“Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish in Perak..??”

 Hee Yit Foong we are so sorry.It seems no matter what words are used to comfort the people if any from BN then they have failed. You cannot blame BN though But you yourself.

In this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/98276 it is very clear that ChenFook Chye Keranji ADUN , who was previously close to Hee, poured scorn on his former friend, going as far as to call her “rubbish“. He added that instead of admitting her wrong move in defecting, Hee had tried to blame the state party leadership for her move .

What else can we say but only to post this extracted Malaysiakini article for the Voters/people to make their own judgement. We also think they have vented enough anger and this is also a “BLESSING” which Pakatan should be mature enough to take it as a LESSON IN DISGUISE. One thing,never underestimate or undermine or BRUSH anything under the carpet. Look at all matters seriously and ‘Rubbish” must be discarded with caution.

The Malaysiakini extracts,” Arguably the most hated woman in Malaysia at the moment, Hee Yit Foong was again the main target of public resentment. This time at a ceramah in her constituency of Jelapang on Thursday night. The 1600-strong crowd at Pakatan Rakyat’s 11th ceramah addressing the Perak political crisis responded emotionally when Pakatan leaders criticised Hee for her defection.

When ousted exco Nga Kor Ming asked the crowd whether they thought Hee should resign, almost every one in attendance raised their hands to say yes.

Nga and ousted Perak Menteri Besar Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin also apologised to the crowds for Hee’s defection.

The ceramah is widely seen as a strategy by DAP to whip up public sentiment against Hee after she claimed that she quit the party because she was marginalised.

Judging from the crowds’ response and the RM4,106 in donations collected during the ceramah, it seems the strategy paid off.

Although police have banned political ceramah in the state, Pakatan had managed to obtain a permit for the ceramah in Jelapang on Thursday night.

Chee: She is ‘rubbish’Among the DAP assemblypersons invited to speak were Keranji assemblyperson Chen Fook Chye and Buntong assemblyperson A Sivasubramaniam.


Chen, who was previously close to Hee, poured scorn on his former friend, going as far as to call her “rubbish”. He added that instead of admitting her wrong move in defecting, Hee had tried to blame the state party leadership for her move.Chen ended his fiery speech by shouting, “I want to kick this rubbish away!”, prompting the crowd to join him in blasting Hee.

The final speaker of the night, Nizar, stressed that he was still the menteri besar and slammed Barisan Nasional for using “dirty tricks” to topple the Pakatan-led state government.

He also urged voters to vote against BN in the upcoming Bukit Gantang by-election to send a message of no-confidence to the new government.

Thursday’s ceramah is a clear indication that instead of abating with time, public anger and resentment for Hee is only increasing and judging from the crowd response, it would be safe to say that the BN-friendly independent should stay well away from her constituency, indeed Perak, for some time to come.

We say as always,” Pen your thoughts,unleash your political opinions  in the comments column”

Have a Great weekend..!! 

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21 thoughts on ““Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish in Perak..??”

  1. Bluekinetic says:

    what does that tell you? hee? If you still done’t know then i wonder how you can become a good ADUN.

    msg is your rakyat has abandon you and if you still have integrity, pls resign gracefully. Otherwise, you are just a woman greed with power.

  2. hawk says:

    Hee has got her millions. Might as well migrate to Taiwan or Australia and starts a new life there given the hatred and comtempt the jelapang people has towards her.

    There is nothing more to look forward. Her seats have been declared vacant. To prevent another stalement, Hee is advised to write another letter to both Speaker and that Umno EC informing that she is indeed vacating her seat voluntarily.

    Go and settle in Australia with her RM15million or whatever amount Najib paid to her.

  3. jinyong says:

    Namesake already Hee. now worse becoming hehehe laughing stock of people in Malaysia. Double crosser and not worth a cent. Go and Migrate lah!!

  4. sabahan says:

    Dun wori Hee? You are not alone..They are many in Sabah who also KATAKS. You must be the QUEEN Katak from DAP. So what next? Speaker kah!! You believe BN will give to you.hahahaheheheeeeeeeeeee

  5. Kamaruddin B says:

    DAP also to blame. Did not look and listen to her interests? BN did and we give her what she wants..The rests Pakatan fell direct into the trap. Brilliant..haha

  6. chong kee says:

    BN what are you saying you dont know what happen ? You destroy Hee and now you want to pick fight with DAP..Kamaruddin stay in your BN comfort zone and dont talk too much. Wait for GE13 and you will know.

  7. zztop says:

    As I have said, she is the first ever female political traitor in Bolehland. Should be in our Bolehland Guiness Book Of Records.
    Last heard was that she was in Singapore. Probably counting her $$$$$$$$$$$$$!!! When this traitor comes back, the Perakians must make sure to give her the most “unforgettable” welcome ever.
    Even if she migrate to wherever, Perakians must make sure she pays for her greed, selfish and unethical ways in her new place. Never ever let her have peace of mind.
    Rakyat must now work hard and hand in hand to let the rakyat know of BN immoralities and misdeeds in the next two and probably three by elections campaign.
    Make sure PKR wins and wins BIG.
    Long live PKR!!!!!

  8. Hee Yit Fong's Voters says:

    Hee YF, hee hee heee…
    She deserves “Woman-of-the Year 2009”
    She said she was sick and had to “off” handphone..
    She said she was deserting PR-DAP, but then???

    Good woman, if not of DAP and by DAP, who does she think she would be today…Now what? BJ for Najib?? Really feel like spitting on her face on behalf of her ex-friends and ex-relatives!!! More than a KB

  9. aca says:

    ha2, hee aint gonna get his camry coz BN decided to revert to Perdanas in the name of national pride.

    hee, prostitute of jelapang, God works in mysterious ways. Go away, Perak doesnt need a prostitue like you. go sell your body to Najib and his gang but never to return to the silver state again.

  10. lslt0911 says:

    No words can describe her.

    God must have regretted that not totally crippling her with Polio and let her run lose and create so much damage and betray fellow man kind.

  11. Hee Association says:

    Yit Fong, we advice you change your surname because we feel shamed to have you belonging to big HEE family..

    Think of a better name, may be Chicken Shit Fong is better…

  12. aca says:

    hee has good company now by the name TAIB. Both are equally corrupt with zilch morals.

    this oldman is even scare of his own shadow now. he is now barring all the top shots from PKR to even step foot in Sarawak. This is surely sign of a decadent regime which is about to fail and close shop. Taib, better go to Hong Kong to count your money. Hug your money tight and take it down with you to the grave. Whats next Taib? More corrupt moves?

  13. hostage88 says:

    From the blogsphere, it seems DAP Perak is at fault.

    From reading WHL Blog, it seems Sarawak DAP admire Perak DAP’s.

    If that is the case than we may see a dangerous trend in DAP Sarawak and the contagious frog disease will spread and infilterate DAP Sarawak.

  14. Clinic-of-the-Corrupt says:

    Now PKR top guns barred Sarawak entry..may be more or all because some one get scared feeling disturbed..

    So, Sarawak is a safe haven,and welcome Y.B. Mdm Hee Yit Fong to migrate there and enjoy your money.; Kuching traffic is not bad, spend your time driving Camry and have taste of local seafood ..

    Do run oversea because we want to remember your great name for ever and ever

  15. Patient Hearts says:

    Ho, please forgive her. She is just a woman like you and me, a similar humankind which cannot evade greed of honour, wealth and lustful desires

    May you, YB, rest in peace and sleep in your sweetness though your heart may full of remorse for what you have done or acted..

    Through now, you see the truth and the truth reveals you what has gone incorrect. You will learn to live in the shadow of the most lustful, dictatorate, cruel and wicked crook – and see how you will be treated…Bet you will cry remorsefully then. Pray for forgiveness of what you have wronged

  16. Deputy Prime Mongolia says:

    I am sending you regards,some “spits”, some well wishing and assurance too, HYF.

    Regards for your 20 years struggle with DAP and for your people
    Spits for your giving up to personal greeds betrayal to your voters
    Well wishing that you stay in good health and long life to recall, in some 10 years to come, how you have caused hurt and disgracefully betrayed your people
    Finally, we assure you your political down-fall in nearest future to come, not by your people but BN

    “You are corrupted even to your spirit and soul”, we are scolding you because we loved you, and are still loving you and we are caring for you..our sister. We dont wish you to be another Mongolian tragic..

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