“Anwar..Without Taib,Sarawak Will Crumble..??”


I will say this again,”Numbers,Facts and Statistics” do not lie. How on earth could SUPP a senior partner in the Sarawak State BN losts 4 seats in the Kuching area. They are supposed to have thousands of members and if all their supporters and members voted for them DAP would today be just thinking ,”What might have been..!!” With 11753 new PKR members joining yesterday in Sibu Sarawak Ngemah will be again be PKRs and for BN its will be foregone conclusion.Honestly, there is no need for any BN aspiring candidate to even dream of wrestling the seat. If it is so easy, Gabriel Adit might as well just relax and sit back and watch the world go round.

Malaysiakini has this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93150 in which it headlined Many in favour of Sarawak CM stepping down. The opinion leaders sampled covered members of parliament, state assemblypersons, political secretaries and senior party activists, all from the ruling BN component parties.“It’s naïve to think that the chief minister’s coming or going is at the call of an opposition MP or several MPs,” went the only response that seemed to veer towards Taib.

A lecturer in a local university said that Taib has got such a strong leash on the State that all the 30 MPs are subservient to him. No wonder Anwar could not even entice any to cross the line and join his crusade towards Putrajaya with Pakatan. Taib can even afford to go on a long trip abroad when the 916 concept was at its height. So,when Anwar said in his address at the 300 table “Friends of PKR” dinner holds the key to the formation of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) government in the country. This is testimony of how CM Taib is being revered and its not easy to dethrone the State when he still is at the helm. I’m sure Anwar quietly “respects Taib for being able to stay in power for so long

What more needs to be clarified when Anwar says this,”When Sarawak changes its course, the Barisan Nasional government will collapse,” Anwar said Sarawakians were now ready for change, saying Adit had volunteered to lead a recruitment drive for more members for PR.

Is the State BN ready for PR. Of course they are and CM being so politically “astute” and ‘intellectual” will strike when he sees the oppurtunity of a weakness in the Pakatan group. Anwar welcomes all the new members BUT deep down he knows wrestling Sarawak is a Herculean Task as the State is as large as Peninsular Malaysia.  Anwar can sound confident by these words,” “Do not be surprise if what had happened in five peninsula states in the March general elections could happen here,” he said, adding that PR was prepared to face the coming state election.”

Talks and hearsay, that some BN YBs and MPs will join Adits bandwagon. Adit has even said,” Adit said a lot of BN members were “waiting in the wing” to join him and that his decision in joining PKR was “the first of many instalments” over the next few months. The only one which springs to mind says a former PBDS member is a faction leader of PRS. For James to even contemplate joining PKR is a long shot as Adit is a long time nemesis and they do not see eye to eye. But in politics there are no long term enemies and if it does happen it will be down to the charisma and leadership of Anwar. Will this materialise..? 

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“Hiding behind BN or PKR Camouflage”

An emeritus professor said it’s all a Circus. I could not agree more as he says “Politicians are all businessman in their own right. If you have brushed your teeth for the last 50 years with “Colgate” suddenly “Darlie” which serves the same purpose is introduced please don’t tell me “ITS POISONOUS” THINK and REASON he says. Its absolutely correct, as he turned his focus to the interview in the Malaysiakini TV and report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93136 what Chong said holds some weight,” Stressing that 27 years is “too long a time” to be chief minister, Chong states the obvious – it’s time for Taib to pack his bags and go. “Things that have not materialised (and) we should leave it to another person to implement,”  But on the other hand we would argue,”if its not broken don’t fix it.” Some would say,”What If..??”

All this political ‘Hoo-hahs” especially the 12000 new members joining PKR is just another “QUICK FIX” Many in the BN circle s are saying are you sure that there are all for REAL..? One would also argue to the point that STATISTICS,NUMBERS,FACTS don’t lie. Let’s be honest about it,” The people who are joining are all trying to serve a ‘NEW POLITICAL MASTER’ Businessman these politicians as those who were captured by the International times Chinese tabloids amongst them is still a serving BN councillor. Has he resigned before taking the plunge? Aren’t they Chairmans or deputy chairmans of PRS who happens to be a coalition of BN.? Are all the members who join and handed in their forms WILLING PARTNERS to join PKR? Here,here this is the SAD PART,HIDING BEHIND as we parted ways.

It is of course the condition of the mind when we join political parties. We have to explain to the people and not just join for the sake of being a member. Those within the PKR framework are painting a sketchy picture but on the other hand I say they “WELCOME WITH OPEN ARMS.” There must be CHANGES we know and the new masters though sincerely are the “PEOPLE”.

In Sarawak, the cries of enough of ‘EN-enslavement and EN-riching” through amassing vast tracts of land,timber,natural resources and others have made the “People” not only of the ethnic origin stand up and be counted. The band wagon suddenly has LIMITED SPACE. Previously the BN can go through any elections without much hassle but now it will be not so easy this time round. Now the people are using more muscles in their body and they are not as predictable as before. They say if we do not use certain parts of our brain they will entropy,i.e. they lose their ability to function due to the lack of use. PKR is like a new “Breadth of Fresh Air” to “most”Sarawakians.

Why I say ‘most’ is because most BN YBs are still in a “State of Denial” There is a CHANGE in the way the peoplea re thinking. Thirty years ago, did you see any Protests by any groups of people? Correct, me if I’m wrong MAJU Group-Permas/PBDS was twenty years ago. Why the sudden surge of sentiments and why? If I was to reveal all here I would be out of job/consultancy business. hahaha.

Reality check,’This tag word,” Making your Life Richer ” “Bringing the world to your Door step’. Gone are the days politics is just about keeping it to the political parties. They should be independant consultancy firms who are willing to say to the component parties,” I’ll win the elctions for you” .There are so many surveys,poll figures,age group etc.etc and this are all INDEPENDENTLY AND ELECTRONICALLY PROGRAMME. It’s a Business this Politics and long gone are the days that POLITICIANS can just say ‘MY constituency cannot be touched.” Believe me IT’s REAL and whether you are from the BN or Pakatan its no more the norm of just serving and be seen with your constituency. The days of roads,electricity,piped water,clinics,jetties,community halls etc. and all the ELECTION PROMISES are just words and rhetoric terms of YESTERYEARS.

How do you stop CHANGE? Don’t tell me when the tsunami and the flood waters comes you can just build a WALL to STOP IT. “I don’t think that the ‘tsunami’ will come to Sarawak. But you can never tell.” There are many different school of thoughts for changes in Sarawak come the next state elections BUT it all depends on WHO you are speaking too. Do I need to define that,or go further and politically analyse that ..? Mind conditioning of people is WHAT THEY CAN ONLY SEE AND NOT JUST BRAIN WASHED OR I SHOULD SAY,”I WILL FOLLOW YOU.”

The rural areas,long considered  the safe seats of BN government is under attack too. There are too much COMPLACENCY,DENIALS,and ALSO WITH THIS NOTHING WILL HAPPEN ATTITUDE. This is also an achilles heel of the state BN YBs. The CM cannot be their WATCHDOG and GUARD IT FOR THEM all the time. They need to WAKE UP and BUCKLE UP OR BE PREPARED TO BE SHIPPED OUT. Same will go to those from DAP and Keadilan. Don’t think they are safe too as the VOTERS KNOW WHO THEY WANT AND NOT WHAT THE POLITICAL PARTY WANTS.

Something different needs to be done and of course if BN is still in THINKING MODE they will surely kiss goodbye to running the state adminsitration. The people will use examples like New Zealand,Thailand, Australia where a CHANGE of governement does not mean the ordinary folks will lose their homes and daily living. Life goes on. The only fight now is the PERCEPTION oF THE MIND. Its a Paradigm shift of mindset and the issue is very simple in Sarawak says a political graduate majoring in social sciences.   

We know that in Politics,no one wants to come down from power. This is obviously the question as to when the CM Taib decides to call it a day. Taib became chief minister of Sarawak in 1981 – the same year Dr Mahathir Mohamad became prime minister. He took over from his maternal uncle Abdul Rahman Yaakub who assumed the post of the Sarawak governor for a term. Nobody would deny him the fact that it is actually his call and to me he will argue,”WHY should I retire..?” He has learnt even from Tun Mahathir Mohamad and how the former PM has suffered and even join in the blogworld to make his thoughts heard. Is there any reason for him to CALL IT A DAY.

CM also knows eventually he needs to step down.Let’s be honest too, that eventually UMNO will take over the role of PBB. PKR is afterall a national party and UMNO would not just wait and see that PKR is making inroads in Sarawak. Nobody can hide from his political alliances and one cannot put on another shirt on top and just change. The people on the ground knows WHO and WHAT you are. It’s the PEOPLES WORLD my friends and the VOTERS today will know WHO FITS THE BILL to REPRESENT THEM. THERE is no more hiding in this BORDERLESS WORLD. Politics will not be NORMAL NO MORE………..

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Malaysiakini ‘Thank You” Beginda made it Top 100″


Our article Beginda Minda Reveals all made it to the Top 100 with help from Malaysiakini and its readers and viewers. Today it is headline news in the local tabloids. Adit disclosed that he is not alone in wanting to join PKR.

“I know there are also many other BN members waiting to join PKR. I will not name names,though.Let them reveal themselves in their own time. I know because I met them at Anwar’s house before.”he said. audie61, wonders which YB or MP from Sarawak will be joining PKR soon. Will they have the courage to abandon the BN..?  That’s the million dollar question.

The other question fresh from many BN members are ,”Who are the former PRS members who join PKR.? 6000 of them thats a big number.” Why isn’t they resignations from Parti Rakyat Sarawak members? A lot of names were jotted down and handed over to the BN leadership and the necessary actions will be taken says a Political Secretary to the CM. 

Anwar in his speech praised Adit for his courage and bravery to join in the opposition front.’This is a clear message( by Adit and all of you here tonight )that Sarawakians are saying it clearly,they want to rule Sarawak.” said Anwar. Malaysiakini breaking news last night had this report that Adit and 12000 others join PKT the report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/93163 says it all.

There are a number of comments on this subject and they can be viewed here. At the dinner PKR Sarawak chairman who is also the sole party’s assemblyman,Dominique Ng said he would no longer be alone after this.”Adit will be in the frontline for CHANGE in Sarawak.

Adit was asked by reporters WHY he chose to join PKR. In that he replied,”He had no choice since the BN had completely shut its door to him after 2006. He was most encouraged  by the positive feedback from his supporters. Thus with the favourable opinions and trusts given by his supporters he mad up his mind to join PKR.

Anwar has said that ‘Sarawak is another frontline State for PKR,just like Selangor and other Peninsula States which was earmarked as front-liners before the last general election.’I am confident that PKR can wrest Sarawak in the next State Elections” BN will be watching closely at this developments and rests assured that the next state elections will be a REAL BATTLEGROUND.