Malaysiakini report on PKR Assemblyman BAN is “HOT NEWS”

The local tabloids even quoted ,”a news portal Malaysiakini played up the issue since Dec 24,the latest being a claim that Sarawak may use its immigration powers to deny entry to more Peninsular Malaysia based politicians,including de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim in the face of what is seen as growing local support for the opposition.”

PBB Vice President Daud Abdul Rahman was quoted as saying this MP Gobalakrishnans no-entry as an “isolated case” and that the government has even allowed personalities like Anwar and Lim Kit Siang to enter. The headlines in the local tabloids,”ANWAR,LIM’s VISITs to SARAWAK show State Gov’t not SCARED” and also ‘DIRECTIVE TO DENY ENTRY FROM STATE SECRETARIAT”

Daud when told of the MPS denial into the State by the State Secretariat he said he was in the dark.”I don’t know.I was not in the picture.But then again it’s up to the discretion of the immigration department.”

The MP Gobalakrishnan according to political sources have irked the CM Taib and his family as he touched on infrastuctural development particularly that of Kapit and of Hulu Rejang,corruption,oil royalty and NCR(native customary land) in Parliament.

The debate which can be read might also be a part in the ban of Gobalakrishnan. Do we need to put our THINKING CAPS on for this political saga? Seems that the officer in immigration department had it all along with the directive from the State,”Tuan bukan rakyat Sarawak,tidak berhak untuk masuk Sarawak ke Sarawak tanpa permit atau pas Akta Imigresen 1959-1963″ …(You are not a citizen of Sarawak and are not eleigible to enter Sarawak without a permit or immigration pass)…

The MP said that although the Immigration Department had refused him entry by virtue of Section 66(1) of the Immigration Act 1959,he claims that the state could not simply use its autonomy on any immigration on any MP. He also claims that by virtue of Section 66(1)(c) no member of any convention in the country should be prevented from entering Sarawak or even Sabah. By “convention” he meant any MP or State assemblymen in Malaysia because these are members of a “convention” like Parliament and State legislative assemblies.

Meanwhile Tian Chua the PKR information chief  had some words on this subject,”that he could not agree with the denial of entry of an MP just because he is from the opposition.How can that be when we are living in a democratic country and that in itself is an abuse of power.” 

It is getting serious as when we wrote earlier of  another MING COURT 1987 OF A REVERSE VERSION where the Dayaks are playing the puppet game on the surface but striking it hard quietly as they advance from their rural base.

 It seems that BN Sarawak has woken up and putting their foot down and will not tolerate anymore accusations and allegations hurled at them.Would Pakatan have done the same..? One wonders but I’m sure it will be by a different way,methods and approach.That we to live long enough to see it happen if ever in Sarawak. Sulaiman ,the deputy minister of  Tourism has even warned Gobalakrishnan that he intends to finish off PKR in Sarawak and this was made known to Malaysiakini by the Kedah MP. 

audie61 received a lot of calls enquiring of who is joining PKR in January 9th at the function. Its a lot of hearsay(speculations) at the moment and just like 916 it might just not materialise. Take Wong Judat’s case for instance and the assemblyman was supposed to open the floodgates for more BN Aduns and MPs to join in the bandwagon.

BN YB Names such as Aaron Dagang,Billy Abit,Richard Riot,Tike Lafe,Alex Linggi,Yong Khoon Seng has all been used and thrown out in the open but so far”HAVE THEY JOINED PKR..?” No,no,no, and you ask yourself these simple question..? If the mathematics is right they would all have just WALKED ACROSS THE PARLIAMENT FLOOR.” Winston Churchill did that and WHY NOT THEM..??  Immediatedly BN would be the opposition right…correct me if I am wrong..

The comforts of the ruling government is far greater than the enticement of being in the opposition. The legislators know that only the PEOPLE can change them and that is through the BALLOT BOXES. The rests of the “hear-says’ ‘Concepts” “speculations” and “rumours” are all POLITICAL PROPAGANDA AND GIMMICKS.  

Gabriel Adit  joining PKR what is the BIG DEAL..? He is after all partyless and an independant who defeated Alexander of Parti Rakyat Sarawak at the last elections. Will he be able to withstand it this time round..? Of course,there were also “rumours only” then at the last elections that SPDP boys were assisting Gabriel and also unseen PRS members in Ngemah area. Another State elections and another BALL GAME APPEARS and BN will not just sit and watch Sarawak succumb to the tremors or tsunami that hit Peninsular Malaysia. 

Humans are afterall “creatures of habit” and that in itself is enough to see through the HABITS OF SARAWAK VOTERS whereby the State of Sarawak REMAINS a bastion for BN. No matter how HOT it gets the  FLAMES will be doused down when the TIME OF RECKONING  is upon us. I will say it again and not for the first time that the Malay/Melanau areas are the ones that Pakatan needs to work on and not the dayak majority areas. 

Still, of course one would say,”BELUM CUBA,BELUM TAHU…....”

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9 thoughts on “Malaysiakini report on PKR Assemblyman BAN is “HOT NEWS”

  1. Ahmad SP says:



  2. Tiger says:

    Anwar is not stupid to actually announce the names of the Yb’s or Mp’s that has signed with PKR. Who doesn’t know that BN government? They will definitely get the BPR or any other means to bring them down. (SODOMEE, KHALWAT, RASUAH ke?)

    Alex??? What does he know about politics? A politician is a person who understands the people on the “ground”. For all I know, Alex is being controlled by his wife, Susan. Everyone knows it. He might have the Masters, but his wife has a Phd in QC (Queen Control). Selalu dipeda bertawing-tawing enggau bini ia, ke ulu ke ili aja.

    Alex have just been a member in PRS after the party is formed, but he is given Lesen Kampung in Roban about 800++ Ha. But what do they others have, being a loyal party member??

    If a YB’s job is merely dividing the MRP grants, I think even my grandfather can do it. If the YB has no vision of what he wants the future Dayaks or the people that he is representing, don’t bother to be one.

    Why are you condemning Gabriel Adit? He is brave and smart to actually jump the boat. Unlike certain people, who are still hoping to be YB’s from the BN or maybe the typical Councillors? If you think that Gabriel won’t win the next round, that is your opinion.

  3. alfreda says:

    Sabar Tiger! matured voters can think for themselves and it is up to Gabriel to prove it the next time round. Heaven knows what will happen and the tsunami that has happened in Peninsular might just fizzle out if the Passion is missing.

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