11753=8 “PKR Prosperity BUT PRS FEUD DEEPENS”

Who is the real Puppet Master and what is the political game behind all these 11753 membership forms handed over to PKR Advisor in Sibu. Malaysiakini carried the report on “A night to mark change in the Making” http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93217 and Adit said,”We join tonight,We start work tomorrow.” What is this the NEW WARCRY for two PRS Factions to start all over and spill over to PKR? A numerologist said its supposed to be a lucky figure as if you add it all up (11+7+5+3)=26 (2+6)=8.

The publicity was encouraging and it has stirred a wave of sentiments towards the PKR cause says PKR Legal Advisor.However in the local tabloids the State BN are doing a lot of soul searching and finding ways and avenues to distract PKR from the supposedly garnering support and building up the momentum. There is a feeling of MISTRUST,UNEASINESS and words of MOLE PENETRATIONS unheard before amongst the BN ranks.

Even in the local tabloids these headlines,” Hateful detractors” “PBB will not allow political tsunami” indicates that FINGERS are being POINTED as we write this article. Abang Johari (PBB) deputy President even was quoted,”right now there is a different kind of wind coming our way.Though the wind is not blowing strong,we in PBB needs to be alert and watchful to prevent it from turning into a political tsunami.DPM Jabu however,”reminded the people not to fall prey to the opposition tactics making LOUD BUT EMPTY PROMISES.”  Just what is the political game being played now? Who is the PUPPET MASTER and WHY THE START OF Parti Rakyat Sarawak FEUD AGAIN?

Now it seems that James Masing has got a list of people who attended the dinner and so has Larry Sng. A political watcher said,”It’s just like Primary school children running to the FORM TEACHER” Here’s mine,Here’s His.” Childishness and theres no need to hang dirty linen in the public. Is James falling in the trap of the PUPPET MASTERS? He is too astute and has the political will to just fall for it. James has losts his friend Beginda to PKR but Larry has losts more with Jimmy,Munan,Rabar,Ernest and a whole lists of people abandoning him. Even a  deputy divisional chief and a wanita chief questions the people on WHY they have abandon the Captain at this critical time and Larry might as well just join another component party if he wants to stay relevant.

The FEUD in names revealing has taken centre stage as Masing said he was revealing the names in the hope that Sng would in turn reveal person or persons aligned to him(Masing) who attended the dinner.”I bet he(Sng) cant find any. I will be surprised if he can find one,”Masing said. In response ,Sng said even though he had the names of Masing’s men who were present at the PKR dinner he could not reveal them to the press.

Kapit is a small town and wherby news travels fast.I will submit the names of James supporters who attended the dinner direct to the BN leadership.The BN Chairman ought to be informed first. It is not proper for (Taib) to find out(about the list) through the press. Besides I am not in any rush to grill them small potaotes (ordinary members) I have bigger fishes(party leaders) to catch.

In response to this,Masing said,”I am sure Larry has bigger fishes to grill-like his(faction) deputy president Jimmy Donald,Women Chief Josephine Mawat and Youth chief Leon Donald as well as vice-president Munan Laja. Yesterday many in the political circles were asking what about the COUNCILLORS? It’s a feud that has open many wounds and it is not beneficial to BN. Even a journalists commented,”Two PRS faction leaders start again” Also Masing is falling into the trap.” Wonder what that means,of course it boils down to the PUPPET MASTERS again.

The national tabloid had this ,”Sarawak BN not disappointed with independant candidate Gabriel Adit joining PKR” In it too was that Larry said that it was regrettable that he had not spoken to his supporters who were reported to join PKR. A political lecturer in a local university said simply,”Larry needs to read Sun Tzu’s Art of war”  There is still a lot of shortcomings on his part BUT also he may be finding a way of escape as he is surrounded and his generals are losing this particular battle.

Leave to fight another day and regroup to fight a common enemy. These shorcomings will not affect him now but his generals and soldiers who have fought alongside him are feeling a sense of BETRAYAL and it has ruin their political lives for now.

If we are to follow how RUTHLESSNESS is this the ONLY METHOD. Someone must have tutored,”He should be capable of keeping his officers and men in ignorance of his plans. He changes his methods and alters his plans so that people have no knowledge of what he aims at. He alters his ways and marches in devious routes and thus makes it impossible for others to anticipate his purpose. The business of a general is to kick away the ladder behind soldiers when they have climbed up a height. To assemble the forces and throw them into desperate position is the business of the general. All these actions when there are no alternatives left especially for the PRS members who are aligned to Sng will find ways for a desperate solution at the expense of themselves. Remember the ‘PIED PIPER” story one PRS divisonal member echoed. He was “helicoptered” by someone i.e. PUPPET MASTERS says another. 

It is with this thought that PKR has taken the oppurtunity and taken advantage of the numerical numbers for now but they too will be overly cautious of the members who have just decided to hop,step and jump to PKR. The numbers represents PROSPERITY and the PRS generals will feel the wrath of the BN and the actions will be MERCILESS. Don’t think BN will just take this too lightly. I told a PBDS member,” you remember what happen to you after the MING COURT 1987 and how you suffered.!!!”