“Trust Tun M…Makes sense..witty..!!”

When Tun M’s latest  article first appeared in the internet portal we down loaded and also printed a few copies. One of the notable remarks especially this from a former District officer,” Tun M is really worried that Najib is not cut out to be the PM and he has too many skeletons to coverup and he is also falling on bended knees to PM Abdullah.

Could this just be  a perfect foil by Abdullah on Najib.? Also as long as he doesn’t attack PKR thats good enough for me says the former D.O.  

The wittyness shown by Grand Old man of Malaysian politics  especially in the Perak affair must have made many political analysts squirming with excitement and punching the air in delight,”Yea,that’s it .”

 Even a political secretary said,”Tun M is expecting some fireworks coming and he unleashes another salvo to tell Abdullah not to forget to look over his shoulders that he(Tun M) is still around.He is watching and will not let his guard down on his attacks at Abdullah.

This is from his latest blog which the internet portal extracted,”Dr Mahathir poured scorn on PM Abdullah’s suggestion for Zambry to lodge a police report against Speaker V Sivakumar over the suspension of the Perak MB and his entire state executive council.

“If the decision of the Speaker can be considered a crime, then what will happen when the Parliamentary Speaker suspends opposition members for whatever reasons?

“And this happens frequently. Will opposition members lodge police reports? If they can, then can we consider the police to have powers over the Parliamentary Speaker?”

The former PM also commented on Zambry’s statement that he would attend the state assembly sitting despite the suspension.He said that under the legislature’s standing orders, the Speaker can direct officers of the assembly to remove Zambry.

“Also, where will Zambry sit? What if Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin sits in the mentri besar’s chair? Will the Speaker ask his officers to force Nizar to vacate the chair?“Let us all as citizens watch what happens next.”

We say as always,”In his little corner of his room Tun M must be rubbing his hands together for saying the RIGHT THING which many agree with him for ONCE.Or is it..? Usually one would say,enough Tun you had your DAY but today none of those words were heard and uttered. 


5 thoughts on ““Trust Tun M…Makes sense..witty..!!”

  1. zainuddin says:

    Tun M during his regime he is so politically astute that he saw many things coming before it happens. Najib is jumping too fast and that could be his downfall. Could Tun M be behind all this?

  2. aca says:

    freaking hell, the police spent hours interrograting sivakumar. he is also being asked to present himself in another police station.
    you think they care about opinions?

  3. sabahan says:

    He initiated the way down for the PBS government and he must be respected . Abdullah though a a good PM in his own ways is no match for Tun’s methods.

  4. Johanir says:

    This old fox knows how to speak out at the right time the right opportunity. He must have been waiting excitingly to see if April 1st handing over is true.But, Pak Lah is not giving it all up easiliy, for sure, for all those hurts Najib has made him. Continue to watch Umno intensive in-fighting soon

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