“Intense Lobbying for Candidates..??”

Its nothing unusual when elections are upon us. There will be intense lobbying by all concern to push for their  favoured candidates. The two Bukits and one Batang byelections will see many Warlords and HIDDEN HANDS at odds with each other.

Even the parties within the respective coalitions will try to meddle and try their party’s luck by pushing one or two suitable names for consideration. They say ,”the star will shine on those who try hard enough”  

This is also WHY so many HIDDEN HANDS are ready to get their reputations and hands dirty. A YB and MP in the house is like winning a lottery for them be it an opposition or within the ruling government.

audie 61 made a few phone calls to the respective parties involved in Bukit Selambau,Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai. The common answer,”Its really intense lobbying and we cannot even have time for proper meals.” That’s the usual recommendations/cover letters and you know the MUMBO-JAMBO of Malaysian Politics.

But one thing is that the political runners and HIDDEN HANDS  involved said,”If Hillary Clinton can close ranks and ensure Obama wins we are sure to be able to do that.”

Will Malaysians be able to do that? Its the usual excuse when the partys anointed hopeful candidate loses and talks of infighting and sabotaging emerges. This is Politics or else it will be darn boring.

Of course,there will be some disappointed faces who has spent so much time and effort to assist the power players in this rather fluid political game. Even lawyers reputations are double checked by the respective parties just in case they are needed for some clarifications during nomination time. No stones are left unturned.

There is also the standby candidate just in case at the eleventh hour the chosen candidate does a U-TURN for some unknown reasons. I’m sure thats why the Sarawak CM Pehin Taib has requested for a few names to be considered for Batang Ai. There has been too much speculations that the PRS candidate is not the one favoured and PRS will be helpless again.

Informed sources from Kedah and Perak also said this is the usual tactic practised by their respective parties. Sarawak should be no different from the both the other states.

 So much speculations or gossips are only done by the spin doctors as diversionary measures. It gets TOO HOT most times and loud,rude and over the top voices are heard from the politicians concerned.  Intense lobbying I’m sure says a party faithful..??  

We say as always,”  The WARLORDS and  HIDDEN HANDS  will throw down the gauntlet and its up to the parties concerned to consider and approve their favoured CANDIDATES.  Need we know more OF WHAT ELSE  is  involved..?? 

RPK & Bloggers.. N29 Batang Ai..?


Bloggers and “outsiders” are the main topics which are hogging the front pages of major newspapers in Sarawak. In the last few days including todays tabloids DCM  Jabu lashed out at those “outside the state “who does not know the local Iban customs and traditions while coming to the state on the campaign trail. 

A political observer said  to audie61 that.”there are bigger issues to address in the state especially the economy,unemployment,foreign workers issue,education instead of this small and petty  issue” 

Is he not up with the times? It seems that the statement which Jabu played up was when the Dayaks in PKR were just a minority.Their numbers have swelled everywhere in the state and the Dayak leaders have since observed all the customs and adat now.

Wonder now whether the bloggers will face the wrath of the State government too? They are also ‘outsiders” and amongst them Raja Petra (RPK) and his team of Malaysian Bloggers would make their presence felt sooner rather than later. You just have to watch for updated news when they will be making their journey to Sarawak and see for themselves N29 Batang Ai and the remotenest of this  rural constituency.

A number of local bloggers are making arrangements to make this event a reality. One of the bloggers Dayaknation said it will be highly anticipated as it will ensure that all bloggers do not go against each other. This is very evident now especially in Sarawak Headhunter blog which does not augur well for Sarawak based bloggers.

Something has to be addressed and audie61 would think an open forum with participation from all bloggers from both political divide would do more good than harm.  So would you welcome RPK and the Peninsula bloggers?

We say as always,”  There are no ‘outsiders’.in which Jabu meant opposition members from Peninsular Malaysia. Sorry DCM Jabu we are all MALAYSIANS. We may belong to different political divide, platforms or ideologies BUT certainly we need not hit below the belts.Our politics have matured so much and we hope that by this statement it will not be drag down a few more notches.