“PKR Wants Jabu’s ‘Layar’..?”


It was only this morning when we wrote this article but by mid evening the developments apart from PPP “Shape out or we Ship Out” http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93677 is getting intense. The blog and the local tabloid which covered this subject had,” Jabu continuing to lambast certain quarters who kept denying the great changes and development that had happened in Sarawak for the past 45 years of independent.”Speaking at a luncheon reception of St Mark Chapel Nanga Peka, Paku, Jabu described them as individuals or small groups of people who were always in denial.

“They were only trying to influence the people to oppose development for their own personal gain.Jabu who is the Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communication as well as Minister of Rural Development warned the peoples against falling prey to such detractors.

The Deputy Chief Minister said these peoples are only good at making empty promises but added he was confident that people would not be easily swayed by them to ensure that they would remain progressive.
However not everyone is agreeable with the Sarawak Deputy Minister statement. Jabu is in fact often at loggerheads with many young Dayaks intellectuals and bloggers for his off-the-cuff remarks.

Henry anak Joseph a Dayak blogger recently said “It has greatly surprised me that a man of his standing is prepared to stoop so low to find fault with the young Dayak intellectuals. In my humble opinion his precious time should be devoted to matters that can provide long term benefits to the Dayak,”

There is also a call by the blogger concerned when he said this,”I am prepared to defend my stand and challenge the honourable minister to an open debate on the issue of land development affecting the Dayak. Any time any where. 

Very strong challenge and it remains whether the Minister in question will accept. The word on the ground is obviously the number of people who has indicated their interests to take on the DCM Jabu in the next elections. Jabu himself was a “Giant-killer”in his very first state elections outing. Our informed source said 2 NAMES are being thrown in the hat to represent PKR to take on Jabu. Layar State seat remains a stronghold for the PBB and only someone very credible,has the political means and backup will force a challenge to Jabu.

The strong dayak sentiments might be there but  JABU remains formidable. When Henry Joseph said this,” He thinks we gain when we tell him that. We gain nothing except receiving his hostile response.”  This must sound like the CASH MACHINE ringing for PKR. Who then is the right person and will the person be the GIANT KILLER..? If Beginda has revealed so much the person in question will be out in the OPEN very soon. Jabu will be WAITING………….

 Related source http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93722

5 thoughts on ““PKR Wants Jabu’s ‘Layar’..?”

  1. Joe says:

    PBB Malay seat in danger as well
    1) Semariang – present Yb only shadow to MP Petra Jaya. Without YB Fadillah she is a liability to PBB
    2) Tupong- Yb Datuk Daud becoming not popular
    3) Nangka – 3 term YB, even lost PBB convention because PBB Nangka didnt support him. A sure win for PKR if PKR put up good candidate
    4) Asajaya – Yb becoming unpopular
    5)Limbang – 1st timer relunctant YB. Prefer to be seen more in newspaper like YB Jemoreng
    6) Pantai Damai – Reduced majority last election to unknown. A good PKR candidate willgive him tough fight if not a win
    7)Muara Tuang – Unless local may be tough for PKR
    8)Kalaka – History have shown that the seat can go to opposition
    9)Lingga – Lady YB, another 1st timer and difficult to adjust as former ustazah becoming a YB
    10)JepaK – Tough becos present YB doing well
    11)Saribas – Sure PKR seat next election, BN won by <100 votes last election
    12)Beting Maro : another sure seat from PAS
    13)Sebuyau: If the local who is a GP a PKR candidate, stand good chance to win for PKR
    14) Satok: look difficult but nothing is impossible in politic
    In summary 6 seats is the best bet so far but with time + tsunami factor not surprising all 14 seat to PR. PKR Malay YB can claim the Deputy CM post Better than present scenario. Sarawak Malay should take this opportunity

  2. FROZENTHOTS says:

    Lets hear Jabu and his intended challenger out. Often the strategies taken by the incumbent in neutralising any challenger is croaking a combination of fermented sentences of “political motive by opposition”, “cannot deliver”, “we should be grateful” stand. These only serve to alienate the incumbent from the realities that voters do change and dont succumb to the same mantras over and over again. Engage the voters in communication (not preaching) and Jabu could well see he is an emperor without cloth.

  3. Bratak Boys says:

    Add to you point for Bidayuh seat.

    Opar PKR 56 %, chances. YB not doing anything. How come he didnt even propose a town in his constituency, the only seat in the world without a town.

    Tasik Biru – 50-50
    Bengoh – 50-50
    Bidayuh seat 50-50 BN & PR. Iban seat depend on langkau.

  4. Yeomen says:

    big factors for aspiring candidates of PR will be new , fresh faces , young , honest and very clean !! Past and veteran candidates must be willing to give way and most importantly support and guide the newbies . This will be the hallmark of the PR assault in Sarawak !!

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