A cup of coffee these days at my favourite haunt is not without interruptions anymore,” Did you see the news?” What are they trying to do? What is all this? A Political Circus again? BN don’t want PKR takes?  Defectors from Dayak based party as this report from Malaysiakini?

Former Sri Aman MP Jimmy Donald said,’he has agreed to join in principle to join PKR but had yet to submit an application.However he said 11,753 application forms from some party members and supporters were submitted to PKR advisor Anwar ibrahim during the function. This was reported in the local tabloid today.

Malaysiakini report has this,” The campaign to take over the Sarawak goverment, which has already started, is being aided by defections of leaders from Dayak-based Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).” Former Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) MP for Sri Amam Jimmy Donald,PRS divisional heads Munan Laja (Katibas), Stephen Kalai (Pahlawan), Tuba Ak Aga (Bukit Assek) and PRS deputy chairperson for Nangka, Peter Goh, were all seen submitting their application forms to Anwar. Even a PKR  member said,’Where is this heading to? Dua Perahu kah? I don’t think BN will dare to sack them especially there are so many councillors amongst them.

That is, besides the point as this seems to be PUTTING AND POINTING THE GUN AT BNs HEAD. The people who join seems to have nothing to lose. Jimmy also mentioned this,”once their applications to join PKR are accepted,their membership in PRS will be automically terminated.”I suppose so,” he said when told of the consequences of joining the opposition party. HOLD ON… 

  1. Has Jimmy and the rests who submitted the forms forgotten that they have to resign first..? 
  2. Are they WAITING to be sacked.?
  3. Of course,this is politics and they will tell the whole political world BN sacked them and they are joining PKR. 
  4. Isn’t this holding both parties to RANSOM. In other words playing it SAFE..!!! 
  5. Who are the Puppet Masters?
  6. James Masing did not have a fallout with Jimmy.
  7. We fought because there are differences which are not acceptable to both sides and we feel constitutionally THEN its wrong in the sacking of the 6 Appointed Office bearers thereby it resulted in two factions.(The rest we say is HISTORY) 

We must remember that under the SOCIETIES ACT 1966 there are certain provisions and rules to be followed. So much so under section 7 (3) (e) Schedule1 under “Constitution and Rules of Societies” Number 1 subhead (e) clearly states: the qualification for membership,including particulars of any rstricition or limitations that may be imposed as to the numbers,age limits,sex,religion,race,nationality,dwelling place,clan or surname of persons who may be admitted to membership of the society. 

I do want to refresh their memories of those PRS members who have joined that under Party Rakyat Sarawak Constitution Article 111 Number 2 subhead(c) reads “That he is not a member of any other political party or organisation”.

 So thats morally wrong when one says not directed to any specific person that he/she waits to be sacked/resigned before accepting the offer as a member. ( DUA PERAHU) cannot be right and any layman would agree as this is just taking BN and PKR through a whirlwind roller coaster ride.  

The names are already published and known. Even PRS President James Masing said,”What has happened in Sibu is that they have shown their true colour.””The BN should get rid of the possible moles in BN.They will be giving problem in two or three years ahead.Now their position is clear.People now know who are with whom. Jimmy Donald,Josephine Mawat,Munan Laja,Leon Jimmy are all aligned to Sng.” He even went further that as far as PRS is concerned these(disloyal) people are no more in the party.” Furthermore there has been too much speculations on James Masings loyalty. There should not be anymore question on this as he is INDEED LOYAL AND SUBSCRIBES TO THE PRINCIPLES OF BARISAN NATIONAL.

The question on everyones lips today in the political market is that,”Will and When the Councillors be SACKED by the ruling BN government.? They are all appointed by the government to serve as local legislators and if they feel they do not subscribe to the present government they should resigned or face the indignity of being sacked.

Even Larry Sng says,” He agrees with Masing that PRS members who attended the dinner in Sibu should be sacked from the party and the BN. strong words really,we must not permit people who have one foot in BN and the other in PR. Have they all abandon Larry and Why..?

On one hand its good for PKR to welcome these members BUT lets be honest that they might be some who will eventually know that their names are just thrown into the BUNDLE OF NAMES SUBMITTED. That remains another avenue which shall be questioned in the later stages. The changing of colours or shirts is up to the individual. Its their divine right as a Malaysian citizen BUT THE BIGGER PICTURE is I would say,” ARE THEY THE WILLING PARTNER? ” in this membership exercise.There will be technicalities which if it is not solved would play directly into the Registrar Of Societies HANDS. Do you need examples..? That is up to Pakatan and BN to answer… 


16 thoughts on “Anwar..SACKED..??

  1. jerry says:

    Making use and making fools of PKR. How can we trusts these BN has beens? Changing colours of shirts as and when they wish. Nevermind dont let them near any confidential documents. Might just turn out to be more trojan horses.

  2. just juice says:

    RESIGN FIRST JOIN PKR LATER. WHY U NEED TO PLAY SAFETY FIRST! Aiya, all this is poltical game and it will eventually be a DEATH KNEEL for PKR

  3. lionel says:

    You can fool some people sometime BUT not every time. PRS BN boys just stay out of BN. At least the SAPP boys got credibility. PLAY SAFE. PLAY AT HOME BETTER!

  4. zainal says:

    Do not test PKR intelligence here lah PRS! We have had enough of all you BN sympathisers. What lah dont even want to resign and want to join PKR. Mana ada moral????

  5. yeomen says:

    I d on’t really think the technicalities will be the main criteria here . Most urgent is the demise of Taib and his family , cronies and yes men !! We have to now mobilise the masses and ensure real change !! Dominique , Adit etc not important here . The desire to change is . If they are part of the process , we will support them . If not they can kiss my ass .

  6. Sabahan says:

    SAPP did a good work. why did they not ask us Yong Teck Lee for advice. How come they so no brains .Eeee. What is going on with this bunch of politicians. Double dealing again.

  7. young voter says:

    Heard from a reliable source that the current Sri Aman MP was a puppet of you-know-who. So, can we blame the former YB to join the PKR ship in the mission to bring down the puppet master whom has replaced him with YB Masir Kujat?

  8. Salak says:

    … that they might be some who will eventually know that their names are just thrown into the BUNDLE OF NAMES SUBMITTED.

    You mean without their expressed knowledge but with phony signature on the entry forms?

    Then most likely PKR will have to sift through these.

    Masing has lost the legitimacy to lead the current or former members. So has Jabu of the Pesaka members in PBB.

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