Hot..”N29 Batang Ai By-Elections..Majority Only 806..??”


Even before the funeral arrangements of Datuk Dublin Unting have been finalised word has it on the ground in Sarawak that PKR is already looking at this seat with enthusiasm. Could it be called also on April 7th with nomination on March 29th.?

The phones and sms has been very hot this morning upon hearing the demise of  Sarawak Assistant Minister for Sports and Agriculture Dublin Unting at 1.26am.

In the last state elections the late Dublin Unting polled 3,295 votes against Bawin’s 2,489, with a majority of 806. Today Nicholas Bawin the party’s state vice-chairperson will be the most likely candidate for PKR according to our informed sources if the EC decides to call for a by-elections.

A former PRS Vice President (aligned to Larry Sng) mentioned that it will be a real tests for BN (Parti Rakyat Sarawak ) as it will not only be a fight between Pakatan-BN but also it will see the battle of the old wounds within the PRS camps.

Many of those aligned to YB Larry Sng has since joined PKR and they will present a big obstacle and a seemingly unwanted headache to BN PRS. The majority is only a slim 806 but one has to understand that the constituency has only a total of 7997 voters. Both sides of the political divide will have to work extra hard to impress upon the majority Iban voters of this remote rural constituency N29. 

This extracted from Malaysiakini internet portal which will give a clearer picture on where the Election Commission stands. As the next state election will not be due until May 2011, the Election Commission could be calling a by-election in the next 60 days in Batang Air.

Under the election laws, the EC may leave the seat vacant should a state election is due within 18 months. But in the case of Batang Air, it will be more than two years before the current term of the state assembly expires.

Many political analysts sees this seat as a yardstick on whether the PKR or Pakatan machinery and influx in membership drive has created inroads for the coalition. 

What is important is to see whether the SARAWAK STATE DAP will be in numbers to assist their coalition partners..? Will they be there? It remains to be seen as the clouds are still GREY in this area of cooperation and partnership.

BN will surely called upon PBB,SUPP and SPDP to assist in the impending by elections of N29.

We say as always,” The numbers which attended PKR dinners statewide cannot be a gauge of what is coming in N29 Batang Ai. PKR will need to work doubly hard to wrestle this seat from BN. Nothing is impossible but for BN everything boils down to the candidate PRS  puts up

15 thoughts on “Hot..”N29 Batang Ai By-Elections..Majority Only 806..??”

  1. BN-Man says:

    BN Sarawak will favour same date as the Bukits in S’jong so that Anwar and gangs are tied up
    With our money, we will win again though may be just 7 votes majority
    Grants of projects are on the preparation, no worry, there will be heavy rain and thunder and most likely RM30 will be increased to RM200/300>500>100. All are possible. Good luck Batang Ai voters and families

  2. nembiak says:

    dayak baru /young dayak will do the best…how to protect their legal right from robbed by bn.

    no to bn !!!! but vote for PR.

  3. kplee says:

    Vote for PKR. Throw BN out completely of Sarawak. They have already plundered your wealth, rights and land for years.
    Now its the apportunity for Sarawakians to rise.
    Vote PKR!!!

  4. kittykat46 says:

    My condolences to the family of the late Dublin Unting.

    The political temperature in Sarawak is bound to go up. The seat is far in the interior, right on the Indonesian border, and I was surprised by how thin the BN winning margin was. This is not going to be an easy win for BN.

  5. LA voters says:

    If PKR insist on picking N. Bawin as its candidate he is going to loss. For 4 consecative elections the voters there had rejected him.

  6. Mata Kuching says:

    I feel PKR should be given full support by DAP to nominate a candidate. I will for sure encourage many of my DAP and PKR friends and supporters of the two parties to volunteer to campaign for PKR candidate.

    Taib on the other hand and knowing him too well ,will not trust any PRS candidate compeletely, will nominate an independent candidate too.PKR in its political wisdom should not make Nicholas Bawin an automatic choice and should deliberate on the party candidacy and getting feedbacks from the ground as this will be the first important mission for PKR and PR in preparing and laying the ground work to capture Sarawak to be the next state government.

  7. eagle says:

    GOD is giving the opportunity for my fellow brothers, sisters and families in Batang Ai.
    Time to send a strong message that ketuanan rakyat is supreme.
    Just do it my Sarawakian friends, vote for PAKATAN and kick BN out of Sarawak.
    Prayer from Semenanjung, wishing that people in Batang Ai will have the strength to kick BN out.

  8. ntbn says:

    Doesnt matter who the candidate, as long as he is a professional and under PKR ticket. We bidayuh/ chinese/ malay/ melanau/ kayan/ kenyah/ kelabit is putting high hope and will support the Iban all the way.
    Time to change now, a life time opportunity not to be miss and PKR will win. PKR must win by not less than 1000 majority.
    Give Taib a sleepless night from 70 days from now onwards.

  9. Edwin says:

    I do not know much about Sarawak. But I can tell you about Selangor. Those day I pay water bill at approximately RM30.00. Now with Pakatan Rakyat, I only pay less than RM20.00. Maybe RM10.00 is not much to people in Sarawak. At least it help those who are in need of money.
    The town are more cleaner then before. Previous a lot of rubbish everywhere around the town that I live. Now it is clean and healthy.
    Those day the electricity every month sure to breakdown. Even the street light the bulb will blown frequently. Now we can air-cond throughout the night with electricity breakdown. Also the street is bright.
    I take public transport to work in the early morning at 5.30am. Those day the bus stop is dark and afraid of robbery. Now the bus stop is bright with street light.

  10. uchu rentap says:

    actually Datuk Dublin Unting is a great man.very nice person.but his cronies is very very very bad.conquer all project…unpolite to the voters.sombong.his cronies is only want money from him.since he was ill there is no one visited him at normah hospital cause worried to do donation due to his bill was very high.what a silly person they was!!where is canselor?

  11. uchu rentap says:

    money$money$money…who pay highier will win is’nt it?

    i’m sure new SPRM(surunjaya pencegahan rasuah malaysia)
    can handle it…who knows?

  12. Edwin says:

    Correction on my writing today at 8:55pm,
    Now we can switch on air-cond throughout the night WITHOUT electricity breakdown.
    wrongly type early should be without, instead of with).

  13. Rakyat Lubok Antu says:

    Doubtlessly, many admit the Late YB Datuk Dublin was a nice and friendly person in his political and personal life right from his school time, to the days of Agriculture Office in Lubok Antu till his participation in politician. When meeting people, YB will first greet you regardless of what poltical party you belong to. No man is perfect and we all carry sin and unrighteouness, but sure he carried less there I believe he will be judged by HIM (on high) with plentiful loving kindness, forgiving and blessing

    Very true as some above commented, very little his political friends and colleagues care about him in illness but more of his own relatives and friends

    His demise is a great loss to BN-PKR in N29, and may be end road for PRS in that area both with the possibility of loosing the seat to PKR or to PBB. But we all remember YB Unting Ingkot for all his very good

  14. revivaDodo says:

    New hopes to all my Sarawakian people. Dayak or non Dayak, young or old, we should reunited in one. Fight for your own rights. Fight for the sake of our next generations. Please think for the future, not for today only. Dont be that easy influence by BN,T & J, whose mind are full with corruptism and gengsterism (as what Nik Aziz says..)

    Time for us to act faster and no time to wait anymore..

    “Condolence to Datuk Dublin’s family. We pray, may he rest in peace..”

  15. Angelfire says:

    To those who commented on the late Datuk Dublin’s friends and relatives.. all I can say, not all of his friends and relatives neglected him. If you want to know more, just ask the nurses in Normah Medical Centre, who were in Normah, spending weekends and sleeping in the ICU with Datuk? Almost every weekend travelled from Pusa to Kuching! Datuk’s sister was with him till she herself was advised by the doctor to go back and take medical treatment. His sister is the one that grieving for his dealth. His nieces and nephews are the one who still crying for their lost.

    No doubt there are some relatives who is just care for his money and power and misuse his name, especially one particular person that not worth to be mentioned. Let me assure that this person is not that close relative.

    For those from Peninsular malaysia, just leave us ( sarawakian)alone. You don’t know and understand we Sarawakian. Some can’t even differentiate Sabah and Sarawak.. improve your geography before making any comments.

    Datuk Dublin is a nice man, hardworking person. He joined politic for the betterment of Iban people. He knew and understood the struggle of Ibans and all those poor people. He came from a poor family himself which can’t even afford to send him to school. He struggle and work hard to be what he is now. I regret that he has to go at this point of time of his career.

    I am confident that Datuk Dublin is in good place with God Almighty. He accepted Jesus Christ before he left us. So, let’s pray for his soul and may he rest in peace. He has suffered enough when he is alive.

    Sarawak lost a good politician but that can be replaced. The family lost a husband, father and an uncle – no one can replace and take his place. Dear Jesus, bless those who said bad and good things about Datuk Dublin.

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