Oouch..Suspension Charges Belted Out..?”

A month and a week ago I wrote on CHAP GOH MEI“ in which I mentioned “It was a Monday full of “twists and turns”in Malaysia. I remembered Boomtown Rats song in July 1979 when I was in England doing my ‘A’ levels” I Don’t Like Mondays” was a UK number one single.

Today, Parliament and UMNO has taken the limelight and both these issues are on everyones lips be it in Malaysia or in the International  arena. So who loves and who doesn’t like Mondays? Any offers….

It all started in Parliament and this is extracted from Malaysiakini,”Minister in the PM’s department Nazri Abdul Aziz’s motion to suspend Puchong member of Parliament Gobind Singh for 12 months was passed in Parliament today.

Even when Lim Kit Siang mentioned that a seven-day notice should have been issued before it is debated it was rebutted flatly by the Speaker of the House, Pandikar Amin Mulia. He said,”it should be debated now since ‘Parliament is no longer like a first-world Parliament anymore’

So Gobinds day took a turn for the worse as This Monday is a Monday that he does not particular like or fond of. Gobind is suspended with immediate effect, without salary, allowances and perks. Gobind must have gone to a place where no one would hear him shouting and singing to the tune of Boomtown Rats,” I Don’t Like Mondays”

It seems that just as Gobind has finished singing his song we were also alerted by an sms. “Check out Malaysiakini“. Wow !! Could this be happening to UMNO?  Yesterday we read about “Mr.Likeable” in the NST and the interview.

Today some one must have made it a Monday where he will also sing,”  I Don’t Like Mondays” Its only speculations and we would not know whats coming until it happens. But its like a BRICK ON THE FACE on this Monday for anyone suspected of money politics which may or may not lead to an immediate suspension which very much depends on the findings.

Malaysiakini extracts,”All eyes are on the Umno disciplinary committee meeting tomorrow following widespread rumours that a senior party leader, who is slated to contest in the upcoming Umno polls, could be suspended for money politics.In Umno circles, the name of the particular leader, who is known among the delegates as ‘Mr Likeable’, has also been openly mentioned.


We say as always,”  Pretty sure Gobind will be belting out Boomtown Rats I Don’t Like Mondays but the UMNO aspirants will be hoping that the sms alerts  flying around will be just mere rumours on this Monday. Oouch it will hurt someone..!!!

” N29..Shhh..! Media Boys Spinning..”


The little corners of the coffeeshops be it at Serian,Sungai Tengah or Lachau there are notebooks,scribbled notes and eyes menacing like vultures focussing on its prey. 

N29 Batang Ai by election has really caught the imagination of both the Pakatan and BN parties. The supporters and campaign workers from both political divides are making their presence felt at the coffeshops in the vicinity as their stopover or taking a breather.

Who says the economy is suffering? Coffeshops during the weekends are making brisk business and all due to these political and the media boys.

Wherever there is a political campaign,elections,programmes,opening cermeonies the political grassroots presence will be felt. Not far behind the media boys are within reach of them.

Covering N29,they are more words and statements as they sip their freshly brewed local coffee. In their local iban language they will do their first battle charge at each other. The “outsiders” a word synonymous used by DCM Jabu, they will all have a BLANK EXPRESSION on their FACES.   The spins from the political workers and grassroots have a lot in COMMON as they usually paint a Truer Picture on the Ground.  

When they say,”We are fighting for our lives..It’s for real.!!” The political bigwigs depend very much on these soldiers to push their political agendas through and ensure that the partys SHIP is steadied. 

The stories are usually for REAL. One cannot spin stories just to please the masters of the political camps. The ground zero effect and accompanied by pictures must be able to turn the fence sitters or lost causes to vote for their candidates.

The media boys from Eastern Times,Utusan Sarawak,Borneo Posts,Sin Chiew Jit Poh,International Times and Suara Keadilan together with the dayak bloggers are outdoing each other. Each will have their own work cut out to please their editors or political masters.

It is interesting to note in this N29 by election as it is a remote area one political campaigner associates it with the bigger picture  Air Asia’s tag line,”NOW EVERYONE CAN FLY” In Batang Ai,” Now everyones Vote should not FLY“. A political senior strategists echoed the same as he said KALAU UNDI TERBANG KITA KALAH”  Hmmm, Political Advertising..!!What a way to put it and he said it WORKS. (so meaning..work it out)

Wonder what else will come out when the real battle begins? Nomination day is still 2 weeks away but the ground forces are moving in from both sides of the political divide. Operation rooms are already set up,rooms,tents,houses are being turned into political hostels for the incoming big TASK FORCE INVASION.

 The media boys are also all here and they will smell a good story when it comes. They are ever ready and mosts of them are already geared up for a month or so in this remote outpost of a byelection.

We say as always,”  As long as the Media boys do not spin media lies and  feelgood propaganda  and paints an accurate picture Batang ai N29 will be a bruising battle ground and a tests for both Pakatan and BN campaign machinery.Someone just text me about N52 Tamin.(diversionary tactic again) The game is not over until the final whistle is BLOWN…What say you..???