‘No need to distort the Facts”


After yesterday’s Parti Rakyat Sarawak Press conference and with the local tabloids playing up the issue clarifications are needed to ensure that the President of PRS James Masings words are not distorted and queried. There are certain technicalites to be sorted out and Malaysiakini viewers and the blogsphere readers should not be confused.

We would like to thank edition.bintulu.org for this article. There was a lot of queries too as James Masing launched “the Inaugural and Installation Night of Batu Lintang with more than 880 members present at the dinner on 30th September 2005.” We thank the many divisional members for their concerns and unhappiness BUT obviously let the PRS President sort this matter out in due course and “do not attempt” to further AGGRAVATE and POLITICISED this subject again.  

 Parti Rakyat Sarawak president Datuk Sri James Jemut Masing said he welcomed the open support of Audie Chua for his faction but insisted the Batu Lintang PRS division is invalid.“I thank him (Chua) for supporting us.”

“I also thank the 1536 members who now support us and it’s good to know that there are another 1,000 members who are now supporting us” Borneo Post reported Masing as saying.

Audi Chua said to be staunched supporter Larry Sng issued a joint statement to Borneo Post on Nov 22 saying he recognized Masing status as president of the party.

The statement were issued following recent news reports of PRS secretary general Wilfred Rata Nissom that said Registrar of Societies (ROS) approved the change of Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) legal registered address to Pending from Green Height.

Asked on the status of PRS Batu Lintang in which Audie Chua lead, Masing said “It is invalid. We have a total of 28 divisions in Sarawak and Batu Lintang is not on my list,”Masing also added “setting up a branch in Batu Lintang is not a priority”. Athanasius Audie Chua who is also a blogger was sacked together with several others including Larry Sng in June 2007.

For the information of the public at large.blogsphere and Malaysiakini viewers when there is a FACTIONAL CRISIS there are reasons by BOTH SIDES to take the necessary actions to derail each others movements. Now with the ROS on October 20th 2008 recognising the headquarters the Party needs to consolidate,rebuild and revamp. Members who have been “sacked” can be readmitted through the proper procedure under article V subhead 4(a) of Parti Rakyat Constitution.  The above issue of audie being sacked remains a Party Matter and it should not be read as such.

PRS Batu Lintang members are all party members and they will continue to adhere to the Constitution of PRS unless otherwise. The less said on this issue the better for PRS. They are all strong and loyal supporters of PRS and the ruling coalition.

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3 thoughts on “‘No need to distort the Facts”

  1. youth says:

    WTF is James Masing thinking & doing… Why doesnt he use his so called Phd brain to think before he address the press. Audie, Did ROS officially inform your Division office in writing and say that your division is invalid? You and your divisions are trying to serve the community through PRS and as a member of the party I think James Masing has no right to say that your division is invalid. “No father would ever shut the door to a son who is trying to come home” But i guess James is not a good father at all.. Another thought in mind audie, maybe James Masing thought he would anger your divisions by saying it is invalid and thereby causing all of you to turn to PKR or DAP. By doing so, he would have indirectly continue the chain-reaction of more members from the coalition joining the opposition. State election will be round the corner soon and i heard James was offered the CM’s seat by PKR if he crosses over. Audie, maybe u and your members are too loyal to BN and PRS that James has to resort to this strategy entice you and your members to join PKR/DAP….dont you think so??

  2. sasha says:

    Another of Sngs macais is Lester thats what they say and who will do all the work against Masing. Besides that there is also a double faced journalist they say. Sng thinks he has got audie in a bind but audie was misled by Sng and group.

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