“The Bait..!! Anwar or Abdullah or…..??”

4 eyes meeting between PM Abdullah and Anwar (opposition leader) for 20 minutes will surely make hairs stand on ends and the spin doctors working overtime. Jeng.! Jeng.! Jeng.!

The phones between political leaders some within the same political divide and exchanges between different divide  is,” Now our friend “N” is being hooked on the line.” 

Obviously to those allied to” N ” its seems that this political lunch and rare meeting at a function in Hulu Langat was all planned by PM Abdullah. Or is it..? We wouldn’t know would we..? Dare to make an assumption..? ” N ” boys are running helter skelter wanting ONLY VALID REASONS. Do you have them..?? 

According to informed sources, both leaders were invited by Al-Fadhil Tuan Guru Syeikh Mahmud Al-Majzubdi (better known as Tok Ayah) for the Maulud Rasul celebrations. 

Anwar said in the report in Malaysiakini that people should not read too much about their meeeting.There have been too many assumptions and interpretations regarding our presence at the event.”

An emeritus professor said there must be some sort of agreement being reached somewhere along the line.Just taking a leaf out of ex-PM Tun Mahathir book he knows that when he was in office there was hardly anyone within UMNO who dared to cross the line.

PM Abdullah hinted that he had a core of loyal supporters within the party who would keep Najib in check. Is history about to be repeated..? The day of reckoning for Abdullah is soon and he might just do the about turn in which Tun Mahathir fears the mosts.  Who then is the “BAIT” for..??

We say as always,”  Nothing is too late for PM just yet..He holds the cards still close to his chests. Its not over till the baton is passed over.That is the RULE of DEMOCRACY 

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PKR “Peninsula” vs PRS “East Malaysia” N29..!!

This is the latest hot stuff and arguments between BN-PRS and PKR-Pakatan as the parties engage in the turf war of Batang Ai N29. On one side of the argument is that PKR is a Peninsula based party while PRS is a Sarawak based party. Who will the VOTERS TRUST.? 

If the YB from PKR is elected he will have to bow to the demands of those who makes decisions in the Peninsula. Of course,this is not todays issue. Even in the early 90’s everytime DAP Sarawak is engaged in the elections in the urban areas SUPP will use this to gain voters confidence and throw DAP out of Sarawak.

It’s nothing new says a PKR senior strategists. They will use all sorts of ways and means to derail PKR movements. This is a byelection and we know the full force of Sarawak BN will be on the ground and rivers (wauhaha)too just to attack us. We are well prepared this time round. Any booby traps..??

Of course,we have learnt a lot from our counterparts in the previous byelections in Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu. He was particularly unhappy with this statement from Lubok Antu MP which appeared in a local English daily,” PKR would try their very best to arouse anger among the people towards the Barisan Nasional government.”

He says its supposed to be a level playing field and its up to the People to CHOOSE. What did we say to arouse the anger of the people..?? This other remark which was uncalled has really irked some PKR members,” people here were told not to fall in to the sweet promises made by leaders of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), especially those coming from the peninsula.

Newspaper reports do on occassions sensationalise and blow up the issues.Im sure the reporters concerned knows that news like what MP William Nyallau Badak said  will indeed be a HOT STUFF as the N29 Batang Ai elections are due to held in less than a month. 

According to a political observer this is a WAKE UP CALL for all PRS members and coalition partners to realise that the threat from PKR and Pakatan is for real. PRS President James Masing has already mentioned it earlier that there are ‘Threats from PKR in the rural constituencies” and it is manageable.

The latest:- 4.00pm  PRS is having a Supreme Council meeting at its headquarters in Pending and at the moment it is still ongoing. 4.15pm Also from a reporter on site in a telephone conversation with audie61,  InLubok  Antu today DCM Jabu is in the constituency as he is witnessing the swearing in of new Councillors.

We say as always,”  PRS and PKR it’s the WAR of the IDENTITIES. Whoever manages to come out of it Unscathe will  WOO the VOTERS to their side…Which side are you..??