Will Jawah throw his WEIGHT behind Bawin..??


BN-PRS seems to have wrapped up the choice of their preferred candidate. On the other political divide it seems that PKR Nicholas Bawins candidacy is facing more than a few hurdles. The HIDDEN HANDS it seems are pushing their weight around and are trying to push their choices through.

Various arguments and opinions are pushed down the throats of PKR SARAWAK members.Will it work.? How far will they go? It seems its more of  PERSONAL agendas rather than PARTY LINES that are being followed. Dare you disagree on this matter or do we need to PROVE IT..??

In the local tabloids many political observers feels that  the “HOT and DISTURBING” development in the PKR camp must stop.The lobbyists of Jawah and Bawin are at each others throats.There was even a hint of  strong words being exchanged. This will makes the opposition party at a disadvantage. BN must be smiling then..!

One argument which makes PKR hard to sell would be Jawahs track record.He has served as a five term MP and twenty years were with BN. Eventhough Bawins track record is dismal as he has contested in 1987 and 2006 and failed and also his failure to win the parliamentary seat in the 2008 GE.

Its a CHANGE AND A NEW DAWN says a woman voter from N29. Its a new PLATFORM and this time its a UNITED OPPOSITION FRONT. The other plus point would be,” Would Jawah Gerang throw his weight behind Bawin as we know that Jawah has many hardcore supporters with him.?  

Bawin was quick to point out and it was confirmed by a senior PKR Sarawak member that Bawin and Jawah would be working closely to ensure victory for PKR.

Will it materialise? No one can force Jawah can they?Or will the HIDDEN HAND be responsible to create another diversionary tactic? Anwar hopes not and would name the candidate with the confidence that the candidate is accepted by all.  

We say as always,” We will herald a new people’s representative on April 7th and its up to PKR or BN to choose the candidates. The VOTERS will have marked their X by then.

50-50..N29 Batang Ai..(AIR..??)


Word on the ground ,”It’s a close call 50-50 fight” It all depends on the candidates concerned. This is the scenario and of course its not just based on hearsay. A thorough evaluation and survey has been done in and around the constituency to gauge the acceptance of the candidates in question. The final candidate lists will be announced by the respective parties involved in the by-election.

It seems most likely that  the BN PRS candidate will be the State assistant agriculture director Malcolm Muksin ak.Penghulu Lamuh. PKR has yet to agree on either Bawin or Jawah. However in todays tabloids in a press conference yesterday Nicholas Bawin as the PKR Lubok Antu Division chairman has been tasked to spearhead the opposition’s preparation in Batang Ai. Could he be so sure that he will be the CANDIDATE.?? 

According to a senior politician who was heavily involved during SNAP golden era,”nothing spectacular has changed in the Iban majority areas” Betong has seen developments but Engkilili,Lubok Antu and the surrounding areas needs to catch up.”

The Candidate young man referring to me, plays a very important part in any elections. Those days any candidate under BN symbol 60% already can be considered in the Council Negeri. Now,PKR or BN need to field the right candidate for this by election.

He says with an Uuumph and with a strong and commanding Iban voice!! This is how he reads it,”If its Malcolm versus Jawah it’s 50-50 but if its Malcolm versus Bawin its 60-40. SNAP was the perfect vehicle for a multiracial entity but you know what happened. It’s history now .

I’m sure, he added PRS and PKR will make sure their candidates when they lock horns their candidates will have the credibility and also ‘Semangat” to fight in the impending heavyweight battle of N29 Batang Ai.

In Malaysiakini portal it says that the English editorial NST has some views on N29 Batang Ai constituency. This is extracted,”Batang Ai, as it is known to the people of Sarawak and indeed everywhere else, has been gazetted “Batang Air” by the Election Commission may, on the face of it, appear a fairly minor concern, but it is in fact a laden matter. ”

We say as always,” 50-50 This statement will indeed be deliberated at length “Personality is an important factor in rural seats like Batang Ai but being a familiar old face will not give the candidate any advantage.It’s the VOTERS who will have the FINAL SAY…