PKR Candidate:N29 Bawin edges over Jawah

If Bukit Selambau N25 is to be used as a comparison likewise the PKR candidate for N29 Batang Ai according to sources is someone who also needs to be clean and are not tainted by various controversies and scandals.

If this report which can be seen by CLICKING HERE. Jawah Gerang will not feature in this byelection. If he is already cleared and being a former BN man Jawah knows what BN is capable of doing.

This byelections is too crucial for PKR too even consider what BN might or might not come out with if Jawah is picked. His lobbyists has to face up to the facts and they need to consolidate and come up with battle plans to face the might of BN. 

Nicholas Bawins path will thus be cleared and he will get the nod. It is then up to the PKR Supremo and Chairperson of Sarawak Anwar Ibrahim to unveil the party’s choice or maybe even surprise us in Sarawak with someone new. Could he..??

Is there someone who we don’t know who is a local from Batang Ai,clean and not tainted and will be fielded by PKR..?

We say as always,”  Politics is the ART of the Possible…. 

“Bertanggungjawab! Another Tree story..??”

“Bertanggung  Jawab” or just a small issue. At around 9.15 am I received a phone call from an opposition member who said,”Look how many people does it take to cut a tree”

I said,”You mean Perak democracy tree is it.? No,no its the tree which is in front of CIMB Bank near Naim Building at 2/12 miles.” WHY..? The reason is that it seems that MBKS landscaping department sent 12 landscape personnels to just cut the branches of A TREE,clear the leaves and caused a Jam. Only three or four are working while the rests just watch and enjoyed the view.

He continued,” I think he said we have made enough noises and now its time to tell a BN blogger.  Do I need to tell the press or the councillors. The avenue which is present to me is more than enough.

Of course, I told some  councillors (no need to mention names) and they said blog or posts it up. We have told them that the government is under scrutiny and its a WASTAGE OF PUBLIC FUNDS AND TIME and if no proper job distribution and tasks are looked into this happens. Do we need to tell them more..??

The council itself is made up of Mayor,Deputy and the adminstrator is the Secretary of the council. He/She has department heads who are the EA or engineer in charge of Public Works ,Senior Health Inspectors,Enforcement Officer and Rating and Valuation Officers. Its so easy to point fingers at the officers for not doing their jobs properly but it also reflects the Council as a whole.

Usually A KICK UP THE BACKSIDE does wonder…!!! . MBKS has won numerous landscaping awards nationally and internationally and we are sure they have elaborate programmes and ways to maintain their position and reputation. Its a wake up call and I’m sure this Constructive Criticisms is taken in good faith and we do not intend to push the button of destruction on someones job. 

Surely we do not want the tree ENTS to talk ( humonoid tree Lord of the Rings). Will he be laughing at our workers and telling us WHY OR WHY IT NEEDS SO MANY OF YOU..?? This incident is not a JOKE  and as a concerned member of the public who called be it  he/she is a government supporter or opposition this needs to be looked into seriously. I want to go on BUT I do not need to tell how the personnels do their WORK……!

We say as always,”  MBKS has done a good job and they need to maintain their edge or sooner rather than later if left unchecked their performances will fall.