Baginda Minda-Why BN RUNNING Scared.??


Why was Baginda Minda (former PRS Information Chief of Baleh)so upbeat eventhough it was just a phone call to audie61 at 2015 pm this evening? He said our PKR candidate will give BN a run for their money? No matter what BN is ‘really shivering” eventhough the 3 by elections are on the same date. Really..!!!

Was it the Malaysiakini article which appeared headlined”All BN needs is Rm4 million to bag Batang Ai.? Or was it the article in the local tabloids on Batang Sadong MP & PBB Wanita secretary Nancy Shukri in which she mentioned that Sarawakians to disallow “outsiders” (read West Malaysians, especially PKR people) into the state to prevent them from sowing the seeds of disunity.

Beginda said that eventhough the Malaysiakini article by SKY does paint a gloomy picture for PKR but in reality the SENTIMENTS OF THE PEOPLE are with PKR ,no matter what BN will do. NOW its TAKE FROM BN mark X on for PKR .WE have been drumming this to the people in our rural drive. Nothing should be underestimated says,Beginda.

But we said SKY begs to differ as he said that money turns the whole ball game round. This extract from Malaysiakini from the former MP,”In a small constituency like Batang Ai, all you have to do is to dish out RM4 million, buy up 4,000 votes at RM1,000 a piece, and you have already won.

Beginda sounded confident as he said no matter what the hoo-hahs the BN Sarawak try to do the damage has already been done. I have given my interview in Malaysiakini TV and you only need to recall what I said.

He even said that he will give undivided support to Nicholas Bawin as the PKR  Candidate for N29 Batang Ai byelections. We asked what about Jawah Gerang as the candidate? Jawah has served as MP in this area and now should give all his support to secure this seat for PKR.

There is also no basis of infighting as what many rumours has been circulating. Our fight is for PKR and against BN that’s all. IT”S ABSOLUTELY CLEAR..!!! DO I NEED TO SAY MORE..?? Beginda added before he finished this telephone interview.

We say as always,”Baginda has sharpen his knives at BN but an ardent BN senior analysts with a political party said it will be hell of a battle to retain the seat. RETAIN  WE WILL.and WE ARE NOT SCARED…!!

PKR Underdog for Batang Ai..??

It’s simple,”You reap what you sow” Whoever works hard and has reached out to the voters will have more than 85% chance of wooing their votes. The 15% window of opportunity will very much depend on the change of allegiance to that party symbol or the coalition it represents.

Malaysiakini in its earlier posting states that PRS pledges”honest campaigning” Today we were on a whirlwind tour together with some press boys in Lubok Antu town itself.

One of the journalists uttered,” PKR will indeed be an UNDERDOG to face the might of BN-PRS.”  Thats no too doubts about it and if this was an election trial by the mass media personnels PRS has already secured a win of some sorts. Could it be so simple.? Surely,PKR has a fighting chance.

One of the local voting residents when interviewed said,”It’s an interesting tussle but we know that the sentiments of the people has changed greatly and PKR or PRS candidate will have to be accepted by the people not by the leaders.  The constituents are the voters and it is only them that can mark the X he concluded.

Meanwhile we gathered that the people are eagerly awaiting the big boys of BN and Pakatan to make their way here and flood the town. Business will thrive and many businessman are stocking up the bottled mineral water,canned, plastic drinks ,titbits and local delicacies. Of course,election time is like a mini celebration to mosts towns in Sarawak let alone this little town in the interior and remote area of Sarawak.

Issues its a plenty says a dayak voter. The sentiments have changed and we are tired of promises. We wondered what he meant and he just said you will see it in the POLLING RESULT. Is he a BN or Opposition voter..Good question..??

There are a lot of interesting issues to be highlighted in N29 Batang Ai and it is up to BN or the opposition to address them. From our field trip on the ground and with a nod on the head from the press boys,’It’s the candidate that needs to win and woo the votes to him/her. 

PKR might be an underdog now with the limited resources at its disposal but it’s only the results that matters at the end of the day. One of the press boys said he received an sms which does make sense ,”Bolasepak ada 90 minutes dan tambahan masa..Sama2 dengan Batang Ai.Belum Tahu.Siapa Menang..!!” We do not need to know who its from but its obviously debatable and open for opinions. 

In the latest posting from Malaysiakini by SKY former MP 1982-1996  he talks about the hospitality of the Ibans but he did mention one thing,”On paper, the chance of an opposition victory looks quite remote.  That is partly why the Sarawak BN feels and looks so confident.” Obviously this is just an extract which fits in nicely with what we are writing after our gruelling field trip. Just a day trip.!! ADOoo Ai..!!

We say as always,” It’s not over till the FAT LADYsings and both parties will have their work cut out in N29 Batang Ai. I campaigned for 3 weeks with the late Datuk Dublin in 1991 in this remote constituency and if my memory serves me right he said to me the night before polling,” We have a CHANCE”