Baginda Minda-Why BN RUNNING Scared.??


Why was Baginda Minda (former PRS Information Chief of Baleh)so upbeat eventhough it was just a phone call to audie61 at 2015 pm this evening? He said our PKR candidate will give BN a run for their money? No matter what BN is ‘really shivering” eventhough the 3 by elections are on the same date. Really..!!!

Was it the Malaysiakini article which appeared headlined”All BN needs is Rm4 million to bag Batang Ai.? Or was it the article in the local tabloids on Batang Sadong MP & PBB Wanita secretary Nancy Shukri in which she mentioned that Sarawakians to disallow “outsiders” (read West Malaysians, especially PKR people) into the state to prevent them from sowing the seeds of disunity.

Beginda said that eventhough the Malaysiakini article by SKY does paint a gloomy picture for PKR but in reality the SENTIMENTS OF THE PEOPLE are with PKR ,no matter what BN will do. NOW its TAKE FROM BN mark X on for PKR .WE have been drumming this to the people in our rural drive. Nothing should be underestimated says,Beginda.

But we said SKY begs to differ as he said that money turns the whole ball game round. This extract from Malaysiakini from the former MP,”In a small constituency like Batang Ai, all you have to do is to dish out RM4 million, buy up 4,000 votes at RM1,000 a piece, and you have already won.

Beginda sounded confident as he said no matter what the hoo-hahs the BN Sarawak try to do the damage has already been done. I have given my interview in Malaysiakini TV and you only need to recall what I said.

He even said that he will give undivided support to Nicholas Bawin as the PKR  Candidate for N29 Batang Ai byelections. We asked what about Jawah Gerang as the candidate? Jawah has served as MP in this area and now should give all his support to secure this seat for PKR.

There is also no basis of infighting as what many rumours has been circulating. Our fight is for PKR and against BN that’s all. IT”S ABSOLUTELY CLEAR..!!! DO I NEED TO SAY MORE..?? Beginda added before he finished this telephone interview.

We say as always,”Baginda has sharpen his knives at BN but an ardent BN senior analysts with a political party said it will be hell of a battle to retain the seat. RETAIN  WE WILL.and WE ARE NOT SCARED…!!


16 thoughts on “Baginda Minda-Why BN RUNNING Scared.??

  1. Easier said than done .Baginda it seems that Jawah is a better prospect for PKR to wrestle the seat away from BN.

  2. RM $ 4 million wah so much to win. Somehting has to be done to check this. Where is the new agency again….??? hehe

  3. Its too little why not use more $$$$$$$ to fight off PKR? It will benefit the voters and constituency. End result…same same PKR win by more than 1000 over votes.True…

  4. Ignored what Beginda said for godness sake. we, the voters of Batang Ai still need government help. Voting for the opposition is not the solution to ease our burden. BN has the proven track record. Hidup BN !

  5. Who says BN is scared for N29 by-election?
    BN can provide RM4m or RM6m or even 10m if they really want. But tell you the truth, there will be factions also in BN who wish to see PRS drowned in the waters of Batang Ai Hydro..

    And sure there will many middle-men who hold back the “money” and they can buy new cars, tvs and so on after the election. During the past elections, these men show up the brand new RM20 and RM5 notes which were found missing-in-action during the last moment of campaign…Ha..Ha…pandai pandai lah dengan perluang rezeki hujan duit dari langit biru

  6. Sure Baginda and team have reasons to believe BN is worried, especially for PRS. His teams have long been scouting the area in their field works. Keep up your effort,PKR Men!

    If Baginda provide me his mobile number, I will buy him a lunch/dinner in small Los Angeles of Batang Ai, L.A

  7. SKY, the former DAP member of parliament for Bandar Kuching for three terms, was very wise to predict an uphill battle for PKR in its first foray to capture the hearts of the Dayaks in the coming Batang Ai by-election. His scepticism does not necessarily be negative and will be a positive inspiration to PKR to be thorough in their election preparations and for its candidate to be meticulous and hard very hard like there is no tomorrow!

    I fuly agree with Baginda that the ground sentiments do not reflect SKY assessment. In fact SKY also predicted during the last state election held in 2006 that the opposition if ever they could win would probably win only one state seat. He had underestimated the political wills of urban voters then. SKY sceptism wil indeed fire up the Dayaks throughout Sarawak more to prove him wrong once again and we shall have a new government in Sarawak and we shall bury BN Sarawak and UMNO hegemony for a long long time.

  8. BN,particularly in Sarawak are always very confident when it comes to fight a amall opposition party,especially when they know that PKR is a new party adopted by the Dayaks in Sarawak.This is gopng to be a litmus test for both sides. No matter whatever the outcome will be, for the Dayaks, it will be a history in the making.

    Yes indeed, BN has a track record, especially in Lubok Antu, land development had created a large number of Dayak enterpreneurs, and major players in SCORE , had created a large number of high ranking Dayak officers in the CIVIL SERVICE,
    created the largest number of Dayak millionai

  9. When Nicholas Bawin, a Sarawak PKR Dayak leader was asked whether he could name any Dayak leader whom he thinks is sincerely looking after the interests of the community in the state, he paused for a moment and declared “None”.

    “I dared claims that I am the one , and only one” lamented Bawin.

    Its short on saying even Adit and Jawah are also not sincere.

    Gorgeous you believe that? Very soon the residents of Batang Ai will be feeling on cloud 9 after being represented by an Angle.

  10. i would like 2 remain rumah dayak, are you pure dayak? if u gentelement enough u must support PKR not 2 surport BN. maybe u r one of kaki ampu n kaki duit.menjual maruah bangsa dayak.better u think wisely my people of Lubuk Antu keep on vote for PKR.Syabas Baginda.teruskan perjuangan bangsa Dayak.kasih ka bangsa kitai.tanya sida ka tuai2 sida ka biak berapa iko bangsa kitai megai pengawa ka tinggi ba state govement engau federal goverment.bangsa sapa ka paling maioh megai pangkat tinggi ba perintah?majority bangsa kitai nyadi kuli ba menoa org.nama sida Jabu beli agi buta nadai meda bangsa ia empu dikemeli ka Taib? Jabu nya penipu besai bangsa kitai iban.Jabu ka ngaya ka ia Betong pan agi bisi rumah panjai ka nadai ai paip ka bersi.agi bisi ka bedau datai api.hopefully rakyat Lubuk Antu semua ngundi PKR.anang ketegal di beri BN duit Rm5.00 kitai ngundi BN.nya meh maruah bangsa kitai iban Rm5.00 dalam masa “5 TAHUN”ENTI KITAI NGUNDI BN.

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