Pressing Issues-“Change.??”Najib & Anwar

The crowds as shown in major TV channels covering the inauguration of  Barack Obama were enthusiastic and the chanting,”Yes we can,Yes we can” Malaysiakini has this report

However what is more pressing is this sms,”What is the ground in Sarawak speaking after BN’s losses in PP and KT.?” Is it ‘Changing towards the Opposition?”

I replied in my sms as per in todays tabloids,” CM Taib said that BN is still popular despite the defeats.” DCM George Chan meanwhile said the most effective way to regain the peoples confidence was to win the voters hearts and minds.’ But the people on the ground are really frustrated with the prices of essential goods and commodities which are still extremely high eventhough the oil prices have been reduced.  

The CNY celebrations in Sarawak are somehow subdued and it shows that sarawakians are also affected like the rests of the country and the world which is economic crisis of  the worse proportions. Of course some of the people are looking at the opposition for CHANGE and if you can kindly please read our earlier writeups and reports on June 7th and May 1st 2008.

In todays report in Malaysiakini too in which we extract here Najib said,”Barisan Nasional leaders have been warned not to remain oblivious to the wishes of the people who want to see actual changes taking place.In line with that, it is time for the BN leaders to break out of their comfort zones and re-orientate their approach to be constantly in tune with the people’s aspiration.

audie 61 on May 1st 2008 touched too on these,” The youths in our beloved country Malaysia want their independence and their very rights to choose a government where their comfort zones are not jeorpadised.”

Its a clear signal to the BN adminsitration that there should not be any stones left unturned if there want to CHANGE. This is really serious by the DPM who is also the PM in waiting,” “If we fail to deal with these challenges effectively, punishment awaits us in the 13th general election,”

The incoming premier also said that BN was always responsive to changes and new ways of doing things.

People reject rhetoric

“We are aware that in a democratic system, the people are the ultimate determiner of which party should form the government,” he said.He added that BN was in need of able leaders who were knowledgeable in the fields entrusted to them to implement all the needed reforms.

“The Malaysian people are matured enough to gauge their leaders. They are no longer impressed with the rhetoric of changes which are nothing but plain rhetoric.”They want results. They want to see actual changes taking place,” he said.

Najib is quick to also get on the gravy laden train with CHANGE as the menu mostly eaten by everyone. Infightings,corruption,money and power threats are no more acceptable in the menu for the voters/people. I do find this article in ‘Just Change for Malaysia” which is indeed refreshing and BN and Pakatan can learn a thing or two from this blog. Though the blogger is a life member of DAP BUT he is also a social and political analyst  which makes it interesting.

We have all equip ourselves with Sun Tzu’s Art of War but now we have to turn our focus on WHAT THE PEOPLE ARE SAYING TO US IN MALAYSIA. It’s simple and BN and Pakatan Ybs and MPs needs to deliberate issues and come up with ideas and ways to revamp the Malaysian economy. The future generations needs the legislators to chart Malaysia’s path to greatness both internationally and domestically. Its Time for the Pressing Issues to be addressed and CHANGES will ultimatedly fall into place. Both sets of Pakatan and BN legislators stand at the verge of something great which the PEOPLE are the MASTERS.


6 thoughts on “Pressing Issues-“Change.??”Najib & Anwar

  1. adrain j says:

    This article makes sense and i lkie it well written and BN Ybs needs to change more but Pakatan also needs to dbl check themselves.

  2. Dr. Ali says:

    Recently overheard a PRS-Yang Berhormat as saying that their Aki (Uban) is totally not worried about PR as he knows what to do. To this, we have to agree as we well know that Uban and his uncle alike are good at screwing their political enemies such as those who have done them hurt or endangered their throne.

    As Sarawak is an independent state outside the rule of BN-Pusat, so there is no such need of changes as mentioned by Tun Najib. After all, it is crystal clear that BN-Pusat has to rely on Swk & Sbh to add to their number in Parlement. Why Uban need worrying and changing his present “Comfort Zone” when those under are still OK enjoying a bit of spilled-over food from his family and crony.

    Also, we are not that stupid to believe what Tun Najib says about the changes required on the mindset and performance of BN-Leaders (he did not clearly point it to Unmo). Now after the KT defeat, Tun Najib starts to change the name of the soup and the pot intending to lead people into the belief that he and his broken BN is listening to the eagerness of the rakyat for political, social, judicial and economic reforms to bring back those have been wronged and malpractised. BN have mistreated rakyat of all races in many many ways and cases since the days of Tun Matir.

    Now, we have Gerakan Kueh Sukun pressing for reform in the party spirit and change in party direction, but we also have on the other end MCA Ong Katoon thanking Chinese voting to add up to BN’s score in KT-PRK (the motive of his word is to drag more people to die with him, great politician and trick-maker). These people have already been tamed since the days of the Tun Matir and continue to be tamed. Likewise in Sarawak, do you expect SUPP or PRS or SPDP to be able to change in their direction when they all have their steering removed from their vehicles…

    No matter how tough and difficult it might be for Pakatan to shake the stronghold of Uban, the struggle should not be a testing process only but a total commitment to up root that “haunted” tree, its trunk and branches. Believe in people power, discover the power, charge the power now and discharge the power when the time have come…

    Fellow Sarawakian, I believe you are wise enough to see the quake in BN now and the causes behind that. We need also to apply some curing to our state governance..

  3. eagle says:

    Najib can always blame others and play his typical wayang kulit character.
    The truth is the people in KT not only rejecting BN/UMNO but a clear message to Najib that people don’t believe in him.
    The PM in waiting is full of baggage and majority Malaysians will not vote for him as PM.
    To all my friends in Sarawak, we must get rid of this BN/UMNO when the opportunity arise and it will be anytime in Sarawak.

  4. Francis Ngu says:

    Beware of the wolves in CHANGE(D)-clothing!

    The public will be smart enough to distinguish between leaders who formulate the concept of reform, initaite social action to sensitise the masses for change and realises transformational dreams from those who suddenly assume the mantle of change well past the midnight clang of clock.

    Were these latter not the ones fighting against the reformist aspirations of the rakyat for a decade or so? Were they not always ostrich-like steadfastly insisting that the the best policy is
    NO-CHANGE in the face of even overwhelmingly changed local and international circumstances?

    Following 308, Permatang Pauh and KT, they have now been dragged shreiking by the rakyat
    to face the the gathering momentum for reform.
    Take note, the electorate will not buy promise of change and later having the false proponents renaging on it; 2004 to 8.03.08 is the rakyat’s punitive response to the false promise of change.

    Give these latter day politicians trying to steal the bandwagon of “change” a chance? For starter, will they show that they are willing to:

    1. Renouce racism and racist politics, by turning their parties into multi-racial, multi-cultural rather
    than ethnic based entities?

    2. Uphold human-rights, regional equity, social justice and concern for God-endowed Environment ?

    3. End political-business cronyism, corruption and restore for the people the benefit of the resources of the states and nation?

    In short, will the used-by date politicians convert to the principles of Government OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people?

    If these detractors cannot meet the above tests and others, the rakyat will put them aside in the very near future.

    Our Southern neighbour tossed out John Howard for Kevin. As I write, I am still witnessing the world on the brink of historic transformation, as the age of OBAMA has just begun.

    Malaysians deserve no less than Anwar Ibrahim, to join their ranks.

    The Obama effect has fired up USA and the world; Anwar fired up Malaysians years before Obama. May Malaysians catch up with the
    Americans on the journey of change and reform

    Francis Ngu
    Parti Keadilan Rakyat

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