Overwhelming Majority-Sorry..I beg to differ

This Malaysiakini report,”Defeat spells trouble for Najib” in which an expert in Malaysian elections says,” “This is going to call into question Najib’s rise to the prime minister’s position. There will be those who will question whether he can deliver effectively.”

There are also those who say that the Malays shift is significantly leaning away from UMNO and also diminishing as this Malaysiakini report suggests http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/96690. If it was Wan Farid would not have got 30252 votes to Mohammad Abdul Wahid Endut 32883. Lets be realistic about the whole Perception as Politicians are so good at it. PAS did not win by 62883 and BN 252. We know,the winner even by 1 vote is a winner while if you lose by 1 is also a losts. But be more realistic about it instead of just using Malay issue running away from UMNO. In any elections its a combination of factors and even the smallest disgruntled remark can turn the tables against the political machinery.  

I have earlier remarked in my write up,”Eeee Ezam Please”  in which I should say is more than enough to tell the victor or the vanquished,” I am completely BAFFLED as why BN still needs to use Ezam against Anwar. BN needs to be more innovative,creative and should avoid using character or personality assasination to impress upon the PEOPLE. There must be something wrong with all the political analysts and strategist if they still think the old ways work. Lets be very certain about this,”Are we STILL LIVING in the 80s or 90s ?” If not,use whatever you have in this technologically savvy world to captivate the VOTERS and win their HEARTS over. Is it that difficult..??

Is it an overwhelming Yes and a shift to the opposition parties in PKR,PAS,DAP and its other alliances. No,No,No,, its a shift to How and WHO is the CANDIDACY which the parties put up to the PEOPLE. It’s NOW an OPEN MARKET and the PEOPLE will know who will deliver and who they can trusts. BN or PAKATAN don’t need arrogant,insensitive and snobbish leaders who thinks that the Voters are STUDENTS and they themselves are the TEACHERS. Those days are long, long, long gone. 

The Peoples representative or aspiring ones needs to go back to their roots. Their constituencies needs to be looked after and they need to know what is bests for their own areas and not what is good for themselves and their POCKETS. If and when they know what the people see in them they will make a good ADUN or MP. I want to go on and on but what has motivated me to write todays report is this and I  for one thinks its a significant and down to earth political statement.”Be a Gracious Winner,Nik Aziz tells PAS and Pakatan”

This is the extracted version,” Pas spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat wants Pas and Pakatan Rakyat leaders to be “a gracious winner” and not utter snobbish remarks that could hurt the feelings of those who have lost in yesterday’s Kuala Terengganu parliamentary by-election.The Kelantan menteri besar said any negative statement following the victory would put the party in a bad light.

“Don’t hurt the feelings of opponents because if they are hurt, it will be difficult for us to convince them of our struggle,” .

Wow..!! Its so politically right and this in itself will score hell of a lot of points. My late grandfather who was also a legislator from 1947-1960 said to us through our parents,” Its what you say and what you do which people will remember. Words uttered from your mouth cannot be taken back no matter how you try.So..THINK and USE your God Given Wisdom to reach out to people.” In other words we as young and rebellious grandchildren will say,Ummm..Dont speak FOUL of other people. The meaning however we know is deeper than the DEEP BLUE OCEAN if it is not already CHEMICALISED

So DPM Najib even said,”BN accepted the decision made by the voters.He said that the results showed that democracy was alive in malaysia. BN will continue to work harder to earn the trust of the people and serve the people.”

This augurs well for the country and the party PAS won this election together with help from the coalition partners. UMNO has to go back to the drawing board and chart out a new UNTESTED territory. PKR won in Permatang Pauh which was their seat in the first place and PAS won this seat KT which is indeed a bitter lesson to UMNO. They will come out fighting in the next round and they will not sit on their laurels. Be very certain about that and they need to CHANGE their political strategists if it needs to be done.

Never ever use the same method in elections as the people wants and needs to see CHANGE which will benefit them and not CHANGE for the Sake of CHANGING. Don’t you think the voters FEAR FOR CHANGE..? If its good they will say,”WHY NOT TRY..?” Its reinventing always and not the same methods as a little spice will add more drama to Ooohs and Aaahs!! If only BN…listen, they say MORE TO THE PEOPLE…..Times have Change and people have Change..Najib needs to ask now,”WHAT DO I NEED TO DO MORE..?” Simple Najib,get down and listen to the grassroots and +++++ You know where to find me….. 

Related source. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/96697

14 thoughts on “Overwhelming Majority-Sorry..I beg to differ

    • audie61 says:

      audie61 belong to the Third Coaltion”The rakyat” Too many yang berhormats should change to be yang berkhidmats. The people powers are changing the way the country is to be governed.
      If BN YBs or Pakatan Ybs dont perform be ready to face our Criticisms. We are not here to apple polish but to dblcheck the YBs and others who are holding positions in the Government. Thank you.

  1. zainuddin says:

    Bernama also quoted a local resident, who wanted to be known only as “Ayah Teh”, as saying that Abdul Wahid is a person close to the hearts of the voters.
    So u see its the Candidate. well done audie61 for pointing it out eventhough we all know sometimes we need to BE REMINDED. You are ahead in more ways than one. Someone has to pick you up and really pick your BRAINS. Enjoy reading your articles..u do makes sense

  2. Subra says:

    MIC sec gen say that the elections won was because there were too many outside people helping. What lah MIC…? U did not go takut kah?

  3. chloe says:

    Easy to read. its who has the right attitude,approach and a will to win. Thats all you need in any elections. Need to go all out and not everything works with $$$

  4. khatijah says:

    Malays will also vote for a good leader and they will not be easily swayed by sweet promises and all the racist remarks being used. We are after all Malaysians and we have been living together in peace and dont spoil it.

  5. yh says:

    BN threw in the kitchen sink to defend the seat.millions were promised to the locals. schools, projects etc. Najib even said that its very vital for BN to win.
    what happened? BN lost and you said 2,600 majority is not significant enough?
    if BN loses pensiangan, then only you BN supporters wake up? go on and continue to have your nap.

  6. ONE says:

    I believe it is ridiculous to ask Nasib to listen to the people. We are really fighting corruption. Do you expect the godfather to give up to justice and expose everything so that all can see the skeletons? It really has nothing to do with change according to the voices of the people but covering up no matter what. So what if they promise everything good but there is no true lasting justice and the corruption goes on!!?? People arguing for the powers-that-be to change are rather naive and shortsighted. Asking a leopard to change its spots…..enough said. If no one can understand this then there is little hope for Malaysia as country where all are treated equal.

  7. Dr. Ali says:

    I agree with ONE
    Despite the blow on the face, Najis will not wake up from his crazy greed for power/dirty wealth/women/wicked deed and lying. Now, ex-PM tries to “angkat” Najib’s balls apparently because the later probably will become PM. Old Mat starts trying to cast his shadow on Najis and will teach him how to run and rule Malaysia the corrupt way. Both are anjing kurap, uncurable for WHS illness (wicked-heart-syndrome)..

    Pak Lah is not so much to be blamed for BN-KT-PRK because these years he already adopted multiple old age illnesses which include Lungau, Mamau, CTSB(cakap tak serupa buat),CTBB(cakap tak berani buat) and MUII(multiple useless illusive idea) syndromes…Medical recommendation for him is to have early retirement, good rest, honey moon, enjoy life and just forget about Curry Jamaruddin…

    Leave all to Najis, and he will drive through all those blows ready for him to give external bruises from Pakatan and intestinal injuries from Curry Jamarrudin (for Pak Lah), Mukriz(for Tun Matir), Hishamm(onbehalf of Tun Onn) and all those not sufficiently shared with the loots. Soon he will have to worry for his brother Pahin Uban

    Najis will be Najis forever. Umno will be same Umno since the hand of Tun Mat…money-politic is the principal goal for many (not all of course, but majority)…So like-father-like-son, good luck for MCA, MIC, BN-Swk, BN-Sbh, continue to rob the god-given wealth of the Lands-of-Malaysians…Your brother Chen Shui Bian (Taiwan), Taksin(Thailand), send you regards.

  8. Mata Kuching says:

    Malaysians anr angry and wanted a CHANGE and Pakatan’s victory in KT by-election will hasten the change which was narrowly missed in 308. Issues ranging from religion, race , education, corruptions, candidacy personality, and even personal attacks have been fully digested by the electorates and it can only be said that losing 2 defeats in less than 10 monhs for BN spells the beginning of the end of BN.

    PAS islam is only meant for muslims and the malays whereas BN racism affects all non muslims and non malays. Pakatan is moving towards a Malaysia for all Malaysians, an ideal advocated by the DAP even before Independence.

    For as long as BN led by UMNO continues to be in denials and unwilling to crack corruptions and prevent wasteful spendings, be fair to all Malaysians and practise meritocracies, the domino effect is unstoppable. Thanks to peoples’ power.

    The rakyats and especially the rural folks have suffered hardships and great economic and education setbacks because of UMNO hegemony. While associations ,ngos,including churches, mosques, temples received subsidies especially when election time is looming, the rakyats have been robbed of their fundamental rights and lands. Moral of the story? There is no free lunch! Leaders and associations who have benefited from subsidies somewhat could not speak and dare not speak on behalf of the rakyat. Say no to subsidies, say no to UMNO, say no to Barisan National. VOTE Pakatan Rakyat. Hidup Pakatan!

  9. Dr. Ali says:

    Quoted a message from King of Kingdom of Alligators: –


    Are you scared? King-O-K-A

    Sarawakian needs the same tune, same tone and same spirit

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