Aiyoyo..Is this what all the FUSS is about..??


After mass church service this morning I went to attend a Malay wedding deep in the heart of PBB land. You know what ..I was confronted with some friends who said Ai yoyo,‘PKR Batang Ai now raising funds.” To that  I replied,” If they have not enough money what can they do..Obviously they can must do something right.!!hmmm

Luckily for me an old classmate of mind in St.Joseph’s school interjected and came to my aid. He said,”Obama’s campaign for Presidency costs millions or billions and where and how did their campaign machinery do it? They lobbied and asks from well wishes too.This is politics..Not Aiyoyo,hahaha we had a good laugh!! 

So one of them said you must be referring to BN Youth chiding PKR for organising a fund raising campaign for the Batang Ai by election. Nicholas Bawin had earlier said PKR had solid financial strength and Fadillah Yusof PBB youth chief said this contradicts what has been said.

We posts here what is on the Harapan Baru (Batang Ai N29 blog)  

PKR Batang Ai By-Election need your help. Please donate your $5.00 or more to help PR to win the Batang Ai by election.

Send / bank in your money to:

Maybank account PIEE BIN LING
Account no: 5110-8361-2631

This account has been approved for used by PKR HQ through YB Dominique. (if you have any doubt on this donation, please contact YB Dominique: 0168661718)

PKR Sarawak will be accountable for the account and they will make an announcement of the money collected immediately after nomination day.

I would like to thank every donors for their commitment to upheld JUSTICE and FAIRNESS in Malaysia.

We say as always,”  If the cause is genuine and not exploited its up to the people to decide. We cannot stop people from sympathising and campaigning for their political parties. When the YBs,MPs,Ministers  croaked and crooned at the microphones in belting up certain songs don’t they raised $$$$$$..Aiyoyo??

Anwar,”This is where PKR wins..BN likewise”


Forget the impossible. Look at the possibilities. Even the Pakatan bloggers it seems in the comments are being made to go against each other. What’s more the lobbyists amongst the PKR and BN candidates.? Each wants their own ‘manok ayam” to represent the parties and also their own ‘selfish”agendas.

Where then Anwar will or Taib will win.? Political statements like that appeared in the local tabloids are only meant for city/town consumption. Even SUPP deputy SG is getting on the act with this statement,’Wong confident BN candidate will win”

Logistics will play a major factor as this land area of Batang Ai covers 1433.32 .There are 108 longhouses and 95% of the electorate are Ibans,Chinese make up 3.75% and Malays 1.59%.The Chinese and Malays live mostly in Lubok Antu town and the surrounding areas.

Is this why BN is so confident that they have access to helicopters,huge war chests,large fleets of longboats and vehicles to even reach the remotest of settlements. Why wouldn’t they be as one example is one longhouse is 3/12 hours to reach from Lubok Antu town? Helicopters take 45 minutes or thereabouts. So Anwar can you fight BN Taibs machinery?

A columnists The Hermit Hornbill who writes in a local tabloid says’Heat wave comes to Batang Ai” and its quite exclusive giving reasons why BN or Pakatan will do well. One thing which will sum it all is the ‘Candidate in Question” No two buts about it and also how the campaigners can sell him/her.  

What is disturbing though is the Malaysiakini article in which it headlines,”Beware the PBDS syndrome,Anwar warned”. Ex-MP Harrison Ngau even has this to say about Nicholas Bawin a frontrunner PKR candidate.”

An extract in Malaysiakini article it says“Nicholas Bawin is a very naïve man, a colourless character, with an old longhouse brain who doesn’t understand politics. He doesn’t impress, inspire or motivate people.”

Is it little too late? Its overblown and seems out of control now. The fire is raging and the HIDDEN HANDS which we have been harping on is going for the KILL. 

The article in Malaysiakini with Laing saying,”“Sng is now back again, like a bad smell that follows us everywhere, sponsoring all the PKR dinner functions so far in Kuching, Bintulu, Sibu and Miri while his son, Larry Sng, enjoys Taib’s patronage and remains an Assistant Minister. This is despite him not being in any political party.”“The father-in-law (Larry’s) continues to get huge government projects.

We manage to get some feedbacks both from PKR,SNAP,PRS and individuals in the constituency. Natasha,Cindy,Joey,Anselm and Bugi from audie61 said  most of the voters are in one united voice,‘THE RIGHT CANDIDATE SHOULD WIN OVER THE PEOPLE NO MATTER AS LONG AS HE IS WELL RECEIVED FROM THE GROUND.” 

Coming back to the question,”Where will Anwar and Taib win..?” I was about to unleash it out as statistics,figures and facts doesn’t lie. However, a very senior politician says its better we be selfish and let their own political boys do their homework. They need to do their MATHEMATICS.  Fair enough….  

We say as always,”  You only need to digress what todays columnist Kaypo anak Kuching  in The Herman Hermit wrote, ‘Sarawakians deserves nothing LESS..In Totality all of us in audie61  agree.”