Eeee Ezam Please..

A newly registered Sarawak voter said to audie61,”WHAT IS THIS WITH AN OLD STORY..? Isn’t this chasing SHADOWS.? Haven’t we have had enough of Ezam. BN should be making use of Current Issues and not the Past. No wonder Anwar said,”So what..?”

In this Malaysiakini report  “So? What’s the problem? Saya tak berdamai dengan siapa (Who am I not at peace with)? What is the problem? What is the problem in making peace with anyone?” asked Anwar.

Anwar said this when met by reporters after his ceramah at Kg Kubang Ikan, Kuala Terengganu, last night. At a press conference this morning, Anwar refused to elaborate on the subject.

Our earlier report touched on ,” There are more pressing matters than the past and the people will want to know what TOMORROW CAN BRING and not WHAT WAS YESTERDAYS NEWS. No clocks can be turned back as we can only use HISTORY TO GUIDE US.

Today we say,” Ezam are you stucked in the 1998 TIME WARP..?” That is yesterdays news and Anwar was then not even the opposition leader. He was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister and of course then he would have written a letter. Those days most bloggers I should think were not completely for him as he was still a FRESHIE EX UMNO and EX BN.

I am completely BAFFLED as why BN still needs to use Ezam against Anwar. BN needs to be more innovative,creative and should avoid using character or personality assasination to impress upon the PEOPLE. There must be something wrong with all the political analysts and stategist if they still think the old ways work. Lets be very certain about this,”Are we STILL LIVING in the 80s or 90s ?” If not,use whatever you have in this technologically savvy world to captivate the VOTERS and win their HEARTS over. Is it that difficult..??

The Future is not a Dream.It is reality when you believe it to happen and HISTORY provides us guidelines not to repeat the same mistakes and to use the knowledge of  the WRONGS to suit the PRESENT ENVIRONMENT.

Ezam Oooh Please,please, you really are STUCKED in the TIME WARP. Anwar has moved on and he has spent 6 years inside and with the amount of knowledge and solitude inside gained he is so better equipped to handle you. I cannot for once believe that Anwar does not know “What is the Game here.?” He was afterall the ex DPM were you..?” If it was Musa Hitam the former DPM he would have given more credibility to the BN.

Can you blame Anwar to just brush this aside and say “SO WHAT…?”

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24 thoughts on “Eeee Ezam Please..

  1. chloe says:

    So Blooody Right. Eeee Ezam is so irrelevant for KT elections. Come on BN give us More or forget this useless gimmick of Ezam.

  2. Malaysian says:

    Oh well, he just reminds me of that hideous lizard character featured in Disney’s Monster Inc movie. change character at the flick of the finger. Pretty much down UMNO street. Didn’t we know? duuhhh ..

  3. Mata Kuching says:

    Ezam is the pariah of the malay race so you can guess where he stands. He is not worth mentioning and is not worth a pinch of salt.

    Malaysians in Kuala Trengganu buy election and Sarawak are ready for a second Independence and fight against UMNO colonisation. Chin Peng would have wished Malaysia practised Hudud law beacuse under Hudud he would have been allowed to return to society after he had laid down his arms and was no longer a threat to country.

    Greetings to our brothers and sisters in Kuala Trengganu once again and may the voters give UMNO and BN a crushing defeat by voting PAS.

  4. Rashid says:

    The letter is the biggest con job ever done. 1st of all, it was published way back in freeanwar campaign website and also last year it was published as a commentary in Malaysia-Today after the 2nd sodomy calumny. Not as a seperate letter but as part of the readers’ comments. So I’m baffled that he is pretending that he has done something great. I think Umno is on deathbed to do business with this character.

  5. sultan says:

    binatang yang bernama eeezamm itu adalah ular banyak kepala dalam kisah hindu tua. eeezamm juga adalah bahan bakar api neraka yang telah dijanjikan.eeezam juga adalah orang sakai yang makan daging bangsa nya sendiri. eeezam itu terlaknat dengan nafsu gila dalam dendam yang gila kuasa berlindung dibelakang kata2. itulah yang direjam setiap ketika.

  6. KEN says:

    Great EeeeZam…
    Greater is BN which dares to use him….BN trust him because many are alike
    A sure evidence, BN running out of tacts and subjects….
    Lah & Najib, be careful! The next time EeeeZam may show out your love letters…to be his weapon for cari makan cara politik..EeeZam’s skill of survival….
    EeeeZam will be a great name in history of M’sia as a typical character of betrayal. His face and character suits many such roles in drama and movie. May be M’sia boleh recommend him to Hollywood….will be outstanding SuperStar

  7. eagle says:

    Eeeezam sesumpah, a betrayer…anything bad lah so Malaysian now can use anything to describe something bad as ” jangan ezam lah” hahahahahaha ezam is a clown.

  8. chiew ka 4...! says:

    What he’s doing is CORRECT..! It’s also good for UMNO ! They gave their blessings for this “Art Of Vote…!”

    Very Islamic what…!

    Is it wrong to ask for peace & you get this dengki fella to make it an issue…??
    Any religious Iman want to comment on this…?

    Eeeee…..zam ! Didn’t you go for Agama classes??

    Come to think of it better he do this as it reflects UMNO’s a lot…!

    Come the General Election…..
    he might just be the circus ringmaster……..!

    Keep up the suck-up job…..!

  9. Words says:

    Go to the Malaysia Today website and take a look at Ezam’s picture and what do you see? You will see a butt sitting on his forehaed. And what is between the butt? Ya right…. an asshole. An asshole of yesteryears news keeper

  10. lhheng says:

    This Izam bum is a big disgrace to the malay race. An idiot with ZERO integrity couple with a corrupted and greedy attitude.
    I hope the voters in KT will throw their shoes at this idiot whenever he speaks thru his foul mouth.
    This running dog of Umno must be real desperate financially and now trying to get more $$$$$$.
    What a disgraceful idiot.

  11. lhheng says:

    This Izam bum is a big disgrace to the malay race. An idiot with ZERO integrity couple with a corrupted and greedy attitude.
    I hope the voters in KT will throw their shoes at this idiot whenever he speaks thru his foul mouth.
    This running dog of Umno must be real desperate financially and now trying to get more $$$$$$.
    What a disgraceful idiot.

  12. Dr. Tongkat Ali says:

    Muka yang tidak laku lagi, cuma di pantat Najib iya bisa cari makan..
    Cakap yang kurang berakal, karang Toukey iya (Lah & Jib) pun iya jual..-“mereka yang merestui pameran surat Anwar”..

    Gua Dr. yg bisa mengubati berbagai sakit, cuma sakit ini agak aneh; nggak bisa diobati dan paksa di hantar ke wad “cancer-otak” dan tunggu jadikan “Scrap Politik”. Tongkat Ali kesan obati “mati akar” tapi nggak jalan gi “mati akal”

    Kalau BN kalah di KT, gaji kempen Ez pun nggak di lunas ..mana lah janji janji berjuta juta tu nanti

  13. zolkafeli says:

    ezaaam ini barua umno…dapat duit lupa kawan…gila babi punya orang macam ini…babi gila pun tak macam ezam…dulu cakap lain…sekarang cakap lain…lidah biawak..munafik…kau ingat umno nak jaga kau…porahhh,,,tak de maruah punya orang..umno rasuah kuat,,,kau tak cerita…tak nampak ke…s g beng si buta pun nampak…habis duit negara umno sapu…kau dok join depa…lu pun kaki songlap jugak…dulu buat parti bersih…pantatlah….semua tipu…dapat duit …belot….menyesal aku dengar cakap kau dulu…penipu rupanya.

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