Basic Issues..Oooh Ai.!! Awaiting PKR and PRS in Batang Ai..??

The 8006 voters in Batang Ai N29 from now till April 7th will have a full lists of what they want.It is anticipated that their wakil rakyat or political parties concerned will be given a brown envelope from the JKKK’s or the Tuai Rumahs of the basic needs and requirements.

Will they all be entertained..? Surely,the requests will all be replied according to the needs specified and handed accordingly over to the agencies concerned.  

From the experiences,I remember on our ceramahs with a State Assistant Minister for the PRS candidate in the State elections and the GE2008 the number of envelopes we received was of course more than two hands full. The usual requests were water supply,roads,bridges,electricity supply and also some educational help. 

This remote rural constituency of N29 will not be an exception. We know that the ruling government has been extending the necessary assistance and help to mosts of the constituents within the vicinity of Batang Ai.

Malaysiakini internet portal carried an article which says that they will be a straight fight between the 2 main parties concerned i.e.PKR and PRS.

It seems in this extracted version in Malaysiakini it states,”Snap president Edwin Dundang has gone on record as saying that unless the party can field a suitable candidate, this campaign would be left to PKR.

Dundang and his deputy Stanley Jugol are known to have forged close ties with PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and other top PKR leaders. They have told colleagues in private that it will be difficult for Snap to identify a suitable candidate.

PRS candidate has already being submitted to the CM and the PM for consideration and Datuk James Masing(PRS President) have the name underwraps. 

The candidate in question will be ready to face the electorate and it is a known fact that the opposition will play up amongst the most pressing issue which involves the land.(NCR) Besides that we will leave it out for the candidates and their respective electionary campaign team to answer the issues correctly and woo the votes over.

The rural constituents will not want to know so much of the national issues but importantly local issues which will be of great concerne to them. I am not about to the CAT OUT OF THE BAG YET .It’s the voters who will benefit and they will listen to the ceramahs,put their requests in paper and in a BROWN envelope.

Funny though,but our local folks are all highly polite and good mannered when it comes to such protocol. It musts be the well trained mannerisms which our forefathers have handed down to us through the generations.   

Anwar would do well to know that PKR will have to convince the locals on why they should be associated with a Peninsula party and not a Local based Sarawak party. In this Malaysiakini extract  he mentioned,” Many Sarawakians are already familiar with our (party) policy and struggle towards the Dayak people over there.  

We say as always,” Seems that this is also an issue which will be exploited to the fullest.They say both can play similar kinds of politics. However,the voters will know what are the issues which they hold close to their chests and will unleash it at the RIGHT TIME..Oooooh Ai..!!  

3 B’s all on 407..Timely..??

This Malaysiakini article says it all ,”The Election Commission today fixed April 7 for the Batang Ai state seat by-election – the same date as the Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau by-elections in Perak and Kedah respectively.”

Do wee need to elaborate further.? However, you put it there will be differences in opinion. Just received an sms stating from a political analysts who said to me that he is going down to Batang Ai together with some BN boys to evaluate the situation.

It is known to the BN stategists that from the other side of the camp meaning PKR it is known that the candidate to be has been working on the ground for the past 9 months. 

BN has always been working on the ground but as they say like an artist,”It’s the final touchup before the presentation.” There should not be any letups or finger pointing when the battle begins says the BN boys to Natasha of audie61.

Meanwhile, the emeritus professor told Natasha that this is what he reads,” There will be anticipation and renewed vigour that if the results favour BN the next Sarawak state elections will be held simultaneously with the General Elections. Could this be the surprise element to attack PKR form all angles..?  

In another statement which appeared in Malaysiakini EC chairperson Abdul Aziz said that the EC is confident of handling all three by-elections at the same time.

We say as always,” Like they say in the Olympics,”Let the Games begin” and we say Let all political boys and parties concerned start their engines for the BATTLES ahead.