Its Not so Much PKR wins But what if PRS loses?


Every picture tells a thousand stories so they say. What does a HEADLINE do? This heading just about thrusts a sword into every PRS member and supporter. 

A social science lecturer with the local daily in his hands said to me,” Its simple read it backwards.” Why..?  Huh!! I didn’t immediatedly understand his remark. It means,”Sarawak to TOIL HARDER  if PRS loses”

This is politics at the highest level where DCM Jabu is playing his hand now.Jabu said,”“Batang Ai must be retained as a BN fortress. Do not give way for them to win here.

He knows the time is ripe for him to make inroads and control all the YBs and MPs thereabouts in the second division of Sarawak. After all the MPs Masir and Nyallau are his helicoptered candidates at the last general elections as the compromised and chosen ones.  

Will PRS just sit back and let the hand do the dealing while they sit on the same table. Many questions will be answered come this weekend when the CM Pehin Taib announces the candidate for Batang Ai N29.

We were informed by many journalists and reporters through phone calls to audie61  that they were disappointed yesterday when PRS President James Masing did not reveal the candidate.Is the table going to be turned upside down or is it just the BN Sarawak’s diversionary TACTIC and TRAP?

PRS will be in for a tough fight no matter what but the well oiled BN machinery and huge war chests will give a slight advantage says the social science lecturer.

We say as always,”  PRS President James should be given his choice of candidate. If and only if there are not suitable candidates within and inside PRS  then only others or component parties can helicopter them in. What is suitable is  on who the VOTERS will mark an X. Thats the rule of this GAME.

He’s Back,Ready for Sarawak..???


Seems its hard to keep a good man away.He is back,serving the nation and  his health must have improved greatly.  Datuk Sri Mohd Effendi bin Norwawi  Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department has been sworn in second term as senator, which will start from today until March 9, 2012.

Will Effendi be back in charge of the Economic Planning Unit? Is this also a stepping stone for him to return one day as the “Successor for the present CM Pehin Taib. It’s only a matter of time a “homecoming” of some sort awaits him for it might be his DESTINY TO FULFILL.   

It all started last weekend with the speculations after Datuk Seri Tiara Jacquelina was appointed as academy principle for the Akademi Fantasia season 8. A lot of akademi fantasia fans says with Tiara as the principle surely Effendi will come back in some capacity too. How very true..!!

 YB Datuk Sri(Dr) Effendi 61,attended Malay College Kuala Kangsar, before completing his Bachelor’s degree with Honors in Development Administration at the University of Tasmania, Australia. In 1998, the same University conferred him on honorary Doctorate of Laws.

He began his career as an Assistant Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Department (1972), after which he was transferred to the Sarawak Land Development Board as Senior Planning & Administrative Officer. He was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Sarawak State Economic Development Corporation in January 1979 and left two years later to venture into private business. He was recalled to serve the SEDC in 1981, and was duly appointed the Executive Chairman. He served the Corporation for 14 years until his retirement in 1995.

YB Datuk Sri (Dr) Effendi is presently Executive Chairman of ENCROP Group which has interests in Media (ntv7 and Synchrosound Recording Studios), Education (he founded the Center for Advanced Design (cenfad) and the Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST) in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Property development (Encrop Systembilt Sdn. Bhd.), Timber Concessions and Food Production.

We say as always,”  Could Effendi be earmarked as a possible successor? Surely,not an EASY AND STRAIGHT  “YES or No”.  One has to remember he is after all the blue eye boy of  Pehin Taib and with this latest political manouvering it will not be a surprise if it happens..We shall keep our ears pinned on the ground..

So Much for N29 Batang Ai..?

The 1 name which was speculated to be the candidate for BN-PRS seems not to have the seal of approval from “PEK MOH” CM Taib State Barisan Chairman.Could this just be a trap or diversionary tactic.?

 Its the same tussle too between Sarawak PKR leaders and the two names lobbied a clear favourite now according to insider sources is a former MP. What has happened to the frontrunner? Hidden Hands or a Winnable Candidate for PKR is a must.Were there threats of a major pullout..?

A former political analyst says while everyone is tussling over N29 Anwar has already looked beyond that. He needs to capture at least a third or more of the Malay-Melanau seats in order to form the Sarawak State Government.

 The sentiments are overflowing for Batang Ai for PKR and only a DISASTROUS OUTING by PKR will BN be able to deny PKR the seat. BN will disagree as the word is the seat is theirs. We will just have to see by April 7th night. 

Ever since the Bintulu function many names are being lobbied and thrown around for PKR national leaders consumption. The interesting seat is the N60 Kemena seat which is being held by PBB SG Dr.Stephan Rundi Utom.

A few names are being mentioned and could this tactic be used to derail BN..? Prominent names being circulated are James Stephan Randi Skalai, Anthony Brian,Linton Leslie and George Lagong. It’s for all of you to speculated who amongst the 4 wll give BN more than a running battle plus a lot of skirmishes. Why N60 while N29 has barely started..?

Its not about just one seat which Anwar has sent his strategists and machinery to study thoroughly the political landscape of the 71 constituencies. Usually they say attack inside the most fortified seat and it has to be the PULSE of the state seats. This tactic at most times will work.

The former political secretary said,”It so happens that N60 is the Secretary General of PBB and when he is under attack the rests will suffer as he will not be focussed.”

Anwar is not just a politician born today. He was a former DPM and he has within his grasps now a certain Dayak Awakening and he knows that in 1987 the Ming Court failed was the Mathematics involved.

If my memory serves me right PBDS had 15 while Permas had only 5 seats which really fell short of the required numbers in the 48 State assembly seat then. It’s a diversion within a diversion and this technique has served BN well.

BN will need to be on their guard and it seems cooking below the surface  the Dayaks are slowly but surely uniting together for a SECOND BITE OF THE CHERRY.

We say as always,”  N29 today N60 and the others very soon says a PKR member. We will not repeat the same mistakes again. Or will history just repeat itself..? What will BN do..?We shall see…..