Dr.M “Are you worried for Mukhriz?”


When Tun Dr. Mahathir made this statement directed at the sacked UMNO leader Zaid he was directing it at PM Abdullah Badawi. This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/94308 is significantly leaning towards the FEAR that Tun Mahathir’s son might not even make any significant in- roads come the UMNO elections in March 2009. The reason which Tun says is simple,”The grapevine has it that Abdullah is still interested in the post and  rumours that Najib may not succeed Abdullah as prime minister in March as expected.

Even Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said Badawi does not need to step down as the Prime Minister after Najib Razak takes over as party president in March. That is his prerogative, “Abdullah has received the mandate for five years,” He commands the confidence of the majority of the MPs. And the Prime Minister is appointed by the King and not by the Umno General Assembly.

Well, Najibs ascension seems to be jolted by Tun Mahathir’s statement. We post this extracted statement from Malaysiakini,””The nation is waiting for March 2009. They believe that it (the transition plan) will happen based on Abdullah’s announcement that he will hand over the post to Najib.”Abdullah also stated that he will not contest for the Umno presidency during the party polls next March. Following this, no division nominated Abdullah for president,” he said.

Normally, Mahathir said the person who is Umno president becomes prime minister if BN wins an elections.But this, he pointed put, is merely tradition. “With the confidence of a majority of Dewan Rakyat members, a person who is not Umno president or BN chairman can also become prime minister.”

Taking into account the attitude of many Umno leaders and members, Mahathir said the possibility of Abdullah remaining as prime minister is not impossible.”They (the leaders and members) will not oppose Abdullah because they are very comfortable with his leadership and the perks which they receive from him,” he added

If you are Najib what would you do? Mahathir is doing his part in creating some “political mileage” for his son Mukhriz as he will not only be up against Khairy Jamaluddin son in law of Abdullah and also the current Prime Minister of Malaysia. Hmmm,easy tasks dont you think..? Lets see how far Tun’s foresight would go this time round and whether the political picture he painted are well received by all UMNO members. He just WISHES………..

8 thoughts on “Dr.M “Are you worried for Mukhriz?”

  1. Pamela S says:

    If I am Abdullah I will stay Put. Why not as the mandate was given to me and not to President elect in UMNO. Well done if he does stay on.

  2. koli says:

    mahathir please stop getting involved in malaysian politics, andstop promoting yourson mukhriz.how &where didhe accumalated hiswealth. abdullah friend are receiving perks, what about your ara.was it your salary that contributed towards mukhriz` wealth.he received perks duting your tenure.your mean to say he won social welfare lottery.hey you old man the country had gone to the dogs do me a favour.shut your big mouth and wash it with clorox everyday. you killed my beautifull malaysia

  3. Andrew choo says:

    I sympathise with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He does not act hastily and ruthlessly. He is under strain because he inherited a cabinet of mixed loyalty.

    It is not fair that a small group of disgruntled politicians with vested interest to be clamouring for Badawi to step down. He has every right to ignor them. Since he is PM for all malaysians, I feel he should stay his term to fulfill his plan of reformation.

  4. Alan goh says:

    During the 1987 UMNO election between Dr.Mahathir and Tengku LI,Dr.Mahathir said
    that he will remain UMNO president even if
    he wins by l vote and that is democracy.

    Why is Dr.Mahathir so adamant for PM Abdullah
    Badawi to step down when he has won more votes
    that the old man during the last UMNO election.
    The mandate was also given to PM Abdullah Badawi by the voters during the 12th Gen.election
    to remain as Prime Minister.

    PM Abduallh Badawi might not be as brillant and
    cunning as Dr.Mahathir,but he is less corrupted
    than his predecessor that I am sure.Further more
    he did not screw up the judiciary with the correct,
    correct,correct episodes which makes Malaysia
    a laughing stock to the world.In short,had Dr.Mahathir remained the prime minister during the 12th General Election,BN not only will lose the 2/3 parliament majority but the Government as
    well,after all he is not GOD but another tainted
    UMNO politician.

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