Perak Chronicles 5…SNAP POLLS..??

In yesterdays article we ended by saying as always,’As my gut feeling says,”Lets just end this and go to the Polls” One way or another its not fair for the people of Perak.

How ironic..? Today Ngeh Khoo Ham the DAP Perak Chief as per this Malaysiakini report,”calls for a snap elections to resolve the current political crisis or risk seeing the state suffer further.” Our Perak Chronicles is now going into its 5th episode…”FRESH POLLS

We know a thing or two on the constitution and both sides can twists it round with their own interpretations and have an advantage over the other. As we extract the following from this Malaysiakini article Ngeh points out that ,”the federal and state constitutions determine the powers and the roles of the speaker, the rights and privileges committee and the state legislative assembly.

“The decision of the speaker and the privileges committee was based on the legal and constitutional provisions and therefore must be respected,” he told Malaysiakini.”We see now how the constitution protects us from any party who grabs power unconstitutionally, illegally and undemocratically,” he added further.

We say as always,”Will there be any possibility of BN and Pakatan  going  to the POLLS..??  There is a  BIG QUESTION MARK for Investors to ACTIVELY participate in the economic activities in the State if  this crisis is ongoing.Have your say and Perak Chronicles 6 is not far from the Horizon.. 

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15 thoughts on “Perak Chronicles 5…SNAP POLLS..??

  1. sabahan says:

    DIRTY TACTICS AND UNSCRUPULOUS WAYS CANNOT WORK ANYMORE. 20 years ago maybe but now the people are linked by sms’s and cyberblogs. Perak should go for the Polls. A SNAP Perak polls or the issues will drag until god knows.!

  2. Anti-Corruption says:

    NO, NO, NO fresh election please
    We BN are so scared of loosing more faces and at this particular time of ” A New-Premier-To-Be-Made”, we BN cannot spare more chances to lost more seats. We BN now is like a wrecking boat, holed here and there, carrying loads of corruption and accusations, yet riding a rough weather in this political tsunami. We have made the country a laughing-stock in the world, we are very sorry for that embarrassment.
    Please do not call for a frest state election, we know well we will not win, and people have deserted us like garbage

  3. BayWatch3 says:

    On one side we have the laws to comply with, on the other we have the Sultan to respect to, so which is which?

    The HRH Sultan sure will not shield you BN for ever and ever because he will know that you BN & Umno is the side continue to create unrest and disorder in the state and the country

    BN-Umno, we challenge you to a fresh poll if you say the Perakians welcome you be the government, Dare Not??? Then you can shower billions of our hard-earned Ringgit to buy votes and let us see it works again. KT has told you the truth!!

  4. CCTVCC says:

    Perak-PR men and women, remind you have full clothing on every now and then, otherwise we may recieve SMS photos of your beautiful bodies

    Now, what ever crooks and hooks could be deployed in order to destroy you. And for safety reasons, please carry pin-hole-camera-detector when you lodge in hotels or even public toilets. BN crooks everywhere now, mind you.

  5. Rakyat Demokrasi says:

    Kitai pilih perintah tau ke Governor/Sultan milih perintah. Enti nya hak kitai milih perintah, sah lah Perak bepilih baru awa ke nemu sapa ti di rindu bala rakyat

    Kita rindu Demokerasi ukai selalu demonstrasi…

  6. 1288 says:

    Abdullah Tidurlah,….tolong dissolve the parliament assembly let the rakyat buat keputusan untuk pilih Anwar or Najis. Tolong jangan tidur kali ini.Let return the mandate to the rakyat.This is your last tidur selamanya. Tidur dengan mata openlah.Buat sesatu untuk rakyat…..

  7. zztop says:

    We have to let our sleepy, flipflop and lame duck guy continue to do what he is good at. “Sleeping on the job”.
    If he suddenly wake up, he may create more mess for the rakyat and country. Just let him SIP(Sleep in peace).
    Meanwhile,we must rememmber that 3 famous greedy froggies. Make sure they have no peace after getting their $$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!
    Especially not forgetting that handicap female political traitor in Perak. Last heard that she was staying at a hotel in Ipoh. She may be thinking as time goes on, the rakyat will forget about her.
    No way, man. Perakians are ever ready to give her hell if she ever emerge from hiding. We will not forget, be it 10, 20 or 30 years from now.
    Hehehe, just watch your front, back top and also bottom.

  8. aca says:

    ha2, chicken is chicken.

    why so scare for by-election? coz its bye-bye election.

    ooi, you now ruling govt mah. still scare ah? coz you smell people not with you corrutps and cheats?

  9. Prime Mongolia says:

    BN-UMNO-Perak,Sleepy Pak Lah & Agression Najis, will not dare to face a fresh poll. They know well they will lost more heavily, that is why they are “bacu” now!!!

    Go head making more polis reports and MACC complaints and use the HRH as your shield or whatever crooks & hooks you can think of. The fact is people are no more behind you, believe or not? DO YOU DARE A FRESH POLL IN PERAK, NAJIS?

    The deeper fall of BN ahead is for sure as a theory of “Cause & Effect” tells.

  10. zztop says:

    As one commentator said of our sleepy, flipflop and lame dog bum:-
    “This is truly hypocrisy of the highest order. When the Sultan of Terengganu decided to appoint an MB of his choice, this very man said it was unconstitutional. And if this is not enough, Umno members went on a demonstration and called the sultan names.

    What I would like to know is, and so do many Malaysians, which part of the Terengganu constitution does it state that it is wrong for the Sultan to appoint an MB?

    Come on, prime minister, you can’t have it both ways. When a ruling is made against Umno by the royalty, you guys label the sultan with all sorts of names. But when it comes to the opposition, you change you song entirely and try to act pro-royalty which you all are not.

    You can fool some people some of the time, but certainly, you cannot fool all the people all the time.”
    Another hypocritical episode is this bum big huha on the current Middle East issue. Yet he kept mum on the plight of the poor innocent Sri Lanka tamils civilians who have been killed in the battle. Never have we learn we have such a hypocrite who is a PM.
    Shame and disgraceful to Bolehland.

  11. jojoASAP says:

    huh… i can tell you that if perak going for next poll BN wil LOST. it was so …. bad work by BN component party to just take over like that . what about perak people feeling toward this? this is another disaster for Najib and his crony. i surpport PAKATAN RAKYAT. stand firm and make sure you guys do your extra work after this should you manage to win back the state exco. all the best WE WANT CHANCE NOT THE BN FOLLOWER ANYMORE

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