PKR Behind BN..??

Seems that the speculations on the BN candidate will be put to rests tomorrow. All eyes will be on the BN coalition meeting tomorrow. A report on this subject is posted in Malaysiakini.

A BN staunch coalition supporter who requests anonimity spoke to audie61 says that ,”We shall reveal our BN candidate tomorrow. Keep it that way and its a PRS candidate.No two buts about it.!!”

PKR can wait and see who they they choose and they are playing a ‘Wait and See game.Up to them and anyway they are behind us.” Typical playing catch up.They can say what they want and this is a BN seat and it will remain that way.

An opposition member who goes by the name of George said,” Didn’t Anwar say that we are already focussing somewhere else? I thought he said N60 Kemena.Apparently he was referring to our earlier article and he did not want to be caught in a quagmire.!”  

We say as always,”  PRS hopes tomorrow will be NOW.The waiting game is excruciating agony.Whoever is chosen will know his fate on the 7th of April.Do you care who comes first..?? 

You think this is X-citing..Wait..!!


A good laugh on a day hmmm ,or being extra careful on Friday 13th goes a long way. Friday 13th is a day of superstition and whether it is a day of  good or bad luck. There are many theories on why the superstition date and one has to check back only on the History which is provided HERE.

Arrest of the legendary Knights Templar October 13, 1307 – Friday the 13th. Today it seems Norza Zakaria ( Umno supreme council member) who was arrested in January was charged this morning in Temerloh magistrate’s court in Pahang for alleged involvement in money politics. Could they be more..?


This headlined story in the local tabloid PRS man PEOPLE’S CHOICE seems to have created a political statement by PRS President James Masing. It goes without saying that the other 3 component parties in PBB,SUPP or SPDP must also realise that the choice by the PRS is wanted by the voters in N29. Of course there must be an election committee from PRS who has recommended some names and after deliberation only one name is put forward.

What will happen NEXT..? Tomorrow will be the Day of reckoning when the top brass of the BN coalition sits down and discuss Batang Ai issues and the candidate in question. The next 24 hours will be crucial to Parti Rakyat Sarawak according to a Supreme Council member. 

Friday the 13th is just another day of superstition BUT Saturday 14th will be the day of TRUTH for PRS. According to PRS President James Masing there shouldn’t be much of a problem if PRS nominee is not accepted by the BN coalition.

We say as always,”  BN will have to make the right choice as we know the RIGHT and POPULAR Candidate makes it easier for the election campaigners to WOO the VOTERS. It’s been proven hasn’t it..? Just reminding..