Trojan Horses IN PKR SARAWAK..??


The telephone conversation was short and brief to audie61 from a senior PKR strategists. Lets make this brief and straight to the point were the first words uttered.

We have watched their actions with caution and welcomed them with open arms and also ‘Brotherly Love’ We had no doubts about them joining PKR SARAWAK.

Since the groundswell of support for PKR in the wake of series of large public gatherings in Sibu,Miri,Kuching and Bintulu the membership has its HITS and MISSES“.

Suddenly there appears cracks,mistrusts and even jostling for positions. We as the founder members expect problems aplenty.

Trojan Horses I would say are the words. Now they are known to us and having being found out these TROJAN HORSES suddenly dissappear from the radar and are not contactable. Sounds familiar? Like the missing Perak YBs don’t you think? 

We will be celebrating the first anniversary of 308 in a days time and luckily we are able to put the HOUSE IN ORDER. What’s more we will be facing the byelections with polling scheduled on April the 7th. Need I say more to BN and the Trojan Horses says the senior PKR stategists?


We say as always,”  One will not be able to hide in the Fox hole for ever. This is Politics Malaysia way…”Horse-S…”  

Making News “The Sarawak WAY”

If Frank Sinatra is still alive he will give GOLDEN AWARDS to two persons in particular on this fine Saturday. One of them who appeared in the English local tabloid and the other in the Malaysiakini portal. Brilliant and when I really got into the song then”MY WAY” was way back in my hotel days.

Datuk Effendi Norwawi then Chairman of SEDC sang the song with so much passion that we had to give him a standing ovation. He has since retired from active politics and is now utilising his years of political experience with proven strategies in assisting the Sarawak BN.

So, my phones, sms and email has not stopped with two Sarawak Politicians who has both given themselves unwanted or much needed publicity. The words used are not PUBLISHIBLE and also we are also protecting our sources.

You need only to make your own judgements on these two Politicians with their statements.They have indeed ruffled some feathers and will of course come in for some flak. 

  1. Todays local headline “Traitors all gone,Chance for Bigger majority” Lubok Antu BN MP William Nyallau Badak 
  2.  In Malaysiakini portal and TV “Not one Dayak Leader is sincere” Nicholas Bawin, Sarawak PKR deputy liaison committee chairperson .

Frank Sinatra would sing,” AND NOW THE END IS NEAR“… What’s next ..? Can you imagine what is hurling towards them..? One would say,please share it here and tell us….Asks Frank and he will hahaha.

We say as always,”  Thats WHY Our politicians needs all help with  strategists and political press officers or else they are always getting themselves in so much trouble which will be similar to  Frank Sinatra ‘s ending” the RECORD shows I took the BLOWS and did it my way “

Why are Bloggers, BN and Pakatan focussing on N29 more..?


It seems strange but the two Bukits are given only little coverage as compared to the Batang. Seems that all the bloggers and also the internet portals especially Malaysiakini,bernama and other national newspapers today are even speculating on the candidates lists. It is already been a “HOT ISSUE”. Why is this..? Even MAFREL (Malaysians for Free and Fair Elections) are getting on board the Batang Ai EXPRESS BOAT. 

One very good answer is that ‘Batang Ai is a BN seat” An Assistant Sarawak Minister who so happened to be with the DPM when the announcement was made was surprised by the DPM’s reaction. “806 majority we have to really work hard to retain the seat”

Najib also knows that Anwar says Sarawak is the FRONTLINE state in Anwar’s bid to move closer to Parliament. But Najib can take comfort that the Sarawak CM Taib and his Iban Generals of Jabu,Masing and Mawan will be ready to ward off  PKR into the BN bastion. They have proven it even in the worst of times especially the 1987 Ming Court where DAYAKISM WAS AT ITS PEAK. This is just KEADILANISM and its under control..

In all honesty Najib is not too worried for BN as he can take stock that Sim Kwang Yang (MP for Bandar Kuching from 1982 to 1995) posting his article in Malaysiakini “The fighting cocks in Batang Ai” has this,”But the newly emergent PKR in Sarawak is a rag-tag rainbow coalition of sometimes very unlikely allies, and Dayak politics in Sarawak has been nothing less than divisive traditionally.” 

Najib will rests assure that BN will do its utmost to protect its fort and Pakatan will do well in this byelections to give BN a run for their money.

Anwar being the commander in chief will somehow need to be here in Sarawak to direct the operations himself with his troops. Anwar knows that the 2 Bukits are in the safe hands with the battle hardered and well oiled Pakatan machine. BN will go all out to try to wrestle the two Bukits and reatin the Batang.

We say as always,”  Batang Ai is a BN seat and they cannot afford to lose as the implications will create more than a ripple for the State and BN in particular.

Bloggers can sniff some things are really cooking up in N29 .They have all given undivided attention to generate an awakening in Sarawak…!!”