Haiya..Ezam,Ezam..Apa ni..?

On January 15th we carried this article Eeee Ezam and today again Malaysikini has this http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/96873 which has headlines,”Ezam vows to diminish Anwar.” We from audie61 says is it,”Personal vendetta,jealousy,unfinished HERO WORSHIPPING  or WHAT..? Haiya..Ezam,Ezam..Apa  ni..?

Ezam said,” As far as I’m concerned, my role is to basically tell the truth about Anwar…as a whole I can see positive impacts (from the exposure of a letter by Anwar),” Ezam also said that he will not be deterred until he sees his former boss disappears from the political scene. Very BOLD words from someone who Anwar just brushed aside by saying,”SO WHAT”

On January 15th we said this and today we will reinforce the same statement,” Today we say,” Ezam are you stucked in the 1998 TIME WARP..?” That is yesterdays news and Anwar was then not even the opposition leader. He was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister and of course then he would have written a letter. Those days most bloggers I should think were not completely for him as he was still a FRESHIE EX UMNO and EX BN.

This will play a major significant as this comment from a PKR Sarawak Member Francis Ngu in his comments when audie61 last night posted,”Pressing Issues-Change.?? Najib and Anwar . We extract and posts this relevant statement instead Ezam from a former colleague of yours who makes more sense.” In short, will the used-by date politicians convert to the principles of Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people?

If these detractors cannot meet the above tests and others, the rakyat will put them aside in the very near future.

Our Southern neighbour tossed out John Howard for Kevin. As I write, I am still witnessing the world on the brink of historic transformation, as the age of OBAMA has just begun.

Ezam try getting back from outer space and come back in time and let “Dr.WHO” stay where he is. Your time is already used up and I do beg BN to stop making use of you as you really have OUTLIVED your usage.

According to some some BN members who were in KT they said in their own personal capacity that Ezams issue has caused substantial losts to BN. Ground was losts and they needed to convince the “Perspective voters” not to be too bothered about him.

Some of the younger set of voters in KT reminded them and even said,”Do we hear Obama going on with personal attacks at Mccain or even at Hillary Clinton but their election machinery focussed on  real and pressing  issues like economy,health,development,education and insurance which are very dear to the voters and will ultimatedly mean an X or  an axe on the ballot papers. 

BN, the people have spoken and Pakatan seems to have played the right chord. If Ezam is again tossed into the limelight and for that matter in Pensiangan in Sabah if there is a by-election, I will not be surprised if this time,”EGGS are THROWN into his direction.”

There are some who are supposed to be doing ceramahs BUT they are some who are absolutely a RIGHT TURNOFF and for sure VOTES will flow out from the camps using that speaker. We,Malaysians are sometimes to gracious and do not want to displease the hand that feeds us BUT they comes a time when TIME IS CALLED.

YOUR TIMES UP EZAM and STOP it for goodness sake.  BN ,I am still completedly BAFFLED . Maybe,just maybe  BN is saying to Ezam to continue to do it as this will prove your allegiance to be accepted as one of us in BN. However BN, this has a reverse effect and if it has a positive effect lets do a POLLS  SURVEY on Ezam. Fascinating..?

Facts,statistics and figures would not lie and this  might just propel some support back  to BN when Ezam is send to the scrap heap. He has “outlived his usage” and many will agree. Some “LOVE to HATE EZAM” though…

Related source  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/96493

13 thoughts on “Haiya..Ezam,Ezam..Apa ni..?

  1. Rasupal says:

    We can’t expect wisdom and conscience from a sore loser and venomous individual like Ezam. He has clearly stated that his goal is to diminish Anwar and this reason alone is suffice for us to ignore him. Ezam is certainly a very dangerous individual for anyone to associate with. I think Anwar was wise enough to see his true color when he was with PKR. UMNO knows Ezam is not trustworthy which is why the leadership has so far denied him a seat to contest.

    I only wish how nice would it be should he and others have emulated Zaid Ibrahim?

  2. Sarawakian says:

    Make sure he does come down to sarawak. That will score points for PKR Sarawak. We will ensure that there is a red carpet welcome for him at the airport.hahaha

  3. zztop says:

    This crazy greedy idiotic moron is at his usual self again. Whenever he open his big stinking mouth, shit comes out.
    Hey, moron, keep blaring with your stinking mouth. You did a great service to PKR.
    Your equally idiotic crazy greedy masters in BN will be real proud of you.

  4. Dyaksblog says:

    For the next state election, Ezam must come here so BN can lose some DUN seats. In Ezam, we Dayak got J*bu as his equal to do us favour against BN. The more they moan, the more swing votes the opposition can get! Remember, a good choice can turn out to be just as bad, like John Mccain picking Sarah Palin with questionable intelligence (I can Russia from my house) and so on Republican shoot itself on the foot. No-brainer like Ezam, J*bu, Lim Keng Yeik, Georgie Boy etc by all means must be welcomed and encouraged to create blunders for BN.

  5. kittykat46 says:

    Agreed Ezam is more of a liability to BN every time he makes an appearance making personal attacks Anwar.

    BTW, I prefer your old WordPress theme !

  6. llheng says:

    Great to know that Sarawakians are realising that they have been taken for a BIG ride by their own lapdog politicians who succumb to the West Malaysian political bums for $$$$$$$$$…
    The Sarawakians must do their part to wake up those still in deep slumber who are still being exploited by the West Malaysian politicians.
    Go! GO1 Go1

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