Is it”EC’s Call..??”

In our article yesterday we asked,”Who’s right.?” Seems todays Malaysiakini report the EC today announced that by-elections are not necessary for the state seats of Changkat Jering and Behrang as there are doubts over the resignation letters said to have been submitted by the elected representatives.

There exists some doubts and the EC,””As such, EC decided that it cannot establish that vacancies have occurred.”Thus it will not be able to call by-elections.”By this, the EC has decided that it does not have the power to invoke Article 36(5) of the constitution of the state of Perak to establish that there are casual vacancies for both the constituencies,” “Therefore,we have decided that both the seats will remain (those of) the incumbents, who had won them (legally) in the last general election.”

However this did not go down well with the Perak government. The Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state government declared today that it would give the federal Election Commission (EC) 48 hours to review its decision. Senior Executive Councillor Ngeh Koo Ham said,”“The EC is usurping the function of the speaker and has misconstrued its role. It is there to conduct elections not to decide whether or not there should be an election.”

So the controversy will drag on. Now 48 hours is given to the EC to reverse its decision and this will create more political uncertainties in the state. We shall keep a watching brief……..


10 thoughts on “Is it”EC’s Call..??”

  1. bangsa Cina Malaysia says:


    just call for fresh election and InsyaAllah we Perakians will kicked BN into the straits of Malacca..

    MB nizar we are firmly behind you….


  2. eagle says:

    Just call for a fresh election and let the people of Perak decide. Hopefully Tuanku Sultan will agree.
    Crazy Malaysia, even EC is playing politics. What a nation to be!!!
    48 hours is the timeline.

  3. telur dua says:

    It is not the EC’s call. Calling the EC Chairman’s action as usurping the functions of the State Speaker is correct.

    He should just do his job of conducting elections and not poke his nose where it doesn’t belong.

  4. khalib says:

    The Aduns/Excos members in question must perform their respective functios as required upon them, otherwise the MB has every right to terminate their appointment. Both of them are answerable to the rakyat and they were not given the mandates to abstain from Excos’ meetings by wandering about in other states on their own whims and fancies, leaving their respective office and functions unattended. even if they had been on medical leave, it is incumbent upon them to notify the MBs’ office of their absence as earliest possible. Their behaviour does not at all reflects the intergrity and calibre of a honourable States Representatives. As for now one of them proclaimed to have readjusted himself to Independence. So, what else can be expected of him. The other guy might just as well do the same. We are not sure of the others in PKR, they may wants to follow suite. What else do we have on the balance then, except disappointments and frustratios, what else do we have then to keep on going. So, please do something fast and smart.

  5. Jalur Gemilang says:

    Now, how do we classify EC as an independent body to administer election when it can come up to a level to overpower the State Speaker. This is typical only in Malaysia BN Government, no agencies or departments or authorities or commissions can get free from the iron grip of BN-Umno..

    Best remedy for Pakatan Government Perak is go ahead to dissolve and call a fresh state election. A pain has to be endured to remove the “rotten meat”…

    Good luck PR-Perak, May God Bless You

  6. hostage88 says:

    Malayasia Boleh. Perakian’s should lodge Police Report that EC have abuse his powers. Afterall this is UMNO’s mat rempits favourite past time.

    If I am still in Ipoh (thought I am still registered to vote in Ipoh as at today), I will lodge Police Report.

  7. kplee says:

    EC is still a stooge for BN. How can we have pea brain and stupid idiots running the EC?? Perhaps this is what the BN politicians want so that they can continue screwing up the country.
    Irrespective whatever these 3 traitors in Perak say or do, just kick them out of PKR and hold by-elections as soon as possible. That idiotic guy in EC who said no by-election was just talking thru his a_sehole. A real dumb hole bum.
    That Mr.C4 guy was real hot. Everywhere he goes there will be great fireworks like C4 explosions. Seems that people like him with tremendrous amount of dirty baggages on his back will do “anything” IRRESPECTIVE to get to the top. God bless the country and rakyat if he succeeds.
    Anyway, PKR must move on and do the best for the rakyat.

  8. arnoldbujang says:

    All State Excos and Pakatan ADUN must go to the Istana immediately to get blessing (RESTU) from the Sultan to dissolve the DUN Perak and call for fresh election.

    Peace loving & democratic-minded Malaysians can only hope and pray that the Sultan is wise and fair to all parties by allowing the voters in the two state constituencies when to become the judges once again in the (2)by-elections, OR all the voters in Perak to vote in fresh [emergency] election for all state constituencies.

    This is the most natural and truest political justice. To allow the the matter to rest in court is to aggeviate the bad situation further. Justice delayed is justice denied.

    The forseeable prolonged legal exercise (court action)is likely to develop into greater tension hence public order situation. It will provide ample tinted excuses for BN, C4 & Fed. authorities to impose emergency rule and suspend the state assembly in Perak.

    Why do we have to condemn the Israelites and/or Palestinians for the awars & troscities WHEN we ourselves are in the midst of committing political genocide among fellow Malaysians?

    Tun Abdul Razak was very well remembered for his roles in the emergency rule in Sarawak to remove Ningkan as Chief Minister and in setting up & the running of the NOC (=National Operation Council).


  9. arnoldbujang says:

    1. Delete the word “when” in between the words:
    “constituencies” & “to” by the third line in the
    2nd para.
    2. Second last para, the 2nd line “awars &
    troscities” should be” wars & atroscities”

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