“Democracy at Work..Brilliant..!!!”~ ref Malaysiakini

Today,I had the pleasure to meet one of Sharizat’s trusted lieutenants as she was on a stoppover enroute to KL to show support to her boss. She said to me,”Ask not what the country can do for you BUT what you can do for the country.” She says the BOSS feels that she needs to do more and something is just not done eventhough the defeat by Anwars daughter Nurul is behind her. How ironic and its confirmed now that they will be a contest as she answered the phone. Brilliant and thats just what UMNO needs.

In Malaysiakini today it is reported  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93457Wanita Umno deputy chief Sharizat Abdul Jalil today announced that she will contest for the wing’s top post next year.


sharizat abdul jalil 01Sharizat, who was appointed as a special adviser to the prime minister after the March 8 elections, made the announcement via a two-paragraph statement this afternoon.

“Wanita Umno must be united in strengthening the party as well as be bold in bringing about changes and renewal,” she said.