Eeee…”Enough of Throwing Names N25,N29 and P59.”

308 was a landmark date for Pakatan with Enough is Enough and Malaysians responded and derailed the invincible BN machine.  407 is coming soon with the tri-elections in N25,N29 and P59. Cindy,Bugi and Natasha of audie 61 were all tasked to have updates from ground zero.

BN has named their candidates but the Pakatan group has yet to name their chosen candidates from PKR in 2 State seats and PAS in the Parliamentary seat respectively.Without a doubt the UMNO disciplinary committee actions will be todays HOT NEWS.

However the political strategists and runners on the opposition front are busy with their ” MAN ” as they lobby hard from all angles. We thought that the ground zero personnels will have their ears and eyes on UMNO.

No way,Why should we..? That’s their problems and we will and need to capitalise.We have to be focussed with what we have been tasked to do,Select the candidate who will be wanted by the VOTERS and not just the party.

 The impression from the phonecalls to ground zero personnels by the 3 from audie61 can be summarised as:-

  • Eeeeeeeee,all relevant names are being used to  make a case for the proposed candidates. .
  • Usual Lah but no good for the party lah!! 
  • He is good. We want him and He will stand up for us and our Pakatan agenda.
  • He is better than you know who and he is connected to aiya you know lah!! 
  • His record speaks for itself.We cannot afford to make a mistake here. 
  • This is not about the Good,the Bad and the Ugly.
  • We have learnt our lessons well.No repeats.

We say as always,”  What have you heard from the Pakatan boys..? Fancy sharing it with us…!!

60-40 Ground ratings N29:”If..PRS Mussen vs PKR Bawin


Word on the ground from our intellilgence sources are that if the fight is between PRS Malcom Mussen and PKR Nicholas Bawin the ratings are in favour of the PRS candidate at 60-40.

Both are credible candidates no doubts with good academic and paper qualifications but the PRS candidate is a more approachable,likeable and down to earth person. Bawin is not far behind in these aspect but it seems the people are leaning towards Malcolm as he doesnt take sides whether its friends or foe in his social and work obligations. Then again he was a civil servant and now he is a politician says a political watcher.

It will be an uphill tasks for Bawin no doubt but a staunch supporter when talking to audie61 said,” Tough but we will manage.” The elderly SNAP supporter has seen his bests time when he campaigned in the earlier years with SNAP and with Ningkan.

 He knows the terrain very well and said nothing much has changed except the longhouses are now mostly build high on the mountain slopes. ( Due to Batang Ai dam).

The infrastructure has improved seemingly but river transportation remains a vital way of communication. If you rule the air(helicopters) and river(longboats and speedboats) half the battle is won. He was trying to tell me that PRS-BN and PKR-Pakatan needs to outrival each other as during POLLING DAY IT IS THE WAR OF THE WATERWAYS.  Obviously 60-40 percent this factor is of GREAT IMPORTANCE.

Of course, the voters would not just mark the X nowadays without listening and evaluating who can represent them well in the constituency. The young and intellectual nowadays from N29 will have a greater influence on their parents marking the ballot boxes rather than in previous elections.

Government efforts must not be discounted and other various factors. Its not just so easy to say,”WE NEED CHANGE ” or “POLITICS OF DEVELOPMENT.  Coke and a Pepsi also needs to be advertise to win over the clienteles and so does the rural folks in this remote constituency of N29 Batang Ai. Who will be able to turn the ratings into a win-win situation its up to the party machinery and the election campaign workers.

A Jawah Gerang supporter who happened to pass by said,”Will Jawah vs Mussen be a 50-50 fight” To that we say lets keep that article to another day. To that the elderly SNAP veteran said it will be better if they consolidate and fight as a UNITED FRONT whoever is chosen to go against PRS-BN.  Dont forget also Malcolm father is an ex Penghulu and his brother  in-law was a former YB. ‘Nodding his head it seems that Jawah’s supporter was in total approval of it.

We say as always,”  United we stand,Divided we fall” Do we need to say more..?? 

Will RPK have an Influence in Batang Ai..??


During the early Brooke years whenever a White man makes an appearance in the longhouses there will be giggles,smiles and shyness shown by the young and old folks alike. Ibans are really hospitable people and are full of traditions and customs. They are warm and friendly and full of respect for visitors.

A former PRS Supreme Council member George Lagong said to audie61,” Certainly Raja Petra Kamarudin will create an impression on the Ibans in Batang Ai.On the influence that RPK will have on the voters it is a debatable issue. The younger set of voters will of course be hoping to get a photograph,shake hands and even willing him to write something of his experiences alongside them. RPK will be told stories of the White Rajahs and he will love the hospitable touch of the Ibans.

George Lagong who was in the headlines at the last 2008 GE .Firstly,he stood as an independant after resigning from PRS against Datuk Billy Abit Joo of PRS-BN. On polling day in the upper reaches of Baleh one of the long boats carrying ballot boxes capsized. News coverage especially on Awani TV every half hour was focussed on this seat Ulu Rejang P216 in which Billy Abit Joo secured 6590 votes against George Lagong 4426. (majority 2164)

On his take in which PKR is certainly going to lock horns with PRS-BN he said it will be a close call. Every little help from whoever will be mosts welcome. George is certainly one who does not shy away from the focus of dayaks awakening and movements.

 He was also instrumental and was together with the PRS President James Masing. He was one of his chief campaigners in his early years in 1983.  He sees similarities between the PBDS days but he says today the dayaks has another different PLATFORM and did not want to elaborate further.

Will it work as it has yet to be tested? So Batang Ai will be a start and BN will give PKR Pakatan a run for their money. He only knows too well after his bruising elections campaign. He just hopes that RPK will make an appearance to light up the already Colourful Batang Ai by elections. 

 We say as always,”  The welcome is there for RPK. “Selamat Datai ke Bumi Kenyalang”