BN N29 PRS Candidate Unveiled..??

A personnel with an established Banking institution dealing in recovery of funds called out to me and said,” Could he be my friend..?” I was trying to push the persistent questioning away.” 

Speculations were aplenty and the BN names on everyones lips were the two N’s  Nelson Mujah Lubok Antu District officer and Nelson Naga Alam the private secretary to the late YB Dublin Unting.

The bank officer said to me its an M and the person in question is Malcolm Muksin ak.Penghulu Lamuh. Then a flurry of sms’s came in and I had to reconfirm with a PRS supreme council member. He said,”Its not a secret anymore and he is our PRS candidate”

The BN candidate according to the sms is a 50 year old mechanical engineer by profession and now is a State Assistant Director with the Agricultural department.  It seems that this candidate is widely accepted by all within the party and coalition partners and this has really given the edge towards BN.

According to a political insider BN PRS is going with the proverb”Early Bird catches the worm”.Wonder whether PKR has made their minds up on their candidate…? Could it be Eeeezam..? Has he joined back to PKR? Just kidding..

We say as always,” Over to you now PKR as the BN candidate is now out in the open.

Sarawak Newspapers exceeded Expectations in Monthly Sales

What makes newspapers sell..? The marketing and advertising boys within the newspaper circles knows what they need to do to achieve the targetted readership.

In Sarawak the hot item which Sells is “NEWS OF THE N29 BATANG AI BY-ELECTIONS.”… Perak is history to most Sarawak readers and when it drags on far too long with a twists especially on laws and constitution the readers will certainly just flip through the  newspaper pages.

Correct me if I’m wrong ,as I am only talking about the Sarawak newspaper addicts. Some just cannot get on with their day if they have not touched or smelt the chemicals which emits from the tabloids. Even better some cannot even go to ‘Toilet without it“… It reminds me of the advert,”Don’t leave home without it.” hmmm..

So the last few days in Sarawak has been one of just ,” Who are the CANDIDATES?” Names of course were thrown in but in all reality the names of the candidates have already been shortlisted and scrutinised by both PKR and PRS parties concerned.

It’s only a matter of time when we will announce the candidates says the inside sources from both parties. As for SNAP they are saying they will also join in the fray but only if a suitable candidate is agreed upon.

Tomorrow the  Election Commission will announce the dates of the nomination and polling for the seat of N29 Batang Ai. Will your newspaper at your doorsteps be removed as they seems to be of short supply lately. The demand is huge as Batang Ai news sells like HOT CAKES.

I received and sms from Sin Chew Daily journalists requesting for assistance in going to Batang Ai for some early scoops and coverage from the constituency. The PRS SG Wilfred Nissom was only too pleased to assist them and they were indeed very happy and thankful for our PRS help. 

Newspaper journalists will have Full coverage on Batang Ai in the next couple of days and so we presume so will Malaysiakini,Malaysiatoday and other internet blogs.  The newspaper sales are “peaking the scales” everyday and WHY NOT..? 

So,lets get on the bandwagon and whip out the interesting political articles,gossips and mosts of all the theories and speculations on WHO WILL WIN N29..???

We say as always,” It’s a tough one but smart money as they say in the bookie world and markets has BN-PRS with a good headstart.Dare to disagree..??