“Joke to Outrageous” Tree,tree,tree issue??

If the tree can talk like in the movie “Lord of the Rings” he would certainly cry out loud,”Enough of This Nonsense” Eeee…. audie61 made a phone call to have clarifications from our source in Perak and they say it’s TRUE.

GOSH..!!! What is really happening in Perak? Haven’t they got other political spins to conjur up? Believe this or not,”Even Ripley’s Believe it or not” would not have even thought of this.

Ipoh Council claimed that the structure was an obstruction in a public area.The council pinned a notice on the “Democracy Tree” late yesterday evening, informing the “owner” of the plaque to remove the monument within 24 hours before it gets destroyed.

Hilarious,hahaha even ENTS (humonoid tree in Lord of the Rings) would be laughing and not only the Pakatan boys in Perak. “The notice was addressed to the owner of the plaque and yet the council served it to the tree, as if the tree owns the plaque.

Oh Yea!! Thank you and I will move to another area so says ENTS.

Can someone come out with a better solution to solve all this dilemna? The JOKE is not only Perak but the whole country suffers. What has become to Malaysia’s credibility and its Parliamentary democracy and constitution? The country is a BUTT of all Parliamentary Jokes.

We say as always,”  Haven’t these Legislators got better things to do? The finanacial crisis,the lukewarm economy,retrenchment,unemployment figures and crime indexes increasing and they still play around a TREE. (The notice claimed that the plaque, erected on a road reserve, was illegal because PR had not applied for a permit from the council.) Wauhahahaha….

BN PRS Candidate Confirmed N29


Breaking News 4.oo pm: The candidate as speculated is confirmed.PRS President announced the candidature infront of all the component parties present at the BN meeting. This was revealed to audie 61 by our informed source at the BN meeting. 

 Now (former State assistant agriculture director he resigned two days ago) Malcolm Muksin ak.Penghulu Lamuh is PRS BN choice in N29 which has a total of 8006 voters.

“Batang + Bukit = Temperatures Rising”

9 days after the nomination day on 29th March of Bukit Selambau,Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai constituency the voters will vote for their CHOICE to represent them. After all the ceramahs,campaigning,goodies,’kilat”(lightning fast) projects,dinners and usual elections work by party faithful the DAY ARRIVES.

7th of April as announced by the EC as Polling day for the 3 byelections is not an ordinary day. It coincides with ‘WORLD HEALTH DAY” Surely,this is a day when temperatures will rise and those with high blood/hypertension and heart related matters needs no REMINDING. The medicines needs to be placed in their pockets to avoid any unnecessary incidents.

BN and Pakatan leaders should just remind their party faithful,workers and subordinates that they need to look after themselves well as they do battle in the ELECTIONS. All these should not be at the EXPENSE OF THEIR HEALTH.

The saying,’A healthy body means a healthy mind.” A doctor friend of mind Dr.Wee said to me,”Let your people know when you are out campaigning as its a very taxing process.”

We say as always,”  On the 7th “World Health Day” let us keep our tempers in check .They will be disappointment and jubilation from all parties concerned BUT let us not push our battle weary bodies to the EXTREME.  DO YOU LOVE YOURSELF..??