really on and every little piece of information will help or harm the candidates lobbyists. When SKY played up this article in Malaysiakini,”Dogs Pissing on Trees in Batang Ai” Was he trying to push through a well intended message.?

He meant well and this part,”Without their territory, they too will diminish in influence, and perish eventually in the political arena.” This is exactly what the ‘HIDDEN HAND” feels that he must do or else all is losts for good as no one will even care or bother about him anymore come the State elections 2011.

Political influence are the grasroots and the young and upcoming and they will bring with them the new implanted ideas of change and they will tell you ” I told you so.”

Reality usually rears its ugly head and in Batang Ai the camps in PKR needs to be sorted out sooner rather than later. Of course,one can deny that PKR is one family or even PRS is one family but if it is,” THIS IS NOT POLITICS…!!!. 

What happens when the candidate of PKR is announce. Will the vanguish join hands and ensure that PKR give a run for their money to RETAIN THIS SEAT. I don’t have all the answers and its up to PKR to unseat BN.

A former group editor said that the main stream media of Utusan Sarawak,Eastern Times and Borneo Posts is  playing up the project ‘ KILAT ‘ of BN. What can PKR come up against BN in Batang Ai..? BN will win and prove me wrong as the vital information channels are with them. He even said wait until April 7th ‘I told you so”

So PKR with their Suara Keadilan and bloggers would have to assist the PKR machinery in Batang Ai or else the battle is already half losts. Please do not agree just for the sake of not offending anyone.

The time is now and BN and Pakatan are all wrestling for the 8006 voters only . Usually the turnout is below 75% and if there are more the the picture becomes clearer. ( You do need to be a strategists to figure this one out

We say as always,”  Dont be caught with your tongue tied when that someone said,” I told you so”

++ Sarawak or Kuching Based Bloggers , Please stay in touch with a CERTAIN BLOGGER who has information of upcoming event tomorrow 20/3/09 ++ ( Information channelled down..)