Viewers waiting for Sarawak BN YB joining PKR in Miri..

* Updated 11.oopm * Anwar said after Adit joined PKR last month several YBs have applied to join too. They have signed the appropriate and necessary forms and the announcement will be made in appropriate times. Instead of letting one cat loose 2nt. DSAI chose to keep all his cats underwrapped for the moment. It was a total letdown to a much hype up anticipation. There are many many schools of thoughts BUT this will make PKR loose more Credibility especially in Sarawak. Where then are the MPs and YBs..? BN is still in their BLOOD and its not easy to drain it away.Good night from Miri. 

* Updated 10.45pm* seems everyone is holding on to the believe that DSAI will announce. Will DSAI let the cat out.? Heard the cat is nearby…

*Updated 10.15pmsms received from Miri. Most likely DSAI will announce a Sarawak BN YB has resigned from his party and he has applied to join PKR.

The word is abuzz that the YB in question has already signed his membership forms and the identity will be revealed by Anwar himself in Miri at the Eastwood Valley Golf and Country Resort around 10pm tonight. audie61 checked with the political secretary from the party and he says there is no way he will be persuaded to stay with BN. 

Our sources in PKR says that Malaysiakini correspondent from Sarawak will do his posting as soon Anwar reveals the name. The sms from PKR innsider in Miri is that A DUN member from Sarawak is to join PKR. We will keep you update on his name though we know who he is. He is not from Parti Rakyat Sarawak  as many have speculated. Would Anwar reveal that is the million dollar question tonight?

6 thoughts on “Viewers waiting for Sarawak BN YB joining PKR in Miri..

  1. nembiak says:

    He reveal the yb name or not…it dosen’t matter.

    …the more important is to vote out the “tahip mahnuk + jabuuu + chronies” in the coming state election.

  2. Mata Kuching says:

    The guessing game continues and many will be anxious to know who are the YBs. Whoever it will be will be and will auger well for the future of Sarawak’s participation in Malaysian ‘s new vision towards a developed country, hopefully by 2020. We cannot undo and correct the damages inflicted by Barisan National over 45 years of mismanagement and hope to turn our econnomy around and instil disciplines, efficiency, and competency among our civil service in a few short years but we shall change directions and arrive at our destination as one proud nation and one Malaysian

  3. Mat Gono says:

    Not from PRS, SPDP but from the closest cronies of tahi mahmuot. YB yang kurang senang dengan mahmuot dan jobo.

    Terlalu lama nak lepas jawatan, sampai govennor npun kena lanjut punya lanjut tempoh, kononnya tungu ada penganti mahmuot dan mahmuot terus jadi gaveno.

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