No,No,No “Not this Way”


3.25pm: The situation calms down at the mosque and several people are seen crying.

3.20pm: Police have finally cleared the blockade by the crowd and all cars are able to proceed to Iskandariah Palace.


3.19pm: A vehicle with a yellow (royal) registration plate is pelted with stones by angry supporters. 

3.18pm: Tear gas still being fired into the mosque compound. Deputy Premier Najib Abdul Razak’s car enters the palace.

3.11pm: A group of protesters are lying on the road to block the passing cars.

3.10pm: FRU personnel manage to remove the bloackade and cars are passing through to the palace.

3.08pm: Tear gas is fired at those blocking the road. The FRU are also arresting those blocking the road.

3.06pm: About 300 people are blocking the road leading to the palace, stopping dignitaries and BN politicians from attending the swearing in ceremony. 

Updated: 3.00pm The crowd swells to about 10,000 with some carrying banners calling on the sultan to dissolve the state assembly. FRU personnel are moving into position.

This latest posting from Malaysiakini will make matters worse if it is not already at boiling point. This is a situation where everyone who is a law abiding citizen in Malaysia would want to avoid. Any emergency rule will do more harm than good..!!! Let’s be Rational Rather than be too emotional.

The extract from Malaysiakini,” Breaking News! Some 500 Pakatan Rakyat supporters broke through a police barricade outside the Ubudiah mosque in Kuala Kangsar during a protest march this afternoon.


The supporters, which included a large group of women, had wanted to march from the mosque to the Iskandariah palace some 300m away where the swearing in of the new Perak menteri besar is scheduled to take place at 3.30pm.

However, the police fired several rounds of tear gas, forcing the supporters to retreat back into the mosque.The police have deployed some 30 Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) and 20 uniformed personnel.

4 thoughts on “No,No,No “Not this Way”

  1. justice says:

    We, Perakians will never RESPECT this type of Sultan. Perakians will send BN/Umno the robbers, cheats,corrupted, greedy,liars, pirates etc, etc to HELL FOREVER in the next GE.People are BOSS, the King of Kings.We always want change of govt. May allah and altantuya send NAJIS to HELL FOREVER,rot and burn FOREVER.

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    We in Sarawak, like in all parts of Malaysia felt what our fellow Malaysians in Perak felt when UMNO continued to use its illgotten wealth which they plundered from the rakyat and our tax-payers to salvage and prolong their own imminent demise. Unfortunately the Sultan in Perak could not tell the difference about three extra numbers on BN side who were bought over and that such act will perpetuate the corrupt regime that the people of Malaysia wanted to get rid of.

    Malaysians in Sarawak will rise to the occassion with even great might to show Najib in whose hands the power to rule lies. We shall defeat Taib. We shall defeat Najib. We shall defeat BN. We shall defeat the present corrupted police forces. Dayaks are ready, Chinese are ever ready. Sarawak is now ready to defeat the evil forces of UMNO and BN and banish Najib and Taib for good.

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