Nizar-NEXT after 5 TREES?


Lets keep it short and simple. Received a phone call from one of the lawyers involved in the Perak crisis,”Don’t want to sound ARROGANT..This is BN SURE WIN CASE.” Tree,tree,tree,tree.tree haven’t they got better things to do..?

Nizar,though we respect your PERSISTENCE but it seems that all is not well and it’s pointing against you reclaiming the rightful MB seat. Even if the chronicles of Perak goes into the 5th edition,”The POLLS” and say if Pakatan wins .What next..? Would he be able to reclaim the MB seat.? This is the million dollar question. 

BN and Pakatan this is not helping the economic development of Perak.There has been too much politiking and bread and butter issues are not looked into except the political sentiments of parties. After the 5 tress planting ..What next..?? 

We say as always,”  Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall,but its the common people who suffer.  

Source: Malaysiakini

“Pembangunan dari Perintah di Lubok Antu..N29”

PRS itu “Perintah”. This was echoed to me by an elderly Iban whom I met at Lubok Antu says  Natasha of audie61. In the last few days there was a lot of political activities in and around N29 constituency.

Even before the candidates are announced the big guns of PRS and PKR Sarawak are down on the ground. Early bird catches the worm so they say.


But a senior journalist mentioned to Natasha,” I hear and forget.I see and I remember.I do and I understand.” That is why the PRS information chief is using his good office to ensure that the people benefit mosts. This will reduce the digital divide between the urban and rural.

Very smart,timing is almost perfect as the by election would be held soon and its a PRS-BN seat. Of course the people of Lubok Antu will obviously reap  and enjoy the benefits of Internet and telephone service with the construction of a telecommunication tower and community broadband centre in the area as this has been approved by the Government in November. We cannot deny this,Pembangunan dari Perintah” Can we..?

So when the people of Lubok Antu see that their longhouses are equipped  with public telephone calls and its from PRS Timbalan Menteri this will touch their hearts. Huge warchests and monetary benefits are welcomed. However, its always the basic issues of electricity,water,roads,housing,education and health benefits which the VOTERS and CONSTITUENTS strive for.

But PROMISES MUST BE KEPT or else its just like political empty drum. Votes are won and maintained when the the political parties are striving for “WHAT WE WANT and NOT WHAT YOU CAN GIVE.”

Pakatan opposition members will be harping for CHANGE. We need to change and issues like NCR and Taib’s BN government has taken all before them.


There are so many  issues which they can blah,blah,blah in the longhouse ceramahs and before long you will hear the Rooster “cock”, Crow and its not even half way. One young voter said,”Itu mesti Perintah yang kerja kuat” hik,hik,hik.

The PRS information chief was quick to point out its not an election government gimmick but its coincidence.Development by BN will surely come and he urged all locals to support whoever the party(PRS) might field in the coming by-election. 

PKR meanwhile was caught in a publicity and proraganda drive with its leaders going on the ground. The people might hear them and they will forget if  TANGIBLE  things are not looked into.

The above picture courtesy of Dayaknation and after a brief telephone call to Sri Aman PKR branch leader John Cobbold Losoi who was amongst those mentioned in Malaysiakini portal.

His statement from the blog,”Amk National led by Shamsul Iskandar showed their support to the 2 potential candidates Saudara Nicholas Bawin and Saudara Jawah Gerang. One look at this banner,”It’s clear and you know who they are lobbying for..This is advertising (L.O.B.B.Y.I.N.G.)of the HIGHEST ORDER..  Hidden Hands again..?”

A lot of lobbying has been done on these two PKR gentleman says Natasha. She was bombarded with a lot of questions and she answered,”Read them all in audie61 and if you need I will print them all for you. ‘Well said..salary increase..

We say as always,”  N29 by election is a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME and whoever sells their candidates WELL will get the  X on the ballot paper. As this proverb say”He who waits on others misses the opportunities”